Podserve.FM: Podcast Hosting Review

Podserve.FM is the only podcast host partnered with a popular podcast app with a large community of listeners looking for exciting content.

PodServe.FM is the podcast hosting company from the creator of PodParadise.com. PodParadise.com is one of the most popular places to listen to podcasts online in your browser.

Without promoting your podcast, you can lose out on listeners quickly, as marketing is a critical factor in creating a successful podcast series. Podserve.FM helps you get listeners by ensuring your podcast is viewed by thousands of people.

Best for Beginner or New Podcasters

Perfect for beginners or new podcasters from its easy tools and user-friendly interface. Podserve outlines four easy steps to get your recorded podcast out into the online world. Step one is to use audio recording to podcast content with no limits.

Step two is to create your podcast on Podserve.FM and select the available distribution channels you wish to publish to.

Thirdly upload your audio file podcast. Then you’re all done- and you can get started on the promotion process.

Create your show and upload your MP3, and you are done. We will get it on all the podcast networks for you. 

Also, keen on customer support. They are always there to help every step of the way. No matter the question, big or small, just email Podserve.FM and they are happy to help. You will get a quick personal response to any question guaranteed.

Integrated Plugin

No integrated plugin. However, Podserve.FM provides an embeddable podcast player for any hosted website. Either in a bundle of episodes (playlist) or individual episodes to place on your website.

This white, modern player will match any website theme – all in one place that makes it convenient for browsing and listening. Better yet, Podserve.FM provides your podcasting website with a custom user domain.

Storage Limits

Unlimited storage and unlimited podcast shows.

Bandwidth Limits

Unlimited downloads, so you can maximize your likelihood of your podcast going viral with no limits to listens.

Time Limits

No time limits are stated in the paid plan. Podcast for however long or little you want per episode without restrictions or surprise fees.

Is video supported too? Video is not supported. Use audio players to place on your website or share to your social networking channel.


Provides in-depth analytics for every user to help gauge their audience’s needs out of your podcast content.

  • HQ analytics. See what your audience listened to, the time they listened, and where precisely in the world they are listening from. Analytics will show graphs of spikes or decreases in engagement in the past 30 days.
  • Podcast dashboard. Informative dashboard with updates on your podcast in the number of downloads in a specified amount of days (past 30 days, 7 days, to 24 hours, and total downloads per podcast episode)

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your podcast audience by distributing to all the major listening apps, including:

  • Apple podcasts
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • And more

Advanced Features

Podcast promotion

  • Promote your podcast with Podserve.FM to get exposure to thousands of listeners every day to grow your audience
  • Users get free promotion on PodParadise.com within their podcast hosting plan.
  • PosParadise receives over 5,000 user visits per day to increase your chances of listeners finding your podcast – a smaller podcast community may be more beneficial than first distributing your podcast to the major apps with millions.
  • Import your podcast from any other provider. Transfer your old RSS feed to your new RSS feed on PodServe.FM.

User Impression/Reviews

A user tweeted that they are big fans of Podserve.FM. They stated that the creator, Tyler is super helpful and quick in answering inquires, even including “obvious” questions, as he is very patient.

You don’t have to worry about asking the wrong questions because of Podserve.FM wants to help no matter what it is and is designed for beginners anyway.

More reviews stated only good things.

The Pilot Radio CEO stated they found themselves constantly coordinating a range of services with different companies to further improve their day-to-day operations. Tyler at PodServe.FM has by far provided not only the best customer service but has set the example of exceptional customer support too. They wish they could have found PodServe.FM sooner as it would have saved lots of trouble and frustration with other companies.

Haven Podcasts employees stated that when they started podcasting, they were fortunate enough to discover PodServe, which has been a fantastic company to work with. Not only are their services reasonably priced, and your show or shows are distributed on podcasting services (as well as having a user-friendly dashboard interface), but their customer service exceeds expectations.

Within minutes of emailing them an issue, it is resolved with complete satisfaction. They highly recommend PodServe to anyone who has a podcast.

The Well Dayton employee stated PodServe is a unique platform. They do all of the launching hard work for you to distribute to all the different platforms with a high success rate. Anytime their friends mention starting a podcast, they instantly recommend PodServe.

3 Under Par’s Golf Podcast stated that PodServe has been great to work with. PodServe makes it very easy to upload a podcast episode and listen to it on all platforms. They are reliably responsive in answering any questions. They value that their episodes will be distributed anywhere so that you can find any podcast easily, and the uploading is quick and straightforward. They would recommend this company to anybody.

The Messy Back-End podcaster employee stated that PodServe.FM and the creator, Tyler, have been amazing to work with. The platform is easy to use and very intuitive. They can upload a new episode every week and work in minutes, and PodServe does everything else. They also appreciate being uploaded to all the major platform streaming services.

Current Pricing

Start with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required—$ 19 per month.

  • Podserve.FM Plan is $19 per month. The plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited podcasts, analytics, and distribution to podcasting platforms.

Check out FAQ or email the creator via [email protected] for more details.