Resonate: Podcast Hosting Review

Resonate is a podcasting platform that cares about your podcast’s growth.

It has some of the most successful clients in the podcasting market, including over 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and influencers.  

The team is full of audio, creative branding, and podcasting professionals dedicated to making podcasting easier for you.

The team is thoroughly trained and educated to use innovative tech tools to generate a quality podcast episode that reflects your voice’s message to resonate with your listeners.

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Best for Beginner Podcasters

This podcast platform is designed to be as simple as possible, with efficient tools to influence your podcast to meet its goals.

Beginners can get hands-on support from recommendations on marketing features to properly launch a podcast to get it off the ground and into the market.

The team of creative branding experts can aid your podcast production process to achieve a design-impressive presentation for your listeners.

Also, Resonate is excellent for podcasters who want a platform suitable for all devices. Namely, your podcasting website can be accessed on smartphones and desktop browsers.

Research shows 85% of people own a smartphone, and podcasts are most accessible via big media listening apps like Apple podcasts.

Integrated Plugin

Although there’s no plugin for your website, the Resonate Player can be easily embedded into your podcast website.

You’ll be able to track downloads while your audience remains on your website, as the audio file can be placed in any part of the blog.

Further, the resonate player logs every user’s listening experience and measures engagement.

Storage limits

Fortunately, Resonate offers unlimited storage, so you can focus all your attention on content creation to get your best messages out there without worrying you won’t be able to upload everything at once.

Additionally, there are no bandwidth/download limits, which is excellent if you want to grow your show.

Time limits

Another great benefit of Resonate is that there are no time limits regarding how long an episode should be. And though you don’t need to keep track of limits, keeping your episodes up to an hour or so is recommended.

As for video format, it’s supported through Youtube. You can use the video podcast production feature to embed playlists into a Youtube playlist or by itself.


Insights Dashboard

  • Track podcast growth with in-depth stats on your analytics dashboard.
  • Better understand your audience’s likes and dislikes to tailor your work to the target market’s needs.
  • Track your statistics through a line graph to see engagement trends

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Your hosting platform is where all of the information about your podcast is stored and where the RSS feed is generated. With Resonate, your podcast is available on the following directories:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher and many more

Advanced Features

Video podcast production: grow your audience by distributing it as a video on Youtube. Youtube reaches 2 billion people monthly – by uploading, you can get feedback from YouTube comments.

  • Resonate takes care of the technical editing, color correction, and postproduction work.
  • Gain access to YouTube Studio Analytics to see how your content is doing likability wise
  • Custom design your podcast. Add backgrounds and color grading to your recordings.

Schedule a consultation with a team member to get more details regarding your episode and what they can do to help.

Podcast production services: sound as professional as possible with high-quality audio production.

  • Craft the mixing of your podcast. Reduce background music and noise, and balance out dynamics for each episode.
  • Edit. Cut out awkward pauses, off-timed introductions, background noises, or unnecessary parts.
  • Master. Balance each of your tracks to optimize streaming data in one central podcast file
  • Pay for what you need. Choose your desired service level and the episodes you wish to submit to Resonate. And if by chance there is a mistake in your episode credit editing, revisions are completely free.

User Impression/Reviews

A company called Full Body Chills wrote in a review and stated that in their experience, Resonate has reliably been one of the best third-party podcasting companies to work with.  They are delighted with Resonate’s help with creativity, efficiency, and professionalism in the whole process.

The Host of Live and Die in LA wrote that working with the Resonate Recordings team was a great experience. Resonate met all the deadlines to ensure that their episodes were finished on time and sounded professional.

Others, however, had some not-so-great experiences. A user stated that the team responded very slowly to their inquiries and offered no effective solution to fix the issue further.

Another client couldn’t say anything bad about the podcasting service itself, but they can tell their customer service requires some tweaking for the better.

Other positive experiences are seen concerning monetization. In one instance, Resonate has taken a client’s small podcast idea and turned it into a full-blown audio production. As a result, their downloads and subscriptions have spiked quickly.

Current Pricing

Resonate hosting offers you two pricing plans: Basic and Premium. For only $25 per month, you can access unlimited features that will boost your show’s popularity.

And if you want to try out the platform to see if it suits you, there’s a 14-day free trial for both Basic and Premium plans.

  • The Basic plan is $25 per month with unlimited features (downloads, episodes, show users)
  • The Premium plan is $49 per month with everything in the Basic plan but with added features.
  • Professional (contact the company to request a quote) includes everything in premium plus Themes, Live chat, and much more.

Final Words

If you’re looking for ways to host, promote and monetize your podcast, Resonate is the way to go. With unlimited storage and bandwidth, you can sit back and focus on creating high-quality recordings without limitations.

A detailed analytics dashboard will also help you keep track of your progress and understand your audience’s needs. And with the video production feature, your show will reach more people than ever.

So why wait? Sign up today and try it out for free!