Fireside: Podcast Hosting Platform

Fireside originated in 2016 for podcasters created by podcasters. Made in Austin, Texas, these creators have been podcasting since 2006, so they understand the struggles and what a podcast needs to be successful.

Fireside does just this. It includes stats to track what content your audience likes the most.

All the basics of podcasting are provided within this podcast hosting service. Including a customizable website, a custom domain name, fast file hosting, and built-in security (SSL, “HTTPS”) to ensure your website functions right for your listeners.

Import a podcast episode with automatic RSS feeds. Fireside is also equipped with sponsorship integration with the ability to monetize your show.

Best for Any Level Podcaster

Easy to use so beginners won’t get confused. Fireside offers professional tools for any level podcaster to upgrade your podcast enough to get listens.

For creative podcasters, design custom pages, the audio player covers, and choose a playlist color to match your website’s design.

Import an existing podcast into Fireside in a few clicks with no charge. Any added features such as the titles, descriptions, show notes, and the mp3 files of the audio player will be automatically added as your newest episode into your Fireside podcast website.

Analytics are important for any podcaster looking to gain an online presence – as the creators know this firsthand. They provide in-depth analytics for any business podcast or new podcasters just starting to get their name out there.

Integrated Plugin

You can import a Podcast from your existing host into Fireside in one step and at no additional cost. Titles, descriptions, notes, and of course, the MP3 files will be imported as new episodes into your Fireside Podcast automatically.

Fireside supports importing from the following hosting sites: Libsyn, Feedpress, SoundCloud, Squarespace, and from Apple podcasts (with compatible RSS feed) can important an unlimited amount of episodes.

Embed a custom player into your website (WordPress or Squarespace) using a light theme of black and light at your preference.

Storage, Time, and Bandwidth Limits

Unlimited storage and bandwidth limit for every plan.

There are also no time limits. But there are limits to downloads for the starter and standard plan. The starter limit is 10,000 downloads per month. The standard plan has 75,000 downloads.

Is video supported too? Fireside is not currently supported by video. However, podcasters can always record a video version of their audio recordings and post it to YouTube or their website for extra multimedia.


  • Download stats engine. Results in a graph to look at download trends or traffic spikes and decreases to better tailor your content to your audience’s needs.
  • Analytics reporting in a graph to stay on top of your download count for you per new episode.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Publish your podcast week’s episode in all major distribution channels. Grow your podcast audience in the following listening brands:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Stitcher
  • iHeartRadio
  • Google podcasts

Including every third-party media distribution service.

Advanced Features

This list is composed of the stand out features that Fireside provides for each plan, including:

  • Pre-set episodes to publish at a later time automatically at a specific time and day to save time for more content creation  
  • Customizable artwork: customize your own website that includes an SEO responsive functionality – custom pages or audio player cover art.
  • A custom player can be set using light or dark themes to match the theme of your website.
  • Sharing and collaboration. Add links with a handy bookmarklet. Share stats with sponsors or add collaborators.  
  • Optimized dashboard for efficient podcasting workflow. Fast and easy to use so you can focus on creating content instead of worrying about tech frustrations.

User Impression/Reviews

Fireside may be the perfect platform for you, or it may not. But only you can decide for yourself. 

This is why they have a free trial. If you give Fireside a try, you will receive everything outlined on their website with no surprise fees. However, if you find that it doesn’t meet your needs, cancel anytime during the trial, and you won’t be charged a cent.

One review stated that Fireside Podcasts with massive downloads (over 100k/episode) might require a custom plan that may not fit podcaster’s that are doing really well. The pricing states that exceptionally high downloaded podcasts may require more charge, even in the most expensive plan, which is the professional plan for $49 per month.

One user got a little confused with switching their RSS feed over from Libsyn. However, using the support form helped this user get one-on-one support from Dan, the creator himself.

Another user was on the same page and was a little frustrated with the lack of help within the Fireside site.

This user had some trouble with switching over from SquareSpace to Fireside. They made the switch from Squarespace to Fireside and followed each step accordingly. Still, only 4 of their podcast episodes finished the import process to upload on Fireside, and the episodes were all in the correct specifications for Fireside.

This user was worried they jumped the gun when changing the RSS feed in Squarespace before the imports finished loading. They are pretty new to embedding code in different sites and did not realize the imports had not been completed. They also did not know how it would affect the import process or if it would at all.

Another reviewer stated that Fireside has a pretty active Slack for customers. You can also contact the employees for customer support via email or phone for any technical problems or publishing code and embed issues. 

Just create the content and bring the issues to the team who can help either in Slack or in one-on-one customer service.

Current Pricing

Start for free with a 14-day free trial. Cancel any time.

  • The Starter plan is only $9 per month with limited downloads and 1 podcast.
  • The Standard plan is $19 per month, including unlimited podcasts and storage.
  • The Professional is $49 per month with all standard plan features, including unlimited downloads and advanced features.

Add ons: Additional podcast shows for $8 per month. 2 extra shows are included in the professional plan, and any additional are $8 per month.