Captivate: Podcast Hosting Review

Captivate cares about your podcast’s growth. It is composed of a strongly built community focused on personalized services to make your podcast meet your daily goals with tracking charts.

Better yet, the team of personal helpers helps you every day on any task, at any time. 

You also get access to other centered-growth podcasts and marketing tools such as analytics, audio players, websites, and distribution options.

The creator started his first podcast in 2003. Then built up a team towards making Rebel Base Media podcast which delivered talks to dream venues such as Harvard University. 

Then, the world’s first growth-oriented platform hosting service, Captivate, was born.

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Best for Independent or New Podcasters 

Easy to use from its clean and simplistic design. Captivate has been designed and tested by podcasters to ensure its top-notch ability regarding an easy navigation interface

New podcasters can focus more on making fresh, trending content rather than getting frustrated with confusing software.

Access the most effective podcasting tools when you need them right at your convenience. Captivate provides a simple, free website builder to embed all of your podcast episodes quickly. 

Integrated Plugin

BIG Captivate sync: This WordPress plugin allows you to keep your WordPress (or Squarespace) website automatically keep up to date. Better yet, it fits with your current website theme. 

Player FM Integration WordPress plugin: You may submit your podcast to Player FM from the Captivate Distribution page. This new integration tool has millions of active users to upgrade your podcast‘s visibility online. 

Bandwidth Limits

Bandwidth depends on the type of plan you purchase. The more bandwidth increases with price.

Should you exceed your Captivate download/bandwidth plan limit in any single month, no consequences will be given from Captivate, except if you go over two months’ worth of bandwidth limits. 

Exceeding your download/bandwidth plan limit for two months subsequently by a margin greater than 25% will automatically advance you to the next payment. You will be notified of this change through an email.

Time limits

No time limits, as there is unlimited storage. Downloads increase depending on each plan. Captivate is also not video supported.

However, you can add videos onto your podcasting website (i.e., film your podcast episode while you record). 


  • IAB certified analytics: measure your podcast’s growth with the 12 months view chart. 
  • Listener location: shows you where your podcast has been listened to around the world.
  • Downloads tracking: the total downloads each episode currently has.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

You can get your podcast integrated into some of the top podcast directories. Grow your audience in:

  • Apple podcasts 
  • Spotify 
  • Google podcasts 
  • Amazon music 

Other directories included are Stitcher, Saavn, Player FM, and Deezer.

Captivate’s customizable RSS feed can be added to any podcasting distribution apps just by using one click. 

Advanced features 

Audio players 

  • Speed settings and sharing buttons 
  • Compatible for any device
  • Captivate logo 
  • Embed playlist player on your website to show all of your episodes 
  • Latest episode player to show new episodes perfect for homepage 

Sharing Buttons 

  • Places buttons on the website to direct them to apps the podcast can be listened on 
  • URLs for each episode to place into social media platforms (automatically create an audio player design 
  • Single subscribe page automatically creates buttons in suitable places on your website. Allows new listeners to get a one-stop link to all apps your podcast is distributed on. 

Generate RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) 

You can then submit your generated RSS feed to the directories for distribution, making it easy for people to share, listen and subscribe to your podcast episodes. 

You’ll need an RSS feed URL to submit your podcast to directories such as Google Podcasts Manager.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to publish a podcast episode in Captivate.

User Impression/Reviews

A YouTube review of Captivate mentioned that he liked the Audio player theme design. Including the vast improvements of dash players. Easy to add an existing podcast episode through the RSS feed – it’s straightforward. 

The Audio player gives Captivate the edge over other podcast hosting websites.

Another review stated that they had been pleasantly surprised by the constant stream of upgrades to the service, as they have been using Captivate for about 7 months.

Captivate offers to receive in-depth stats very easily so that you can tell exactly how your podcasts are doing view-wise. This user likes that the price includes as many podcasts as you want and that it is easy to set up new podcasts whenever you want.

On top of that, they also make it easy to look at how to monetize your podcasts with various sets of data and/or advertising options if that is what you wish to do.

The Captivate team is very helpful and passionate about podcasting and customer growth while constantly looking at how they can improve their service.

Support is usually outstanding, although, at times, you may have to wait an hour or 2 to get replies. However, you will always get a reply.

Other reviews have stated their likeability towards the new features every week. Captivate is the only podcast hosting platform to release new updates each Thursday. 

Current Pricing

7-day free trial to access all paid plans features. All plans are either paid annually or with a priced monthly fee. Additionally, with every plan, you have access to unlimited storage. 

The Podcaster plan starts at $17 per month with a limit of 12,000 downloads per month. 

The Professional plan is $44 per month and holds up to 50,000 downloads per month. 

The Business plan is $90 per month and enables 150,000 downloads per month. 

Depending on your long-term podcast goals, choose a podcast hosting platform that will best suit your goals. Nonetheless, captivate is already goal-oriented to all of its users.

Each plan can meet your company’s needs through the same features at no added cost. The only feature that differentiates each plan is how many downloads you wish to have each month.

Free Trial 

7-day risk-free trial for all plans including: 

  • Podcaster trial
  • Professional trial
  • Business trial 

No credit card is required. Cancel anytime—no surprise fees.