Fusebox: Podcast Hosting Review

Fusebox’s mission is to help podcasters grow and engage their online audience.

Fusebox believes that a deeper audience engagement allows your website to flourish. The provided podcast hosting opportunities allow for an increase in audience views, leading to building your own podcasting community.

In 2015, the co-founder of Fusebox combined a team of developers and built a website player called the Smart Podcast Player (SPP). This player makes it easy for podcasters to deliver a convenient listening setting on their podcast’s website.

To this day, Fusebox is a powerful podcasting resource of software designed to grow podcast hosts’ shows and engage their online audiences.

Table of Contents

Best for Beginner and New Podcasters

 The hosting is one of the easiest to use as it’s designed for podcasters just starting. Fuse box provides tools to customize audio players with multi-platform support to embed a player(s) into your website.  

The site is mobile-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the front-end view. With fast forward and rewind options. Better yet, it’s compatible with many website providers (see Integrated plugin)

Fusebox provides different types of customizable track players that work on any platform. Just insert the player on the desired page with the SPP plugin. If you get stuck, the Fusebox team will be there to help over the phone or by email.

Integrated Plugin

Smart Podcast Player WordPress plugin allows you to deliver podcast episodes directly to your blog or website.

It also includes the WordPress Transcript plugin. All you have to do is record a podcast and let the plugin translate it into words. Writing is featured in a concise and scrollable window in a fixed box.

The interface is designed with accessibility and clean navigation for readers to look at your content easily.

Fusebox is compatible with other websites, including Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Weebly, Teachable, Circle, and HTML.

Storage Limits

Free plan: Up to 10k monthly views, and you are enabled 3 free shows with one account.

 Fusebox Pro: up to 100k monthly views with more than 3 shows per account

Bandwidth Limits

 There is no limit to the bandwidth. Create content with ease by knowing you can deliver lengthy or multiple episodes per account.


Each time a person downloads an episode of your podcast through the Fusebox audio players on your website, it counts as download activity towards your statistics. You would see this activity in your podcasting host sites, such as Buzzsprout or Libsyn.

Unfortunately, the Fusebox Player is not equipped with built-in tracking stats for the number of downloads per episode. There is currently no way to see download metrics in the audio players that are differentiated from other players.

 However, keep an eye out as Fusebox is adding in analytics stats in early 2021.

Time Limits

 There are no time limits. Record as much or little as you want every month. Keep in mind what your listener demographics want; longer interviews or short informational sessions? Create a survey before your content creation process to collect audience insight.

Is video supported too? Video is not supported. However, their audio players are excellent for any website with multiple audio players. 

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories 

Integrate Fusebox into other podcasting apps, including:

  •   Libsyn
  •   Podbean
  •   Buzsprout

 To get started, all you need to do is log into your podcast host, use the URLs for your RSS feed (and MP3 codes you want to upload too), and Fusebox will guide you through the rest. 

Get your podcast distributed to some of the top media companies, including: 

  •   Apple podcasts
  •   Spotify
  •   Stitcher
  •   And more

 Fusebox lets listeners subscribe to your podcast right from the audio podcast player. Pick the networks you’re in and enter the subscription URLs.

 Advanced Features


  •   Boost SEO rankings with transcripts. Having a word-for-word translator can boost your chances of coming up in the Google search results.
  •   Increases online visibility for potential sponsorships or partnerships.
  •   Expands audience. Some people with hearing disabilities or older people may not be able to hear. Providing a transcript targets more demographics
  •   Integrated with Rev and Temi. These are popular transcription services to display transcripts for you – connect your account and choose your type of transcript.

 Email opt-in

  •   Viewers have the option to opt-in to your email list with software services.
  •   Build your email list to grow your audience

 Download and Subscription Buttons

  •   The built-in buttons on audio players allow users to download and share an episode.
  •   Equipped with a subscription tool to subscribe to your podcasts
  •   Can share to social networking sites with the social sharing buttons on audio players to market your podcasts to your online community

 User Impression/Reviews

Many reviews highlight their positive experiences with the team’s support and that the platform is easy to use.

 Fusebox makes the interface on the podcasts blogs beautiful and easy to navigate for the end-user. The team at Fusebox is fantastic. Another review stated that the support team is amazing and super helpful, even when the issue is outside of Fusebox.

 “It’s seamless.”

In a review, this new user stated that Fusebox creates an easy transition for new podcasters to feel on par with more experienced show hosts.

The Fusebox player is the real deal. This user uses it for his podcast and believes you should too.

A user has used the (formerly known as “Smart Podcast Player”). It’s attractive design-wise, but it’s challenging to work with. It doesn’t integrate with any plugins already in WordPress (like PowerPress does). Also, there’s no way to migrate to it, and there’s no way to migrate from it. 

Fusebox Player has a great-looking playlist player. But, unfortunately, this user believes it takes a not-so-great approach to podcast players.

Current Pricing

 Get started for free. Free Fusebox includes all basic podcasting features with a single track player and WordPress transcript plugin.

  •   Fusebox pro is billed $19 per month with up to 100k monthly views with an unlimited number of pro players and advanced features.
  •   Fusebox pro annually is only $15.83 with 2 months free.  It includes all the same features of the pro monthly fee.