Omnystudio: Podcast Hosting Review

Omnystudio is the most advanced hosting platform with tools like on-demand audio and easy publishing. Its mission is to offer the best technology in the world to distribute, analyze, monetize and archive audio content easily.

The platform was developed in collaboration with veteran producers to meet the needs of even the most prominent radio shows or podcasting series.

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Best for Advanced Podcasters

This podcast hosting company is perfect for business podcasts. Some of their dedicated customers include, Corus, and Cumulus media. 

Omnystudio has the most advanced audio and publishing platform that will make your podcast sound and look amazing in a couple of steps. You’ll be able to use your creativity to design art covers and add multimedia videos to any website your podcast is on.

The platform provides tools that are perfect for beginners and much more. Fine-tune your audio with editing tools, and monetize your podcast episode with ad insertion and sponsors. Publish anywhere, including social media feeds, to gain worldwide exposure to reach new audiences. 

Integrated Plugin

Whether you’re looking to launch a new show from scratch or add your existing content onto a branded platform, Omny Studio can help streamline the process with tools like its user-friendly integrated plugin and robust ad system.

In addition, the site offers hassle-free integration with social media networks and seamless integration with WordPress, making it simple to embed podcast playlists directly into your website.

Note: If you already have an ad system connected to the current host, ensure it’s turned off before running an import.  

Storage Limits

As a podcaster, the quality of your podcast is only as good as the tools you have to store and manage it. That’s why all of the plans at Omnystudio come with unlimited and secure storage, including episodes, uploads, and users per podcast episode.

Their secure servers are built to handle even the largest podcasts and are automatically backed up using geo-redundancy for extra peace of mind.

Bandwidth Limits

All plans have a limit of 1TB per month, which is enough bandwidth for most podcasters. However, if your podcast is doing exceptionally well enough to exceed this limit, the Omnystudio team may consider charging you extra. They will reach out to speak with you about bandwidth usage and potential fees.

 If you’re unsure how much bandwidth you need, the Omnystudio sales team can estimate your usage. They can also strategize an affordable custom plan to help you increase potential monetization for your podcast series.

Time Limits

With no time limits, Omnystudio makes it easy to create and manage multiple shows simultaneously. And with support for a wide range of media formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF, your audience can access your content across all devices and platforms.

This powerful and versatile platform also offers video integration. Omnystudio is equipped with video publishing on websites or social media networking sites to optimize audience engagement.


Want to know more about your download metrics and your audience listening habits? With Omnystudio, you will receive in-depth analytics through built-in stats to understand your audience better.

Some detailed analytics include:

  • IAB Certified reporting. Filter out downloads to ensure each one is industry-trusted and certified.
  • Present time updates. See the audience listens as soon as they happen. Stay on top of spikes or decreases up to the minute.
  • Compare and contrast trends. Reports on specific date limits so you can group results to shorter spans of time (days, weeks, months) or for however long.
  • Export and download reports. Save your insights by exporting them to your cloud storage.

In addition, the platform provides you with statistics such as listener location, device type your listeners use, and the number of downloads per episode.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

If you’re looking to boost engagement, reach more listeners, and elevate your podcast game, look no further than Omnystudio.

The platform allows you to reach new listeners via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RADIO.COM, or Deezer. And with support for smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can tap into a rapidly growing perspective audience.

Other popular directories include Pocket Casts, Overcast, TuneIn, and more. Omnystudio can be used on these above directories with a compatible RSS feed.

Advanced Features

Additionally, Omnycast offers some unique features to help grow your podcast, such as:

 Powerful ad tech

  • Built-in ad campaign manager enables users to target campaigns using dynamic insertion technology.
  • Video ads. Embed your favorite video advertisement using Omnystudio’s embeddable podcast player.
  • Location advertisement targeting. Target listeners in any location to reach larger audiences or your target market easier.  
  • Sponsored content. Develop and publish podcasting shows led by advertisers to increase chances of monetization.

 Headliner (Video editor and publisher)

  • Powerful video editor. Add images, GIFs, or video content to enhance your video’s media presence.
  • Video captions. Custom-write your captions to intrigue and brief the listener on what your video is about.  
  • Social sharing ability. Publish your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat in one of three pre-set templates to save time.

 Advanced publishing tools

  • Transcriptions. Add machine or human transcripts to any episode
  • Scheduled publishing. Save time on publishing by scheduling episodes to go live or upload later
  • APIs. Create custom audio players or apps for all your episode content
  • Ad-free feed or selected episodes that can be arranged across your shows
  • Geo-block content. Block or allow downloads based on listener location.

User Impression/Reviews

Omnystudio is a popular podcast-hosting platform that has earned many users praise.

For example, Corus Entertainment, a leading broadcast company, has relied on Omnystudio for several years to publish its audio content. Not only does Omnystudio provide reliable and fast service, but it also keeps pace with the company’s ongoing growth.

In addition, PRIMEDIA, another well-known media organization, has also praised Omnystudio for its powerful podcasting capabilities and reliability.

Omnystudio gave JACKfm the professional image they were hoping for: that of an established company with lots of resources at its disposal.

While there are many advantages to using Omnystudio, some users have noted certain drawbacks. Perhaps most notably, some users report that data tracking can sometimes be unreliable or inconsistent.

Current Pricing

No matter what your budget or technical requirements may be, Omny studio makes it easy to find precisely what you need. To build your ideal podcast hosting package, contact the company directly and get a quote that meets your needs.

Whether you need features like in-depth analytics, advanced editing tools, or simple file management, a team of experts will work with you to customize the perfect package that fits your budget and goals.

Final Words

With powerful analytic tools and simple integrations with popular platforms like WordPress, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and more, Omnystudio is the perfect place to kickstart your podcasting journey.

They offer generous bandwidth of 1TB per month and unlimited storage, making it easy to upload and share your podcasts with listeners. What’s more, the platform supports video formats, so you can deliver high-quality content regardless of the media you use.

So why wait? Sign up for an account today and start building your online audience!