Transistor: Podcast Hosting Review

This podcasting hosting platform makes it easy to distribute all your content. All you need to do is record your audio and upload it to Transistor. The team will help you submit your show to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

 The creator, Jon, had built a podcast hosting tool, and Justin had a podcast. They ended up getting acquainted. In the following years, they build small podcasting projects.

 In 2017 Jon built a new hosting platform for his employer to use. Jon and Justin ended up launching a big idea to the public together. They signed the partnership documents in February of 2018 and officially launched it on August 1, 2018.

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Best for Any Level Podcasters

Users had stated they had enjoyed using Transistor when they were just starting. The clean interface and easy navigation tools helped transition podcasts to be uploaded onto the web in no time.

 On the other hand, this is also ideal for more advanced podcasters. Transistor’s detailed analytics are to credit for, as business podcasts need this tool to grow their audience and get their target market’s insights for better content. Some big customers who use Transistor are:

  •   The NHL’S Vegas Golden Knights for their official NHL podcast
  •   IBM: podcasts for developers on tech-related topics
  •   Alexis Ohanian: Business Dad (the co-founder founder of Reddit) and more

Integrated Plugin

 Transistor does not have an integrated plugin. However, they have an embeddable audio player available to put on your website in many easy ways.

 They show you what the code looks like for each different player, so you’ll know which code is compatible with each player you want to embed your site.

 Storage Limits

 There are no storage limits. Transistor won’t charge you for making additional podcasts. Make as many podcasts as you wish. Many other podcasting hosting services charge you an additional fee to add more than one show. For only $19.99 a month, you can host multiple podcasts included in the plan.

 Bandwidth Limits

Transistor doesn’t recommend files any larger than 200MB.

Derrick at Signal Leaf argues that downloading large files takes up more bandwidth and can cause data to be limited very quickly.

You wouldn’t want to take up all the space on their devices or cause them to wait hours while your episode finishes downloading.

 Time Limits

No time limit. However, you can create multiple formats for different listeners, including 2-hour interviews or 30-minute shows.

Is it video-supported too? Video is not supported. However, audio files (MP3 is preferred) should be numerically coded at 44100 Hz and near 128 kb/s for optimal quality.


 See how your podcast is doing overtime by tracking the detailed podcast analytics that Transistor is an expert in.

 Podcast built-in analytics:

  •   High-level stats on a bar graph to see listener trends and estimated subscribers
  •   Tracking of downloads per episode for the first 7 days to the first 90 days
  •   Podcast listening apps people use are reflected in the Popular Player chart.
  •   Breakdown of podcasts listens per app (i.e., 22% of listens are on Overcast)
  •   Listener location. Transistor provides a map and highlights the areas where your listeners are located in. It also gives a percentage of how many listeners per country.

In addition to Transistor’s in-depth stats, you can see analytics in the Apple Podcast Connect, Spotify’s Dashboard, and Google Podcasts analytics.

 Just confirm your podcast show’s RSS feed, and you’ll see how many people listen to your show on Google Podcast.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

 Get your podcast distributed to all the top podcasting media companies, including:

  •   Apple podcasts
  •   Spotify
  •   Google podcasts
  •   Podcast addict

 Other popular distributors include Breaker and Player FM.

 Advanced Features

 A one-click submission

  •   After submission, Transistor will automatically distribute your latest episodes to the media distribution list above.
  •   This includes submission to podcast search engines and can increase your SEO ranking in the podcasting market.
  •   Get your podcast uploaded to these search engines: Listen Notes and The Podcast Index.

Private podcasting 

  •   Generate a unique and secure RSS feed for each person who subscribes to your podcast. This enables you to restrict access to your content and go private.
  •   Allows subscribers to subscribe to the podcast in their podcast player (i.e., Apple Podcasts)
  •   Offline listening: users can download episodes and listen on their phones offline
  •   Send updates to investors, other members, and employees

 You can manually create a list of people to listen to your private podcast by inviting or sharing a link.

 User Impression/Reviews

This review stated that after using Transistor for just a few minutes, this user decided to leave their current hosting service, Libsyn. They can also say without a doubt; Transistor is the easiest to use podcast host on the market. The transistor is a breath of fresh air. 

“easy to use”

This user just launched their first podcast, and they had to say that Transistor made the publishing process easier than they ever thought it would be. It’s great to work on a solid platform.

“Incredibly user-friendly.”

Transistor is well equipped functionality-wise. It’s incredibly user-friendly on the backend for all things hosting and administration, and the player itself is one of the most beautiful this user has ever seen. They are proud to be a long-time customer.

 One user signed up for a free trial one day and had their first three episodes recorded and released by noon—a fantastic experience.

Other reviews had some minor issues, and some had nothing bad to say about it at all.

A review stated they have been using Transistor.FM for over a year now, and they can honestly say there is nothing they don’t like about the service.

However, the one feature that one user initially had difficulty with was their built-in website builder. It is limited in terms of customization and was difficult to style well.

But Transistor also offers an embeddable HTML player and simple social media connected page. Overall, his advice is to utilize those to build a functioning landing page for your show.

Current Pricing

Start with a 14-day trial. With every plan, you have access to unlimited podcasts. Additionally, a limit of the number of features per plan, including the number of downloads, private podcasts, and private subscribers.

  • Starter is $19 per month with 15,000 downloads per month.
  • Professional is $49 per month with 75,000 per month.
  • Business is $99 per month with 200,000 downloads per month.