Megaphone: Podcast Hosting Review

Megaphone is a modern podcast hosting platform made for publishers and advertisers. There are currently over 20,000 world-class publishers and advertisers that are using the megaphone platform.

 This podcasting platform company gives you all the tools to create a successful podcast from start to end. The tools they offer include publishing, monetization, and in-depth analytics stats to upkeep the podcasting market’s best practices.

Megaphone enables brand advertisers to connect with thousands of unique audiences around the world.

Founded in 2015, Megaphone is headquartered in Reston, VA, with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Powers over 2500 podcasting shows and counting. Keep reading to decide to join the team to meet your brand’s needs.

Best for Advanced Podcasters

Spend less time figuring out the technical side of the website with its easy and user-friendly interface. Megaphone uses a streamlined system so you can focus on creating your best content by understanding how you work.

Insertion ad tools are great for monetizing your show – as this tool is ideal for users that have a larger audience who most likely have been in the podcasting industry longer. Have full control over where and when ads will appear in your track to increase revenue.

 Always have support if you get stuck. Live chat with the support team as even advanced may run into issues that the team can solve quickly.

Integrated Plugin

 Megaphone currently doesn’t have an integrated plugin. Create your own website and promote your services. Trusted by Squarespace, a hosting platform.

Storage Limits

Unlimited users and podcasts. Don’t worry about restrictions, as you can create as much content as your brand needs per month.

Unlimited bandwidth limits for as many downloads as you want. No time limits for any episode.

Is it video-supported too? Video is not supported. Megaphone is focused on bringing high-quality publishing for audio ads.


Megaphone is equipped with audience insights to increase audience engagement and better understand listening habits.

  • IABv2-compliant analytics. Data that provides verified industry-standard metrics.
  • Download tracking and ad delivery by country, region, state, city, and app.
  • Metrics export services to power your own BI solution.
  • Publishing APIs that integrate with your internal toolset.
  • Business insights. For publisher and ad sales, enables teams across your organization to collaborate ideas on dozens to hundreds of podcasting shows.

 Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

 Grow your audience by distributing your content into the major podcast streaming listening apps, including:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Google podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Amazon music

 Other popular streaming platforms include Pandora, Stitcher, and iTunes.

 Trusted by popular industry leaders including:

  • Spotify
  • iHeartRadio
  • Warner Bros
  • Squarespace and more

 Advanced Features

 Publisher tools

  • Monetize more of your content through the dynamic insertion
  • Get the right insights to enable strategic decision-making.
  • Scale reliably without outages or downtime
  • Access expert world-class support with their customer services team

 Megaphone targeted Marketplace (MTM)

  • Reach your target audience at scale through 60,000+ Nielsen audiences across all podcasting streaming services, including apps, devices, and platforms
  • Receive high-quality content from some of the biggest podcast creators
  • Dynamic ad insertion. Create engaging ads designed specifically for podcast listening
  • Get actionable campaign insights to help inform media strategy. It brings new generational features, including attribution and on-demand audio.

Megaphone Studio

  • Voice over host reads. Enhance audience growth by using voice ads
  • Customize ad content. Customize voice, script to connect with listeners
  • Data-informed content. Receive third party analytics from years of gathered experience to create an effective brand strategy
  • Storytelling. Use advanced sound design to tell your brand’s unique story.

User Impression/Reviews

Many of the reviews from loyal customers had positive things to say about this platform.

The Director of Ad Tech & Operations stated that the best part about Megaphone is that their platform is always evolving to meet their organization’s needs. Their pace of development and what they’ve accomplished in the first six months of our partnership make them excited for the future and how they can grow their podcast together.

A review by the Co-Founder of Megaphone stated that the team has been super responsive to feedback and needs. More importantly, they’re thinking and strategizing all the time about how to improve the platform and move the industry forward.

The VP Digital Sales & Partnerships platform stated that the website is beautiful and easy to use. When they create a new episode, and people hear they’re on Megaphone, they get really excited.

 Current Pricing

  • The Custom Enterprise Plan. Contact the sales team to get a quote on custom pricing. Fully equipped with basic podcasting features plus advanced analytics and monetization tools.
  • The Megaphone Targeted Marketplace to earn more revenue without growing your sales team.  Increase sales through rates, monetize catalog by receiving quality messages from brand advertisers.

Contact Megaphone by filling in a contact us form to get recommendations based on user inquiry in a couple of business days.