Spreaker: Podcast Hosting Review

Spreaker was created in 2010 by CEO Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci and Rocco Zanni.

Spreaker is the best podcasting platform focussed on podcast hosting, distribution, monetization, and tracking audience analytics. You can also listen to multiple live, on-demand audio shows.

With thousands of podcasters hosting their shows on the platform (and millions of active monthly users), Spreaker enables anyone to interact with a large community of audio creators and listeners.

In January 2018, Spreaker was founded by Voxnest, a co-host company in the world of audio technology solutions.

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Best for Podcasters at Any Level 

Spreaker is best for a podcast host wanting to grow their podcast and even go full time with the monetization tools. You don’t have to worry about finding sponsors and ads, as Speaker does this for you. 

Whether you’re an independent podcaster or a podcast publisher, the effective monetization tools help turn a hobby into a money-maker. Plus, the clean interface is easy to navigate the tools for a stress-free experience, especially for beginners.

Access the most distributism platforms in one place through the large database of partners. Use one-click to submit your podcast to the world’s top podcasting apps to grow your audience

Integrated Plugin

Spreaker Shortcode is a WordPress plugin for your podcast’s website. 

The Spreaker shortcode plugin is an easy way to embed an audio player into your WordPress blog or website to showcase your talent. 

Storage Limits

The amount of storage increases with the upgraded plans.

  • Free: 5 hours 
  • On Air-Talent: 100 hours  
  • Broadcaster: 500 hours 
  • Anchorman: 1,500 hours 
  • Enterprise 1,500+

Spreaker allows you to upgrade storage space in any plan for an additional fee. 

Bandwidth Limits

Unlimited bandwidth for all plans, including the Free speech plan. The broadcaster plan is 3 unlimited bandwidth per month. Anchorman is 5 unlimited bandwidth per month. 

Time Limits

5 hours free of charge for the free plan. 

Spreaker gives you the option of increasing your broadcasting time, with any plan for a small additional fee. 

You can upload files with audio recording that support the following formats: 

· mp3

· mp4

· asf


Including 3gp, aac, amr, ogg, ra, wav, wma

With a limit of 300MB for each recorded file upload. Unfortunately, Spreaker does not support video. However, Spreaker is currently working to support additional codes and file formats. You can check back for changes. 


  • IAB Tech Lab certified analytics: Understand what your listeners like and don’t like 
  • Listener demographics: where the listeners are in the world. GPS or other location info when available.
  • IP address geocoding lookup. Internet providers assign IP addresses.

Through tracking the data above, you make informed decisions to sell to your target market.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

You can get your podcast integrated into some of the major podcast directories. Grow your audience in:

  • Apple podcasts 
  • Spotify 
  • iHeartRadio 
  • Google Podcasts 

Other directories include Amazon Alexa, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast addict, Podchaser. 

Advanced Features 

Ad revenue-sharing program 

  • Make money from audio without having to look for sponsors. 
  • Choose times when you want to insert an ad. 
  • Stress-free monetization  

Programmatic advertising 

  • Ad insertion with a built-in programmatic marketplace 
  • The marketplace is full of ready advertisers to deliver targeted ads on your podcast. 
  • Choose relevant ads to be put on a podcast.

User Impression/Reviews 

Spreaker is a favored platform around the world. A review stated how they switched from one platform to Spreaker for monetization reasons. Secondly, the interface is much easier to use and is perfect for people just starting. 

Users have tweeted they are pleased with this platform and how it has made them grow their podcast through the tools it offers. They also have learned a lot in the process.

Another review said she was just about to quit podcasting when she found Spreaker. The monetization tools Speaker has been the reason her podcasting shows still exist. 

Spreaker has helped podcasters make enough money to do podcasting full time without worrying about money. It has also helped monetize podcasts that people wouldn’t learn or how to do on their own. 

It’s been mentioned how helpful the team was in answering questions or inquiries in any way possible. It makes a seamless partnership for the value of your money. 

Others, however, have some opposing views/experiences on Spreaker. 

Podcasters have tried to figure out ways to get their podcast edited before publication – but there’s no way to share or submit a podcast for editing other than the set ways they have within the app. The quality didn’t come out as they wanted. 

When trying to contact Spreaker, it is also a “complicated process.” Sometimes you have to resubmit the same issue two or three times before they respond. You cannot edit before publishing, and it was frustrating.

Here is what isn’t good: You cannot go back in and add to a recording once you hit stop. While recording their podcast, it froze twice, and they had to start over because once the drafts are in, you can’t add anything else.

Podcasters have tried to communicate via the app service, but they have successfully resolved the issue. Spreaker has still been charging without effective service. They also have sent the screenshots to their email.

Unfortunately, this client disapproved of them as dependable regarding the service for their inquiries.

Current Pricing

Free speech for multiple podcast hosting. All plans are either paid annually or with a priced monthly fee. All pro plans offer ad monetization tools on top of hosting and distributing.

Additionally, you can buy and add specific features to your plan separately in the Spreaker Store.

On-Air Talent is only $5.99 per month with limited features. 

Broadcaster is $17.99 per month with statistics and monetization tools.

Anchorman is $45 per month with full statistics and the most features. 

Enterprise is $120 per month with additional and unlimited features (except access podcasts)

Sign up, and starting is free. Disclaimer: If a free account goes inactive for 90 days, then Spreaker has the right to terminate any Free account at any time without notice. Or may delete files without giving additional notice.