Pinecast: Podcasting Hosting Review

Pinecast is an affordable podcasting service for those who want a taste of the podcasting world.

And if you’re starting out and want to know how you’re podcast is progressing, Pinecast offers in-depth analytics.

Monetize your podcast episodes by accepting donations from your listeners. Furthermore, distribute your podcast to the top listening directories to grow your audience and increase online exposure and revenue.

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Best for Beginner or New Podcasters

When it comes to podcast hosting, Pinecastis a highly versatile platform that offers everything you need to create and distribute your content.

Setting up your podcast here is simple with a built-in domain and an easy plugin for uploading episodes. And with easy-to-use audio players that include cover art, you can customize your show to suit your style and brand.

But perhaps the best thing about Pinecast is its ability to connect with some of the largest media listening apps out there.

And if you’re using it for your first podcast, there’s no need to worry about technical functionality. If anything, contact the support team to resolve any issues.

Integrated Plugin

With built-in plugins and an intuitive interface, this platform makes it simple to sync your podcast with your blog or website.

Pinecast offers a plugin for WordPress that lets you synchronize your podcast to your WordPress blog. The plugin works by constantly using your feed and creating WordPress posts for every episode.

Storage limits

When podcasting, there are a lot of factors to consider, such as storage space, bandwidth limits, and episode size restrictions.

With Pinecast, you get unlimited storage with all paid plans. This gives podcasters plenty of room to host and store audio content without worrying about exceeding their limits.

Additionally, having two podcast shows per plan and ten episodes per feed means you have plenty of flexibility for planning your content schedule.

  • The free plan has an episode size limit of 48MB.
  • The Starter plan has a size limit of 80MB per episode.

In addition, there’s a monthly surge pool provided with all paid plans.

This means that if you exceed your limit for a particular month due to an unusually large number of episodes, Pinecast will draw from the pool to cover the cost associated with making those additional files available online. This surge pool will reset every 30 days.

Not only does it offer great features and support for multiple kinds of media files, but it also comes with unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t need to worry about hitting any usage caps.

At the moment, Pinecast doesn’t support video podcasts. However, they recommend recording your videos on YouTube in addition to the audio podcasts on your website.


If you’re serious about podcasting, you will need a hosting platform that helps you keep an eye on analytics. Pinecast provides just that!

IAB compliant analytics

  • After you’ve submitted your podcast, listeners and subscribers will begin appearing in your podcast’s analytics.
  • You can see where people access your content (apps, desktop, mobile) by choosing the dropdown menu’s appropriate analytics view.
  • Listens by source. You will see people who reached your podcast through Spotify, JSON feed, RSS feed, short link player, or directly clicked the audio URL on any website.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your audience by distributing your podcast into the top listening app directories, including:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Play
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • And many more

Moreover, Pinecast is designed with RSS feeds in mind, which makes it easy to get your podcasts onto popular online distribution channels.

Advanced Features

In addition, the website features powerful advanced tools that help you on your podcasting journey. With these, you’ll be able to get creative with your episodes and enhance revenue!

Tip jar

  • Listeners can tip podcast creators
  • The podcast must have a payout account
  • Connect the payout account in your country with the correct currency
  • Increased maximum tips for paid plans ($10 (for Demo and $50 for Starter and Community).

Tags and Art

  • ID3 tags. Choose an mp3 file to upload to your podcast site, and Pinecast will update the file continuously with suitable ID3 tags and cover art.
  • Audio. Pinecast recommends encoding mp3 files to a single channel at 96kps or 128kps for the best quality. 
  • Artwork. Add a cover art image by uploading the cover art

User Impression/Reviews

Over the years, Pinecast has developed a reputation as one of the best podcast-hosting platforms in the industry.

A review from a loyal customer since 2017 stated that Pinecast had given them all the tools they needed to grow while ensuring they were never concerned about storage, length, size, or volume.

Another user from 2018 stated it is the perfect place to host a podcast if you are starting in the industry.

Lastly, other reviews stated that Pinecast allows you to focus on your podcast’s content while the tools and team support do most of the other work for you. It has a super easy interface and excellent customer service for the value of your money. Plus, it’s cheaper and gives you a free trial.

Switching to Pinecast was one user’s best decisions they have ever made, and they would recommend it to other passionate podcasters like themselves.

Current Pricing

With its current pricing at just $10/month or $110/year, Pinecast is the perfect choice for podcasters of all experience levels.

Some key features include unlimited episodes and shows, embeddable players with customizable branding, websites for your shows hosted by Pinecast, shareable links that allow you to promote your content on social media, and many more useful tools.

You can also try out the platform for free – sign up today and get two free shows with up to 48MB, so you can see all of what Pinecast offers risk-free!

Add-ons include:

  • Pro analytics for $10 with more user analytics
  • Crew add-on for $10 with sharing access for collaborators
  • Growth add on $10 with control on how your podcast is monetized
  • Hi-fi add-on for $10 with more upload storage

Final Words

If you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly podcast hosting website, look no further than Pinecast. Their reviews speak for themselves – the vast majority of users consider them the best podcast platform on the market.

This platform is hard to beat, with affordable prices, free trial options, and enough storage and bandwidth for even the most popular podcasts!