Podcast Giant: Podcast Hosting Review

Podcast Giant is a podcast hosting service run by a website creator with experience working with thousands of brands.

Their mission is to make it easy to launch and grow your podcasts by taking care of your website needs included in the plan fee.

Creating a website for your podcast series can be hard without a podcasting service to help you out – as you would have to hunt the internet for paid, beautiful themes specifically for podcasting. With Podcast Giant, trust your website will look stunning and equipped for everything a podcaster wants on their site and more.

Solution for a fast and “done for you” website to easily publish a new episode for your podcast page. Save money and time with crafted themes and SEO optimization.

Best for Beginner and New Podcasters

Podcast Giant will build your podcasting website for you. Just select your desired custom themes, send over your podcasting content and let the team launch the rest for you.

Includes all the essentials for a great podcast website. Includes fast website loading speed, backups, and stunning themes. Better yet, the themes are SEO optimized for potentially ranking higher on Google search.

There are four outlined steps for what Podcast Giant can do for you. Firstly, sign up for free. Secondly, pick a beautiful theme, thirdly send your podcast‘s audio recording files, and then your podcast website will go live, including your latest week’s episode.

Integrated Plugin

Podcast Giant is currently not equipped with an integrated plugin for your website. However, once you send over your podcasting content, they will make the website for you and put in your podcasting content to save as much time as an integration plugin would – you sit back, and the team will place the podcast player on the page or blog.

Bandwidth and Storage Limits

Unlimited bandwidth and storage for your podcasts. Focus more on creating your best content to not worry about exceeding restrictions.

No time limits for each episode, so you can record as much or as little as you want for your plan’s value.

Is video supported too? WordPress sites are video-supported, so you can video record your content and send the files to Podcast Giant to do it for you.


This platform is not equipped with statistics because they are experts in podcasting website design and delivery. However, since they are compatible with WordPress, check out the WordPress dashboard for analytics on website visitors. Comments are available to see in the dashboard as well.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Given this podcasting hosting is website-based only, you may have to create the marketing yourself. Embed your podcast episode into social media networks to grow your following. Copy and paste a link from your website to your socials to gain more traffic to your beautiful website and your podcasting playlist.

Advanced Features

The features in the following list are focused on website optimization, which automatically increases your chances of monetization to exposing your site to partnerships to sponsors on the internet.

These advanced website features include:

  • Beautiful themes. Designed and suitable for podcasting websites. Stand out with podcast-expert-designed themes.
  • SEO optimized. Websites are designed with SEO so listeners will be able to find your content easier.
  • Scalable. Content delivery network to help grow your audience at your convenience
  • Fast speeds. WordPress is compatible with audio and podcast playlists—additional CDN for an extra $10 a month.

User Impression/Reviews

Many of the reviews are positive, as seen on Podcast Giant’s website. One customer stated that Josh, the creator is extremely responsive, which is greatly appreciated when you need to make on-the-go changes. They enjoy working with him and highly recommend him to any podcaster looking for great customer support and fully responsive podcasting websites.

This user sends every podcaster they know to PodcastGiant for all their website needs.

It is a fast, simple, affordable, & high-quality website. You likely will not find a better option for beginner podcasters than PodcastGiant.

Josh understood that a user needs to execute an awesome, functional design. Josh took the initiative to exceed their needs and is lovely to work with as they recommend him to everyone.

One user was in the middle of producing season one of their podcast series, called Home For Dinner, and started to get worried because they didn’t have a website for it yet.

Not only that, but they didn’t have the time to put together something amazing, even with advanced DIY builders. That’s why they chose Josh and Podcast Giant -as they picked a theme they liked the best, just sent him the podcast info, and he got everything set up for them. Most importantly, their podcast hosting.

User advice: If you have a lot to do while producing a show, let Josh handle the website. You’ll be glad that you did.

Current Pricing

Free set up to start. Free demo. Coupon code option for a discount.

The plan starts at $49 per month. With this price, you get access to creating a successful podcast website created by experts, including fast navigation speed, backups, SEO optimized themes. Unlimited podcast hosting.

Add on: CDN for an extra $10 per month.