Squadcast: Podcast Hosting Review

Squad cast is a remote recording platform launched in 2017. It helps podcasters record quality audio, and video shows that their listeners appreciate.

You don’t have to worry about audio uploading issues or losing recordings. It focuses on simplifying post-production and collaboration with cloud-based technology, enabling podcasters to host multiple shows.

 Some brands Squadcast works with are Microsoft, Spotify, ESPN, NPR, iHeartRadio, Kara Swisher, and Shopify. SquadCast is headquartered in Oakland, CA.

Table of Contents

Best for Independent or Professional Podcasters  

Squadcast Features


  • Record content remotely. Delivers a clean interface that is easy to navigate
  • Simple editing. Squadcast provides recorded audio for an audio podcast and separate audio tracks to embed in your favorite podcast directory or website. As a result, less time is spent on editing.
  • Great audio. Use audio tools for an enjoyable listening experience

Professional podcaster

  • Create high-quality content. A built-in software solution will make your podcast brand look and sound professional.
  • Time-saving, less effort. Audio files are always published faster as Squadcast gives you editing options and podcast post-production tactics.
  • Collaborate easier. Guest podcasters can easily share their voice and messages with their listeners through a simplified process.

Integrated Plugin

With Squadcast, there is no integrated plugin for websites. However, you can easily embed your podcast playlist into your website.

Storage and Time Limits

Each pricing plan has a limit of audio or video recordings for each month (or annually). The higher the plan price, the more recording upload time you have. The lowest is 5 hours per month, and the highest is 25 hours per month of audio or video recording.

Includes unlimited bandwidth.

And as a bonus, video format is supported. You can record video podcasts with the audio and video plan. This is a plus for creative podcasters that want an enhanced multimedia website. Regardless, if you prefer audio, it is recommended to buy the audio plan itself.


At the moment, Squadcast doesn’t have analytic tools. But you can track your analytics through your website, nevertheless.

Share your work on social media or paste a podcast player into your site. You’ll be able to see analytics on your dashboard with the number of viewers per blog post or page.

Listing/Integration into Podcast Directories

Grow your podcast audience in the following podcasting directories:

  • Spotify
  • Microsoft
  • iHeartMEDIA
  • Stitcher and more

Advanced Features

High-quality audio and video

  • Crystal clear audio: take advantage of Squadcast’s clear and uncompressed audio.
  • Raw files are automatically uploaded. This will cover you in any mishaps regarding audio technical issues.
  • Removes audio drift. Thanks to separated audio files, Squadcast will eliminate any awkward drift noises that can sometimes happen in the editing stage.

Cloud backups

  • The recording button uses cloud backups. Take ease knowing all your audio and video files are saved on the cloud. Nothing is worse in the podcasting world than recording and losing all of your hard work.
  • Multiple backups. If one draft isn’t saved correctly, backup files are always there. Record confidently by trusting the cloud has your back.
  • Subsequent backups. You don’t have to worry about losing connection during a backup as your work is captured in a screenshot of time.

Fast Production

  • Separately recorded tracks. Focus on recording one track at a time to enable superior listening through Squadcast’s natural, high-quality sound.
  • Post-production made simple. You can edit as much or as little as you desire. There are multiple editing options to combine with your favorite editing software.
  • Outstanding listening experience. You can cut out or mute unnecessary parts of your track (like lengthy introductions) or alter volume levels.

User Impression/Reviews

A review stated Squadcast was super easy to integrate with their weekly podcast procedures. In general, they found each feature useful but suggested they would like to see some enhancements.

The UI/UX for creating schedules for their squads could be bettered, though.

Another review gave a list of the pros of Squadcast:

  • Super easy to set up.
  • Very intuitive
  • The modern interface integrates beautifully with tools like Google Chat, Slack, etc.
  • Has extensive documentation.
  • Amazing UI/UX

Lastly, a user said that Squadcast had ‘changed the interview game’ for them. Squadcast has high-quality video and is an upgrade compared to similar programs on the market.

Current Pricing

You can choose between Indie, Pro, Studio, and Enterprise plans, based on your preference. Both annual and monthly options are available, and you can cancel your subscription anytime with no fees.

And if you want, you can sign up for a seven and 14-day free trial to test out the platform for free.

Monthly Plans

  • Indie Audio is $20 per month with limited hours (5) of recording per month.
  • Pro Audio is $40 per month with limited hours (12) of recording per month.
  • Studio Audio is $80 per month with limited hours (25) of recording per month.

Annual Plans

  • Pro Plan is priced at $400 per year.
  • Studio Plan is priced at $800 per year.
  • Enterprise plan is for large businesses (contact the team for a personalized quote).

If you need more add-ons, contact Squadcast for a quote on desired features that are not listed in the current plans.

Final Words

With affordable plans, unlimited bandwidth, and a highly intuitive interface, Squadcast makes for the perfect podcast hosting solution. It can help you make the most of your show with less time and effort.

However, lacking analytical features could be a disadvantage for some creators.

Squadcast offers plenty of features to enhance your podcasting abilities and take some hard work off your hands. And with the free trial, you can test the waters and see if it works for you.

Sign up and start creating today!