Audioboom: Podcast Hosting Review

Audioboom provides all the essentials for any podcaster. Easily host, distribute and monetize your audio players with this podcast hosting platform.

Provides benefits for everyone involved in the podcasting entertainment industry, including content creators, advertisers, and listeners.

Matches the top talent podcasters with the best ads to further monetize your show with advert inserts. Distribute a modernized embeddable podcast player into the top platform and listening services.

Distribution and monetizing content are produced by studios located in London, Los Angeles, and New York, producing original content for the Audioboom podcast platform. Lastly, the production end works with well-known podcast personalities and brands.

Table of Contents

Best for Any Level Podcaster or Advertiser

Audioboom helps podcaster’s brands grow through advertisement placement and hosting endorsements. This is ideal for podcasters looking for a platform to monetize their podcast and audio optimization included in their basic tools that are needed to make a podcast successful.

For any podcaster needing simple hosting, distribution, analytics, collaborators, and monetization (subscriptions and ads) to grow their brand’s visibility online.

Advertisers can find some of the top-tier talented personalities to match their ads with the best content Audioboom provides in a podcast list directory.

 It’s a win-win for both podcasters and advertisers. Just sign up for a plan, and Audioboom will match suitable podcast content to relevant ads to increase monetization.

Integrated Plugin

There is currently no plugin equipped with Audioboom for WordPress. Nevertheless, you can still easily embed an audio player onto your website. All you need to do is paste a link to your episode, and WordPress will automatically generate an embed player.

Bandwidth Limits

 Up to 10,000 download plays for the podcasters plan. If you have over 10,000, the Podcast Pros plan enables more downloads with advanced features to grow your podcast even more.

 Storage and Time Limits

 We have a file size limit of 500MB and 300 minutes per episode.

 Audioboom supports many different file types, including:

  •   MP3
  •   FLAC
  •   AAC
  •   WAV
  •   OGG
  •   M4A

Audioboom will re-encode all audio files to distribute them in the following format:

File type .mp3
Stereo or mono   Stereo
Sample rate 44.1KHz
Bit depth 32-bit
Bit rate 128Kbps

 Is it video-supported too? Publish video promotions with Headliner. Clips can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to grow your audience.


Get access to your podcast’s analytics from your Audioboom dashboard. All-time listens are provided under your podcast name.

 Listen durations, the number of subscribers, and other client-side analytics, are available on your Apple Podcasts and Spotify dashboards for listens on those platforms.

 Tracking custom day ranges:

  •   7 Days
  •   30 Days
  •   90 Days
  •   Past Year

Find your top episodes by searching the title, date created, and the number of listens.

Choose an episode title in the list to see a specific episode’s statistics.

  • Listener location. See where your listeners are in the world, including the city, country and
  • Device type. Access information on what device they are using to listen to your podcast
  • Platforms. The types of listener platforms and apps your audiences are using.
  • Demographics. Find out what age and gender your content is reaching through traffic.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

 Included in any plan, distribute your podcasts into the following media listening directories:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • iHeartRadio
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • Stitcher

Other popular distribution platforms are RadioPublic, TuneIn, and Castbox.

Advanced Features

 For advertisers:

  • Dynamic advert insertions. Provide ad selection for the topic of your podcasts that is relevant to the episode content.
  • Listener location suitable ads.
  • Distribute millions of ads through global Ad network national and local ads, including videos for CPMs.

 Host endorsements and live reads

  • Podcast host endorsements. Attract audience engagement with passionate and dedicated listeners
  • Includes tracking promo codes for your brand


  • Find the best shows to align your brand with top-tier podcaster’s topics found in the podcast entertainment market.


  • Audioboom is compatible with Headliner to promote your podcast episodes. Create any video to promote your show, radio, or podcasting website’s blog.

User Impression/Reviews

 Audioboom is rated around 4 starts from user impressions and expert opinions. It has been seen as accessible and profitable for every podcaster, advertiser, and brand, as they work with top-notch brands in the podcasting industry.

 Used by podcasters who enjoy Audiobooks features. These favored features include advertisement, growing market share, launching new podcasts, and improving brand management.

 Users who have used audio Boom reported that it’s fairly easy to grasp.

The majority of users who are sharing their experience with us on audio Boom are experiencing a positive experience with the support offered through Mail.

Looking at data gathered on this platform, the industry average for this category is a 54.44 % satisfaction rate. This means that audioboom is above the podcast industry average.

When looking at a solution like Audioboom, the users on this platform are wanting these top three features: Podcast RSS Feed, Audio Hosting, High performance. 

Although the quality of content sometimes varies drastically, some of the professionally produced podcasts are successful resources for research or class discussion on a wide variety of topics.

A user-friendly setup and navigation for easy usage. Equipped with a helpful support team and FAQ pages to answer any inquires about the platform. The audio player files can be easily embedded and shared. However, transcripts aren’t as available.

An article stated that Audioboom’s engagement levels are a major benefit. The sales team conducted a study that concluded that 65% of all people that listened to a podcast went on to trial a product or service that they heard in the message.

This is solid engagement – and this is because people are really listening and being engaged in the content put out on Audioboom. The advertisements are to credit for and are an excellent service to monetize any podcast.

Current Pricing

 Paid plans start from $9.99 per month, or $99 a year.

  • Podcasters plan is $9.99 per month with unlimited episodes and limited download plays.
  • Podcast Pros is eligible for those who have over 10,000 plays per episode. For podcasters who are an established brand on the market, Audioboom gives you unlimited episodes per month, advanced features, including monetization.