Podomatic: Podcast Hosting Review

Podomatic is one of the largest podcasting communities. This platform is built for podcasters needing the essentials of creating a show and promotional tools to market it.

You can share your episodes to your online community via social media or your podcast WordPress website.

Promotion tools include the option of partnering with advertising agencies to place ads directly on your podcast series page.

Services include use, copy, encode, store, archive, distribute, transmit, modify, translate, dub, sub-title, create teaser content, render into audible or another technical format, combine with other content, remix, publicly display, publicly perform and distribute your Content, 

Best for Beginner or New Podcasters

Podomatic outlines the four easy steps from recording to uploading with their podcasting hosting platform.

Firstly, record. Secondly, upload and store your episode tracks within the Podomatic interface. Thirdly, publish on the major podcasting distributors. Lastly, promote your podcast episode with optimization tools.

Easily record high-quality episodes from anywhere. Publish instantly, or add to your media library and publish later. No equipment, no tedious actions or stress.

Compatible with mobile or desktop. Podomatic provides users with access to certain services to create, browse, search, listen to and manage podcasts by providing general and personalized content, hosting services, communication tools, forums, mobile applications, networks, eCommerce tools, and other services. 

Integrated plugin

No integrated plugin. Copy and paste your RSS feed onto any website to embed a podcast player. Can place it on WordPress to have your episodes all in one place. Promote on your social media accounts.

Bandwidth and Storage limits

An affordable plan that includes reasonable bandwidth and storage.

The Free plan includes 15GB of bandwidth per month. 2 GB of storage a month. Up to 180 hours of audience listening per month.

The Pro Plan offers 200GB bandwidth per month. 3 GB of storage a month.

The Pro Platinum offers 500 GB of bandwidth per month. 5 GB of storage a month.

Time limits

With the pro plans, receive up to 6 hours of recording time. The first 20 episodes are free.

Is video supported too? Video is not supported. Podomatic focuses on providing user’s high-quality audio to share with the rest of the world. You can always record a separate video version of the audio recording and share it to YouTube or your website.


Daily statistics to track audience insights to better your show’s performance and satisfy your target market’s needs.

  • Geographical analytics. Know where your listeners are in the world.
  • Track downloads. Enables download tracking per episode to see how your podcast is growing or decreasing.
  • User engagement. See the number of likes, comments, and playlist visits.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your podcasts audience by publishing to all of the major media distribution apps, including:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Google podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Deezer

Other popular distribution sites include Amazon Music, iTunes, and Google Play.

By choosing to make your Content available on such third-party platforms, You consent to Podomatic’s disclosure and transfer of your Content and any other information required to be sent to such third-party on your behalf. You also agree to accept and abide by any such third-party’s terms and conditions of use concerning your Content and information provided, whether or not those terms and conditions of use are presented to You.

Advanced Features

Promote your podcast by sharing it on your social networks.

Embed any episode with a compatible RSS feed into:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google play
  • WordPress
  • And more

Advertising and crowdsourcing

  • Partnered with advertising companies
  • Patreon allows you to get potential revenue from sponsors.
  • Podcorn links you to advertisers with ad libraries that know how to engage an audience.
  • What For Apparel is a fashion company that offers you the option to create your own merch store and promote it on your podcast. Collect every cent you sell.

User Impression/Reviews

Podomatic is rated around 4 stars from user reviews.  

“Greatness of PodOmatic”

It is so easy to use and easily lets you keep track of your podcasts. It is also a great way for a podcast beginner to learn, as the process may seem intimidating to start. Furthermore, it is also great that they offer podcasts in various topic areas that are easily accessible.

“Easy to sign up, and easy to use.”

It makes the daunting idea of podcasting simple for any beginner, from recording to posting to promoting. It’s filled with helpful step-by-step instructions.

The general nature of the paywall is off. They understand that people who are using the podcast professionally may benefit from upgrading to Pro, but they don’t have to be so calculated about it. However, Podomatic helped grow this podcaster’s audience and gain more visibility for their brand.

This user says they love Podomatic. Their podcast was able to upload talks and meeting discussions, including lectures every week for those to watch who cannot attend every time. It’s easy to use and is very organized. Anyone with a smartphone can access their podcasts with any podcast app in the Play Stores.

This user doesn’t really have anything they dislike about it – except for the fact that the older files eventually have to be removed and deposited on another platform.

Another user feels pretty neutral about it. It’s nice that the homepage has a clean design and isn’t too busy to overwhelm the user. No complaints thus far, but they mentioned it would be nice if there were an app.

Current Pricing

Start for free. Upgrade anytime, and Podomatic will transfer your existing plan without losing anything. Get 50% off when you read The Podcaster Bill of Rights.

  • Basic is a free plan including limited bandwidth and storage.
  • Pro is only $2.49 per month for annual plans (save $5.98 a year)
  • Pro Plus is $8.32 per month for annual plans (save $19.98 a year)
  • Pro platinum is $20.82 per month for annual plans (save 49.98 a year)
  • Broadcaster is prorated and billed annually. Get a quote from the sales team.

*Pro plans have more bandwidth and storage, including advanced features (analytics, HQ downloads, pro design tools, etc.)

Upon account registration, Podomatic provides you one User ID for your account by permitting access to their Services. By not providing accurate results, your account may be canceled.