Castos: Podcast Hosting Review

Castos makes it easy to create, grow and monetize your show. This hosting platform is designed for people podcasting with WordPress to upload to your podcasts blog.

Grow audience through public podcasts or go private for training or company communication purposes.

Best for Any Level Podcaster

Castos makes it easy to manage podcasting shows. The software is fast and seamless perfect for beginners.

Audience insights help podcasters grow their business and audience. By tracking what people click on and listen to the most, you can tailor your content to topics the target market is most interested in.

This will help grow the target market with constant episodes released. Thus, enhance visibility on any listening platform, which is especially important for business podcasts.

Many podcasters use Youtube to market their content. Castos focuses on monetization through Youtube, as republishing tools allow your audio episodes to be converted to a video to increase SEO rankings.

Subscription tools also help with monetization for any podcaster looking to make money out of a hobby or a business they just started.

Integrated Plugin

Castos created the Seriously Simple Podcast plugin (SSP) for WordPress websites. It helps you manage your RSS feed, upload content, and view podcast analytics from your WordPress site.

Just use a two-click import from WordPress to Castos. You can also embed a podcast episode right into your WordPress site.

The plugin manages everything on the backend of the website for you. This will save time and limit potential mistakes during the upload process.

There are more than 20,000 active downloads and over 160 5-star reviews on Seriously Simple Podcasting is the top-rated podcasting plugin for WordPress. 

Storage Limits

Unlimited storage for stress-free podcast episode upload. Record longer episodes test new styles, or even take-off a second show without ever exceeding storage limits.

Bandwidth Limits

Unlimited bandwidth limit so listeners can always access your content. Castos will never penalize you for creating a podcast people want to keep listening to.

Time Limits

There are no time limits, but ideally, an hour or less is a great starting point for the listener’s leisure time in mind. Longer episodes may feel too long of an investment for users if you don’t have a dedicated audience yet.

Is video supported too?

Fortunately, it is video supported with the Pro plan.


Castos Analytics provides a ton of stats to measure how your podcast is doing from audience interaction.

Analytics dashboard measures:

  • Total listens by podcast episode to see what topics your audiences favor.
  • Best performing episodes to tailor content to the audience’s needs and attract sponsors
  • Browser usage to track which device audience listen on the most to custom your messaging to fit the audience
  • Listener geolocation to explore ways to reach your target market

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your audience by distributing your podcast episodes on the following top channels:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Google podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Amazon and many more

Advanced Features

Podcast Transcript

A podcast transcript is a word-for-word account for your podcast episodes. It will measure every word spoken and write them down for you.

You can’t upload a transcript to big sites like Google podcasts or Spotify. However, it’s ideal for adding a transcript for each episode on your WordPress site on the same page as an audio player for the audience to read along.

This transcript will broaden the audience and will be especially beneficial to those with a hearing disability.

Transcripts maximize search engine optimization (SEO) ideally for business podcasts to get their website visibly out there on Google search. A transcript can reach 6,000 words in a 30-minute episode– which gives a huge boost to SEO rankings to your WordPress site.

Youtube Republishing

YouTube republishing allows you to repurpose your audio content for the target audience. It auto publishes each episode to your Youtube channel or playlist for easy navigation.

Monetize and grow your audience by interacting with your watchers (in the comments) to build a podcasting community. You can also post shorter videos to increase the likelihood of sponsor revenue. Short videos are fun and easy to share with friends.

Customizable Audio Player

The customizable media audio player allows you to design a player cover with images and colors. Can embed the player in any site, including Wix or Squarespace. Better yet, unlimited subscription links for Spotify, Sticher, and iTunes.

User Impression/Reviews

A YouTube video reviewed Castos behind the scenes and stated its super easy to use, clean interface with no technical difficulties. It has one of the most popular plugins for WordPress (Seriously Simple Podcasting), which’s a great way to start podcasts for beginners.

Enhanced stats for podcasts, private podcasts, and monetization features or hosting unlimited shows, and more with Castos are all helpful for growing your show’s audience. The phenomenal support from the Castos team cares about your podcasting efforts, as they are just as passionate about optimization as you are.

The team pushes you to keep on track with your podcast’s success. This is ideal for people wanting to get their podcast off the ground and turned into a business.

The Castos team ensures your podcast is readily available for all major distribution channels, and constantly invest your RSS feed can accommodate new channels your audience wants to listen to.

This podcast service was built to empower podcast creators and monetize it on their own terms.

Current Pricing

  • The Starter pack is $19 per month with all the essentials to make your first podcast episodes.
  • The Growth plan is $49 per month to enable more features to promote your show.
  • The Pro plan is $99 per month to produce video content and access more analytics.

Or, pay annually with all the same features for a cumulative amount of monthly fees at the end of the year.

  • The Starter pack is $190 a year.
  • The Growth plan is $490 a year
  • The Pro plan is $990 a year

14-day free trial to see if Castos works for you. Cancel anytime, and no credit card is required.

Podcast transcription fee

There is a $0.10per audio minute charge connected with transcription. This will be included in your monthly Castos hosting plan fee.