Podcast Giant: Podcast Hosting Review

Creating a website for your podcast series can be challenging without a hosting service to help you out. With Podcast Giant, your website will look stunning and equipped with everything you need.

Podcast Giant is run by a website creator with experience working with thousands of brands. Their mission is to make launching and growing your show easy by taking care of your website needs.

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Best for Beginner and New Podcasters

With Podcast Giant, you can be sure that your podcast website will be fast, secure, and easy to use.

The site features beautiful, customizable themes to fit your brand’s style. What’s more, these themes have been specifically engineered to help boost your podcast’s search engine rankings.

To get started, simply sign up for free on Podcast Giant. Next, you need to send your audio recordings, and your website will go live. You’ll have your newest episode live and available for listeners to enjoy immediately.

Integrated Plugin

Podcast Giant is currently not equipped with an integrated plugin for your website.

However, once you send over your podcasting content, they will make the website for you and put in your podcasting content to save as much time as an integration plugin would – you sit back, and the team will place the podcast player on the page or blog.

Bandwidth and Storage Limits

With unlimited bandwidth and storage for all your episodes and no time limits on recording, this platform is the perfect choice for podcast hosting.

And that’s not all – it also supports video content, allowing you to seamlessly integrate video into your show if you wish.


Even though Podcast Giant does not currently offer its own analytics tools, there are many ways you can track your website traffic on this platform. One option is to use WordPress, which is fully compatible with Podcast Giant.

This will give you access to statistical data about your visitors within the WordPress dashboard, including information about unique visitors, page views, and more. You can also see comments posted by your subscribers through this interface.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Given that this podcasting hosting is website-based only, you may have to create the marketing yourself. Embed your podcast episode into social media networks to grow your following. Copy and paste a link from your website to your socials to increase traffic and grow your audience.

Advanced Features

The features in the following list focus on website optimization, which automatically increases your chances of monetization by exposing your site to partnerships with sponsors on the internet.

These advanced website features include:

  • Beautiful themes. Stand out with podcast-expert-designed themes.
  • SEO optimized. Websites are designed with SEO so listeners can find your content more easily.
  • Scalable. A unique content delivery network to help grow your audience at your convenience
  • Fast speeds. Podcast Giant uses WordPress and is suitable for audio and podcast playlists.

User Impression/Reviews

Users who tried out Podcast Giant generally report they are impressed with the site’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. In particular, they appreciate the responsive support they receive from Josh, the creator of Podcast Giant.

With his fast customer service, users can get help whenever they need it.

According to users, this is a fast, simple, affordable, & high-quality website. You likely will not find a better option for beginner podcasters than PodcastGiant.

One user was in the middle of producing season one of their podcast series, called Home For Dinner, and started to get worried because they didn’t have a website yet. That’s why they chose Podcast Giant to get the job done. After they picked a theme and sent over their info, Josh got everything set up for them. 

User advice: If you feel overwhelmed while producing a show, let Josh handle the website. You’ll be glad that you did.

Current Pricing

At $49 per month, this affordable plan gives you everything you need to launch your podcast website confidently. And if your podcasting needs grow over time, you can add on a CDN for just $10 per month.

Plus, you’ll never be tied down by limits on storage or bandwidth –  you can host as many podcasts as you need.

And don’t forget to use their exclusive coupon code for a discount!

Final Words

Podcast Giant offers powerful tools and features designed to make your life as a content creator easier. The platform has everything you need from themes that showcase your content to nightly backups and SEO services.

So if you’re ready to start your podcasting journey,  try out Podcast Giant hosting and make your dream come true.