Simplecast: Podcast Hosting Review

For 7 years, Simplecast has provided podcasts with publishing, distribution, analytics, and sharing tools. The included features enable creators of any level to distribute their podcasts anywhere (apps, location) for people to listen.

Designed with advanced audio tools and analytics to increase engagement of the target audience.

Simplecast gives podcast hosts the same tools to empower episode shows from the world’s biggest media companies.

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Best for Independent Podcasters

Publish more than one show by managing your library from one account. Independent podcasters can use audio recording for their own shows or with the option of collaborators.

The modern interface is easy to use and great for podcasters looking for clean or elegant features. For example, the audio players are beautifully designed and perfect for those with a modern website theme. Customizable with Recast Art.

The Simplecast toolset makes it easy for podcasters to grow, learn, and better connect with their audiences – especially useful for beginners.

Integrated Plugin

Simplecast doesn’t have a plugin for websites. However, audio playlists are easily embeddable into websites. These web players are modern; they are intelligent enough to be placed on Square Space or WordPress sites.

You have the option to put one show or one playlist on your website’s blog. More suitable blogs include Medium and any social media networking site.

Storage Limits

Take advantage of unlimited storage in all plans. You can host multiple shows on one account. Better yet, you can mix in some collaborators. Get access to invite team members to more than one show while giving them permission to edit or look.

No Bandwidth limits for optimal listening traffic for audiences interested in your podcast episode or podcast series.

Time Limits

Simplecast stands for giving podcasters a flexible platform to record and upload on. Given this, shows can come in all shapes and sizes. There is no time limit with the freedom to use all tools to optimize and distribute your content easily.

Is it video-supported too?

Video is not supported with Simplecast. However, hosts can create a separate video and publish it on their website or YouTube channel. Simplecast focuses on delivering top-quality audio.


Simplecast is keen on delivering quality analytics to better track your podcast’s performance online.

Simplecast’s audience: audio analytics platform

  • Listener location. Tells you where exactly the listener is, such as at home, at work, etc.)
  • Compare episode trends. You will get insights on specific parts of your podcast episodes that are shared the most.
  • IAB Certification analytics. Metrics are audited and approved by the IAB Tech Lab and industry standards.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Distribute your podcast and grow your audience in:

  • Apple podcasts
  • Spotify
  • And more

Powers podcasts in the world’s biggest brands, including:

  • Facebook
  • Harvard University
  • Politico
  • TechCrunch

Advanced Features

Recast: podcast sharing and discovery tool to connect people’s ideas

  • Allows you and listeners to share custom clips of episodes
  • Optimized for social media sharing
  • Innovative ways for audiences to interact with content creators
  • Industry’s first audiogram tool to deliver insights on listeners sharing habits

Simplecast API 2.0: advanced audio publishing and distribution tool

  • Build your own website designated for your podcast show
  • Upload tools to make publishing easier
  • Analytics dashboard to track everything related to your target market
  • Listening app

User Impression/Reviews

Many reviewers had good and not-so-good things to report on their experience with Simplecast.

A review stated they chose Simplecast because they’re easy to use and fairly priced.  It offered unique social sharing buttons on Recast and was recommended to us by another podcaster.

It can be glitchy at times, but overall, it is very reliable. These podcasters wished there were a few more features that the app was equipped with, but it honestly meets all of the things these podcasters needed to satisfy their operation.

Podcasters recommend using it because it saves tons of time, especially useful for the busiest podcasters. It also has allowed them to streamline their podcast show they have at their office.

Distributing the radio show is a major plus. Before using it, they had no way of getting their podcasts out there, but Simple Cast has allowed podcasters to reach a far greater audience than before.

Simplecast has been a great tool for these podcasters to host, distribute, and promote their weekly Football podcast. They are all huge fans of it and will continue to be dedicated customers.

This user recommends using the recast tool to promote your show in a media-packed way on social media.

Another review stated that they have a weekly podcast, and they appreciated this hosting site as a way to get their show out on the internet. 

A review mentioned that the user interface is convenient and easy to use. It supports OGG, which guarantees quality during audio broadcasting.

Other formats are supported, including MP3 and MP3pro, which are ideal formats for all kinds of professionals in this tech area. It supports and connects very well with the server their currently using.

One user hasn’t seen any dislikes in the tool. One of the only problems is the delay in broadcasting audio over the internet. But they think this is related to the server itself, not the platform.

Lastly, if something related to the delay in broadcasting could be improved from the software’s point, it would help the software be easier to navigate.

Current Pricing

Start a free 14-day trial. No credit card is required. Starting at paid plans at $15 per month. The ideal independent podcaster plans include:

  • Basic is $15 per month with unlimited storage and uploads.
  • Essential is $35 per month includes everything in basic, plus additional essential tools.
  • Growth is $85 per month with everything in essential, plus collaboration features and in-depth analytics.

The business and networking plans include:

  • Professional includes everything in all standard plans plus advanced analytics.
  • Enterprise includes everything in the professional plan plus advanced features.

Contact the sales team to get a quote of the amount for each professional or networking plan. Don’t hesitate to reach out as they are always there to help, as stated on their website.