Ustudio: Podcast Hosting Review

Ustudio is a podcast hosting service that delivers corporate audio and videos privately and securely to your work team members. Better yet, in a mobile compatible device for a convenient informational session experience anywhere.

There are tons of benefits for companies using Ustuido that they can’t get otherwise. One is creating a podcasting channel for your coworkers to tune in outside of a cluttered email inbox.

Organization and knowledge in on-the-go sessions are key factors for busy workers in the corporate world, especially if they train people or need the latest updates.

Best for Business Podcasts

 Intended for private podcasting for business teams. Employees can meet through a modern, mobile compatible experience.

 There’s nothing more convenient and dependable than podcasts’ ability to distribute chats to on-the-go employees. Your company’s team can listen to or watch company updates anywhere, at any time.

Use private podcasting to distribute important messages live so everyone can stream in at once. Or, upload a podcast for people to watch later, like a webinar.

 More specifically, podcasting’s audio realm means they can tune in even when they don’t have access to a screen or for video podcasts. You can offer a powerful visual aid to your messages. Count on Ustudio’s private podcasting app to always get your messages distributed.

 Access on any device on business trips or on the go, including:

  •   Web and mobile apps
  •   Live and on-demand
  •   Car speakers
  •   Smart speakers

 Integrated Plugin

 There is no integrated plugin currently made for Ustudio. You can create customizable video or audio players to embed on social media or your podcasting platform website.

 Storage Limits

Ustudio is designed to make your business needs flow better. In terms of storing your data, it is an Individually configured component. This means that if you want your storage (video or audio file) in a specific center, that is a configurable option for you.

 Bandwidth Limits

 includes a flat license fee with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

 Is video supported too? Video is supported. You can upload to YouTube or on your podcast platform website for extra engagement with your team. Especially useful for live streams that act like a Zoom call but with high quality.


  •   Track and measure podcast usage. That way, you will see how your company currently communicates to make changes if needed.
  •   Robust analytics. Know who is listening to what podcast and how often and when.
  •   Named user data. Track names of user engagement and learning styles with these analytics

Listing/ Integration for Podcast Distribution

 Grow your audience in some of Ustudio’s cloud hosting partners, including:

  •   Akamai
  •   Amazon web services
  •   Rockspace
  •   Bitgravity
  •   Fastly
  •   Hive

You can find the Ustudio Enterprise Podcast in the Appstore or on Google Play.

Trusted and used by large brands, including:

  •   Nike
  •   Panasonic
  •   Lego
  •   Facebook
  •   Universal music group
  •   and more

 Advanced Features

 Video Training

  •   User named data (analytics). See exactly when, where, and how your content is being consumed.
  •   Identify trends. Find out if people are struggling in a current area to close any knowledge gaps.
  •   Behavioral trends. It helps you figure out how your employees like to learn to tailor your training towards their needs.

High ROI

  •   Business leaders can engage with employees remotely through the ability to deliver important messages on the go. This will increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Calculate your ROI on Ustudio.

 Deliver your podcasts through VOD or live streams. Compatible with any device, including mobile or desktop apps.

The private and secure authentication (SSO) is also compatible with any system device.

 HTML5 Video Players: Create customized video players to meet your learning objectives. Types of players include:

  • Closed captioning player. Closed captions display when the CC button is clicked.
  • Standard Player. Industry-standard player elements such as play/pause, seek bar, volume control, HD toggle, and full-screen mode.
  • Playlist player. To integrate a series of videos for users to toggle right and left arrows.
  • YouTube Wrapper. a YouTube-hosted video that is streamed through a customized uStudio player. 

Lastly, there are Twitter, Facebook, and Linked in compatible players to reach more audiences.

User Impression/Reviews

 Rated around 4 stars, a review stated,

“podcasting for the enterprise.”

Sleek UI, simplicity in app design and admin experience, customer service, and willingness to listen to their inquiries. 

A user stated that since it’s a newer platform, it’s missing some enterprise-grade options for user management and analytics. However,  they’re always open to feedback on how to improve.

Corporate podcasting allows users to securely share podcasts in a native experience with customers. Users are more engaged with the content as they are always busy and on the go.

Video management solution for all businesses helps increase version control, control of file proliferation, metadata assessment, secure controls, and much more.

The Forrester company stated that Ustudio has a wide spectrum of capabilities and demonstrates a strong market vision.

Integrator user review stated that with Ustudio, they have found many ways to integrate with Their API is extremely intuitive, as in any use case they’ve tested on it, their APIs can function properly. Before, they would have to go to the business and say, ‘This will take a month or two.’ Now with Ustudio, they can make fully engaging video experiences within”

A Developer user review stated that out of all the different video platforms they have used in the past, Ustudio is the most straightforward and easy to use. They check all the boxes that a developer would look for. It’s so easy for a developer to use it daily and test it out in new ways.

The Alcon company stated that Ustudio gives them enough confidence that their solutions will be sustainable as the years go on. It’s a very successful platform with very few people who have to be involved in their team’s plan.

Current Pricing

Start for free. To use the free trial app, enter ”TRIAL” as your company code. You also can’t register with a email address. Paid platform prices start at $500 a month for corporations and go up from there.