Podiant: Podcast Hosting Review

Podiant was originated in 2016. They have helped thousands of podcasters worldwide make their podcasts hit new daily goals by expanding their audience.

Provides hosting, distribution, and production with the bonus of mentoring. The tools and services in each sector work to spread your voice’s message to all top distributors.

Podiant and Spotify started working together in early 2018. With one click, new podcasts are uploaded in Spotify’s directory, giving customers access to listen, who are entirely new to podcasts.

Podiant is meant for people who are just starting and want to get exposed to the podcasting market – this is why they don’t focus on monetization.

Best for Beginners

If you’re hosting a podcast for a hobby, Podiant can turn a fun activity into a side hustle for growing your audience.

By connecting you to like-minded people in a podcasting group to jump ideas back and forth, or by signing up to the mentorship program, get expert advice to get your podcast moving in the right direction.

If you consider yourself an expert, you may want to find a podcast hosting service with monetization tools and more analytics.

Integrated Plugin

There is no plugin for WordPress. However, it’s made simple so you can copy the embed code for a specific episode from its audio player and paste it into the designated spot on your website. As a plus, you can embed the entire podcast with the Tools menu bar on your dashboard.

Storage, Time, and Bandwidth Limits

All plans have unlimited downloads, bandwidth, and episode duration length—the audio on the Indie plan. Limit up to 96kps. The Professional plan has a limit to 128kbps.

Is video supported too? Video is not supported with this podcasting service. Focused on delivering quality audio.


Podiant’s content delivery network spans over 30 locations around the world.

Podiant loop

  • Grow your audience: get real-world advice from people who know the struggles podcasters face on how to help your situation.
  • Marketing strategy foundation for your target market. Loop sessions help you reconnect with the purpose of your podcast that helps you market every new episode.
  • Work with podcasters in your Loop to explore new ways to expand your audience.
  • Stay accountable with the support of a Loop group for encouragement and advice on any aspect of your podcast to heighten analytics.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Podiant allows you to distribute your podcast week’s episode into all the world’s top podcasting apps. Grow your podcast audience on the following listening platforms:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google podcasts
  • Amazon music

Advanced Features

Episode production service (optional paid feature)

  • Audio mastering: corrects audio to make it clear and high quality sounding clear in any environment, including earbuds, smart speakers, car radios, etc.
  • Adding music or pre-recorded introduction or outro
  • Export audio to a podcast suitable MP3 file to upload on Youtube or other social networks, including Twitter and Facebook (auto post to YouTube)
  • Schedule episode to be published on your podcast website and to your Podiant feed

Additionally, the team will take 3-5 business days to implement your podcast notes. Book a free consultation.

Hosting and analytics (optional paid feature)

  • This package includes a podcast website with subscription buttons, show notes, embedded audio players.
  • Each episode has an official web address link, making sharing with friends easier and increasing SEO ranking.
  • Their website addresses end in “.co” but can set up a custom domain free of charge (if you buy the domain name)
  • Sends you a blog post with instructions on embedding an audio player into a blog post for those with their own websites.

Mentorship program

  • Grow your audience by networking with other podcasters
  • Collaborate with others and get real feedback or suggestions to improve
  • Monetize your podcast by putting your podcast out there to potential sponsors

User Impression/Reviews

User reviews were some good, some bad. With every podcasting service, you should know what the company does well and sometimes not so well to make an informed decision to meet your podcasting needs.

A review stated that Podiant isn’t very transparent, as the hosting platform site doesn’t seem to be realistic or sustainable over time. Podcast hosting is all about longevity, and reliability hosting is all about longevity and reliability – it’s too early to determine if Podiant is either, as using Podiant is putting all your eggs in a basket that could fall apart.

Another review stated they were sort of disappointed by its lack of monetization tools.

In opposition, a person said Podiant wasn’t built to fail. It’s a solid system that is fully funded by its paid users, allowing smaller producers to take advantage of the extra features. 

A user has been with Podiant for several months now and is very happy thus far.

A podcast host, Mark from Podiant, has a podcast talking about the service called Platform.

He talks about how it’s doing, where it’s going, and its cool features. This feature may help sustain podcaster’s needs that they currently aren’t satisfied with. 

Current Pricing

14-day free trial and paid plans start at $12.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

  • The Indie plan is $12.99 per month with support in the podcaster’s hub.
  • The Professional plan is $24.99 per month with higher bitrate audio and premium support.
  • The Networks plan is $35.97 per month with professional features.

Option to pay annually.

  • Indie is $129.90 per year.
  • Professional is $249.90 per year.
  • Networks is $358.98+ per year.


  • Episode production costs $90 per episode but is worth it if you need an expert editor to craft your sound and aid the production process.
  • Hosting and analytics is only $13.99 per month that includes priority support.
  • Podcast setup is $328 for a full setup service that does it for you. Or a cheaper alternative is $110 that is a lower-tier package to get the team to submit the podcast and prepare the feed. (one-time payment)
  • Podiant loop is $84 per month and includes monthly group calls or recordings you may have missed.

Buying add ons will enhance your podcasting experience no matter what level you are at.