Backtracks: Podcast Hosting Review

In this piece, I present Backtracks, one of the world’s most advanced advertising and analytics podcast hosting platforms. It connects advertisers with content creators to match the best ads with the best content.

So far, Backtracks has produced thousands of podcasts integrated with ads, with over 40 million analyzed audio recordings. It is designed to benefit all individuals involved in the podcasting world, including publishers, advertisers, and listeners.

To learn more about its features, read on!

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Best for Advanced Podcasters

As the platform is focused on monetization through advertising, this hosting service is best for podcasters who need help gaining revenue – by receiving ads that suit their content.

With advanced publishing tools that simplify getting your podcast on websites and other platforms, Backtracks makes it easy to increase your audience and boost your monetization potential.

Although Backtracks is a platform most suited for experienced podcasters, anyone can navigate their modern interface.

Integrated Plugin

It is important to emphasize that Backtracks does not have an integrated plugin.

Instead, the embedded podcast players are seamlessly integrated into the website’s backend system, making it easy and intuitive for users to edit and publish content on their sites.

With this feature, you can easily embed podcast players on your website or social media channels, allowing you to share your episodes in any way that feels right for you and your audience.

Storage Limits

Are you looking for a podcast hosting platform with unlimited storage and bandwidth? Look no further!

With Backtracks, you can easily create and publish your podcast without limitations.

And unlike other podcast hosting providers, Backtracks doesn’t impose time limits on individual episodes, allowing you to record longer content. However, it’s a good rule of thumb for podcasters to stick to under an hour or up to two per interview.

Also, stick to audio formats because video recordings are not supported. 


Designed with cutting-edge analytics tools, Backtrack provides in-depth data on your audience and helps you understand what content resonates best with listeners.

  • Open Podcast Analytics (OPA) provides snapshot time download metrics while ensuring your data is certified and standardized.
  • Switchboard. Standardized podcast analytics to work on any podcast episode
  • APIs and SDKs podcast analytics
  • Podcasting measurement data and intelligence. Podcast and audio analytics are designed with intelligence to get in-depth audience insights for better content.

With in-depth audio and listener data, you can track how long a person listened to your podcast, and what specific episodes drove the most engagement.

Additionally, Backtracks provides users with an RSS feed that makes it easy to distribute your podcast across the internet and reach new audiences.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

This podcasting platform utilizes the best analytics and monetization tools. That said, Backtracks is not equipped with distribution into podcast directories. 

Advanced Features

Furthermore, Backtracks also offers a range of advanced features listed below.

 Targeted advertising

  • Incorporate targeted ads on specific podcast niches or topics to reach your target audience
  • Verified podcast analytics
  • Fraud discovery and removal eliminates fraud and bot traffic to achieve accurate analytic results.

 Advertiser provided ads

  • You can read your ad copy during a podcast episode. By providing your audio, you give a personalized advertisement that makes you authentic for encouraging sales.
  • Backtracks will optimize your podcast and place your ads in a good way.

 Customizable podcast audio player

  • Embed your podcast on any website
  • Customize the audio player to fit your unique podcast’s brand
  • Increase search engine optimization ranking with audio SEO

Drag and drop audio engagement (SDKs)

  • Cross-compatibility across Apple and Android products
  • It offers audio and podcast SDKs, sample code, and demo apps.

User Impression/Reviews

For one podcasting company, Backtracks has been a real lifesaver. Namely, The Austin-based startup landed $2.1 million in a round led by Moonshots Capital. Backtracks played an enormous role in their financial growth by providing these podcasters with listener metrics. For example,

The detailed analytics that Backtracks provides are beneficial, as they allow podcasters to monitor their listenership and improve their content based on feedback.

One review stated a more negative experience using Backtracks.

While they do have a professional-looking website, it’s pretty flawed. Logging in after creating an account is frustrating, frequently resulting in this message: This account is not activated, is locked, or you do not have access to this Backtracks module. Please log in to access this page. 

According to this reviewer, their password resets can take up to 30 minutes to be delivered. Furthermore, a site search reveals no obvious link or contact information for contacting the company’s staff directly.

Current Pricing

To start with Backtracks, click the “Let’s Talk” button on their homepage. Once you fill out a brief form describing your podcasting goals and needs, the sales team will contact you to help you select the best plan for your budget and target audience.

You can choose between a range of prices starting at just $49 per month up to $249 per month.

Ultimately, the price you end up paying will depend on what you want from Backtracks. The lower-tier plans will likely be all you need if it’s just some simple tools and features to host and distribute your podcast episodes.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a podcast hosting website that offers a wide range of tools and options at an affordable price, Backtracks is a perfect choice.

However, one potential downside of using Backtracks is that the website can sometimes be a bit glitchy. Additionally, it is on the pricier side compared to many other podcast hosting platforms.

Still, if you have the budget to support it, Backtracks is hard to beat. With unlimited storage and the ability to target your audience using powerful analytics tools, Backtracks makes it easy to build a podcast that will engage your listeners.

So if you’re serious about launching your podcast or engaging a wider audience, check out Backtracks today and see how it can help you on your journey!