Podcastics: Podcast Hosting Review

Podcastics is a hosting website that allows you to host, share, and monetize your content. Created by podcasters themselves, this website makes podcasting as simple as possible.

Distribute your podcast to major streaming listening services and share your voice with people on every continent.

And if you want to monetize, you can do so with ad insertions and sponsored members’ purchases. All websites and audio players are equipped with a support button for listeners to fund your show.

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Best for Beginners or Podcasters with Multiple Shows

Podcastics offers podcast management abilities, in-depth statistics tools, and stunning audio players.

You can manage as many podcasts as you want with a single account. Once you’ve logged in, you can easily switch between your podcasts with one click.

And what’s great about it, you get unlimited episodes per podcast.

If you’re new and have never made a website, Podcastics will take the job off your hands. Get an automatic website generated for your podcast players and detailed captions for each episode.

And if you already have a hosting provider, you can still use it to upload your audio files – there’s no need to use a separate website.

And whenever you feel stuck, use the built-in support system to get help from the team at any stage of your podcast.

Integrated Plugin

Currently, this hosting website doesn’t come with an integrated plugin, but you can easily import your RSS feed from your podcast player into any website. To do so, copy and paste the URL link or upload the file, and Podcastics will import all your content for you.

Storage Limits

As for storage limits, unlimited storage is included in Pro, Max, and Archive plans. You don’t need to worry about storage restrictions, so you can make time for content creation for as many episodes as you want.

And in addition to unlimited storage, there are also no time limits to the duration of your recordings.

Bandwidth Limits

Get unlimited bandwidth limits with Pro, Max, and Archive plans. Don’t worry about how many downloads you have, as Podcastics wants your podcasts to gain popularity.

Is it video-supported too?

Podcastics is currently video-supported. You can promote your podcast by making short video clips to upload to social media. Podcastics is equipped with the following user-friendly tools:

  • Headliner
  • Audiogram
  • Veed

 It is fully equipped with features such as subtitling, various export formats, and many other customizing options.


 Podcastics takes care of analyzing all your data in a super easy interface.

  • Download tracking. Know how many downloads you receive per episode.
  • Listener location. Find out where your listeners are from and where they are listening.
  • Device or app. See how audiences listen to your shows on a desktop or mobile or what app streaming platforms.

Listing and Integration into Podcast Directories

Podcastics hosting includes the following distribution platforms:

  • Google podcasts
  • Apple Podcasts
  • iTunes
  • TuneIn
  • and Stitcher

With the Max plan, you can distribute your podcast around the world. The Max plan reproduces your podcast files in 43 data centers in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Your files are automatically duplicated on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for better reach. This means your podcast episodes will be available in 8 data centers in Europe and North America to keep your listeners closer.

Advanced Features

Scheduled episodes. Save time by uploading your episodes later using the schedule option. Podcastics will remake your RSS feed by the time you schedule an upload.

Audio players. High-quality audio players can be embedded into any website. Modify the colors, and use your custom CSS code for optimal customizability. Let your brand shine!

Magic link

  • Redirects your listener to Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, or your website depending on the device they use to listen on
  • QR codes for every printed content you create

Social Features 

  • Podcast Reviews
  • Episode ratings
  • Apple podcast reviews
  • Notifications system
  • Private messenger

 Ad networks

  • Earn revenue with ad insertion if you have a lot of loyal listeners. For any user wanting to monetize their show through ad insertion, Podcastics works with advertising partners to make this possible.

And as a bonus, earn money with the Podcastics affiliate program included in all plans by making 20% cashback on all your sponsored members’ subscriptions.

User Impression/Reviews

A company called Clipdad stated a very positive experience with Podcastics. After a long search, these podcasters found a company that provides them with real value in terms of hosting. Podcastics is super easy: within a few hours, they had their podcast hosting set up, an RSS feed created, and a beautiful custom website with a player. Additionally, the podcast got approved by Apple in record time – overnight!

Because the users have been out of the podcast game for a few years, they needed to learn to adapt to new social media marketing changes. The staff gave them helpful guidance and support in this area and explained everything about the QR code’s nifty feature.

Another thing they stated in the review is how extremely satisfied they were with Podcastic’s analytic tools.

 They highly recommend Podcastics, and you can try it out for free!

Current Pricing

 With a 1-month trial, you can start using the platform for free. No credit card details are required.

Look up the current pricing plans below. Each plan includes unlimited episodes and podcasts.

  • The Free plan has unlimited episodes but limited features.
  • The Premium plan is $4 per month after 1st free month with advanced features.
  • The Pro plan costs $8 per month after 1st free month with more advanced features.
  • The Max plan is $39 per month after 1st free month with maximum advanced features.
  • Special: Podcast Archive plan is $5 per month after 1st free month. It includes all Pro features.

 Archive note: only choose this plan if you have an existing RSS feed with all your episodes or your show is already on Apple Podcasts.

Final Words

That said, Podcastics is a fantastic tool to help you achieve your podcasting goals. According to satisfied users, the website provides you with real value in terms of hosting.

And if you want to take your podcast from beginner to business level, Podcastics offers a variety of monetization tools to gain more revenue.

With the Pro, Max, and Archive plans, you won’t need to worry about storage or bandwidth. Instead, focus on what matters most to you – producing quality content.

So why wait? Sign up today for a free trial and try it out!