Podigee: Podcast Hosting Review

Podigee started five years ago, originated in Germany. They care about the success of your podcast, and their mission reflects this goal.

Podigee’s mission is as follows: They promise to keep it simple. You produce the content and allow the team to take care of all the hosting and publication.

It’s also equipped with a WordPress integration plugin to make publishing easier to embed podcasts on your WordPress website.

Better yet, good customer service is part of their company as they are passionate about creating podcasts themselves. Accessible at all times and anywhere to make a podcast series the best it can be with optimal support.

Best for Beginner and Business Podcasts


Very easy to use and set up. This hosting site is designed for beginners and all-level podcasters. Podigee lays out three steps to take when creating a podcast and publishing it.

Firstly, upload your recorded file to Podigee. Secondly, distribute your podcast episodes on all major podcast listening platforms, including your podcast’s website. Thirdly, measure your statistics by getting access to audience analytics.

Their simple interface makes hosting fun and eliminates potential tech confusion. Includes embed players to integrate onto your podcasting website easily.

Includes a “how-to guide” on starting podcasts to ease new podcaster’s work into the podcasting market.


Podigee has a business plan specifically for those needing help with growing their podcast into a business. Or pushing their already existing podcast forward to make revenue.

This plan includes ad-tech monetization to help aid digital marketing in growing your audience to optimize the success of your business podcast.

This plan also includes custom web players to match your desired corporate design. Better yet, their new theme is modern and professionally designed for corporate display.

Integrated Plugin

Podigee WordPress Quick Publish plugin. This plugin enables you to quickly integrate embedded podcast players into your site with a few clicks.

It also allows you to transfer the show notes and other metadata in addition to the audio player code. Note that this plugin is compatible with Podigee users who use the Basic package and above.

Storage Limits

Unlimited storage for your audio player files in every plan. You can upload as much or as little as you want, with as many episodes per podcast your desire.

Bandwidth Limits

Podigee provides unlimited bandwidth for all of your podcasts in every plan. Podigee wants you to succeed, as a key factor in podcasting success is having no limit of listeners or traffic spikes.

Time limits

The amount of audio encoding hours you have depends on the type of plan you buy. However, you have the option to pay extra for the number of upload hours using a small one-time payment fee.

The basic plan has 4 hours, the advanced plan has 6, and the professional plan has up to 20.

Is video supported too? Video is supported with Podigee. You can convert your episode audio into a YouTube-compatible video. Podigee will automatically upload your video to your channel’s playlist for you.


  • IAB compatible analytics. Provide real-time download metrics and listener engagements in an organized, modern dashboard.
  • Basic analytics for all plans. Shows the number of downloads per new episode.
  • Pro analytics for advanced and professional plans. Get access to basic analytics and details about file formats, download resources, listener devices, and more.  

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your audience in all of the major podcast distributing apps, including:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Google podcasts
  • And more

Podigee ensures every podcast plan allows their show to be compatible with all podcast platforms.

Some big brands who are successfully using Podigee are:

  • Audi
  • Porche
  • Discovery Channel
  • And more

Advanced Features

Audio enhancement

  • Optimize content on different podcast platforms
  • One-click button for better quality sound
  • High-quality sound to serve the interests of the target audience.

Ad tech monetization

  • Set experts to help advertise. Podigee is partnered with major ad-tech companies in the podcasting world. Just connect with the sales team, and they will establish your dynamic integrated ads with a top marketing network.
  • Provides ad technology and parters for a small additional fee.
  • Use your own advertisers. If you already have advertising agents, bring them into your podcast project while using Podigee.

Easy to use Editor

  • RSS feeds to insert ads into
  • Transcoding in real-time to automatically allow the ads to match the podcast’s content
  • Voice over your ads or use a standard advertising format anywhere on your track
  • Open for third-party systems, including VAST or DAST.

User Impression/Reviews

On Apple, the Podigee app is rated 5 out of 5 stars.

One of Podigee’s customers stated that they are amazed to think that they were close to hitting 10,000 downloads in our first half-year.

Each episode has been a joy to make, and Podigee makes it very easy, including distribution to streaming on Apple Podcasts.

A customer wrote a review on Podigee’s WordPress Plugin. This plugin has evolved a lot since the last release, and the Gutenberg support is excellent. It’s really convenient to transfer all data from the RSS feed into the post. 

The only thing that this user is missing is an auto-publish function. They have to wait until the episode is published before they can update the entire WordPress page. This user would like to be able to select the items that are taken over in the auto-post (for example, the subtitle never changes but is automatically added into each post)

Current Pricing

Start for free. No credit card is required. Cancel in 7 days on a monthly plan and 30 days on a yearly plan.


  • The Basic plan is $13 per month when paid yearly with all basic podcasting features.
  • The Advanced plan is $29 per month when paid yearly and includes everything from basic to advanced features.
  • The Professional plan is priced by individual quote. Includes everything from Advanced with business features


  • Basic is $34 per month.
  • Advanced is $29 per month.
  • Professional is priced by quote.

If you reach a monthly limit, you can buy a one-time payment of encoding hours without upgrading your plan. Additional hours are an extra $6.