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Listen To The Top 10 Best True Crime Podcast

True-crime is a non-fiction literary and film genre that talks about crimes that concern real people. It is a great genre and brings to light shocking, gripping, and complex stories of crime from all over the world.

It fascinates many individuals and helps them understand the nuances of criminal investigation and sometimes helps to leave an impactful moral understanding of the individual. This genre brings to light certain dark realities of the world we live in.

Podcasts are an exciting way to convey these chilling stories to listeners who find true-crime fascinating. From murder cases to kidnapping, and corruption, true crime talks about several criminal acts that exist and is totally gripping for an individual.

Reviews of 10 Best True Crime Podcast

Given below are the ten best true crime podcasts that are available on the web:

1. Serial:

Listen to it here

This podcast is known to be the godfather of all true crime podcasts available in the digital world. In Serial, journalist Sarah Keong brings to light a new murder story in every season. Here, with every different murder mystery, she allows listeners to embark on a journey of exploration and investigation of the crime.

Sarah uses her singular style to keep the public interested and hooked to the long audio stories. The podcast airs every week and provides plots with “bad boy” and “good boy” fantasies.

Best Episode: The best episode of the Serial podcast is The Alibi. The plot is based in 1999 in the city of Baltimore, where a famous high-school senior goes missing. Concerning Hae Min Lee’s disappearance, the detectives on the case arrest her ex-boyfriend and put murder charges.

Adnan Syed pleads innocence but does not remember his whereabouts on the unfortunate January afternoon when Hae went missing. However, one of his classmates knows where he was, but she’s missing as well.

2. My Favorite Murder:

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Hosted by Karen Kilgarrif and Georgia Hardstark, My Favourite Murder is an excellent podcast for listeners who like to hear gripping crime stories with a touch of humor. In this audio story, the hosts deliver one murder story in every episode and recount the details of the crime very interestingly.

The podcast first aired in 2016 and is known to be a comedy crime chat show. The podcast is entertaining, gripping, funny, and fresh at the same time. For many listeners interested in crime, My Favourite Murder is weirdly therapeutic.

Best Episode: Grandma Surprise is the best episode of the podcast My Favourite Murder, where hosts Karen and Georgia uncover the origin of the Stockholm Syndrome.

3. Criminal:

Listen to it here

This North-Carolina based true-crime podcast produced by Lauren Spohrer and hosted by Phoebe Judge is a series of short crime stories. This hypnotic podcast changes the listeners’ perspective of crime, victims, and criminals.

The podcast brings out stories of individuals who have done wrong or have been wronged. Listeners learn something new in every episode and get an insight into the portraits of people whose lives are caught up in the world of crime.

Best Episode: The best episode of the Criminal podcast is The Procedure. The plot of this episode is based in the year 1967.

In this episode, a few individuals form a group to help women obtain the abortion outside the purview of the law. The group would call a number and be guided by a woman on how to do an abortion illegally.

4. Dirty John:

Listen to it here

Dirty John is a podcast based on the life of Debra Newell furniture designer. Debra wishes to follow her heart and lead a happy, fulfilling life. Everything changes when she falls in love with a con artist and marries him. The plot of this podcast is beautiful and sophisticated.

It talks about the problems of domestic violence and coercive control in households. The podcast is a fantastic precedent when it comes to highlighting crimes that happen behind four walls when a person is caught up within the web of lies and love.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Dirty Johnis is The Real Thing, where Debra meets John for the first time through a dating website. The episode is the beginning of a complex world of love, lies, and forgiveness that Debra falls into.

She likes John, but his stories do not match up. This episode is essential as it is the advent of the gripping and complex world Debra chooses for herself.

5. Hell and Gone:

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In the podcast Hell and Gone, private investigator and writer Catherine Townsend look into unsolved crimes in the town of Arkansas. She searches for the truth and finds herself to be a part of the famous murder case of Rebekah Gould. Rebekah is a renowned college student who was murdered in 2004.

In the second season of Hell and Gone, Catherine embarks a journey of solving a murder mystery that dates back to 1989 of 16-year-old Janie Ward at a college party. In both seasons of Hell and Gone, we see Catherine coming forward and solving the most complicated crimes of the town of Arkansas.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Hell and gone is Bonus. In this episode, while solving the Murder of JanieWard looks into the case of Rebekah Gould.

The episode brings an essential link between season one and season two of the podcast and is highly interesting for all listeners.

6. To Live and Die in LA:

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This true-crime podcast focuses on the disappearance of Adea Shabani, a 25-year-old aspiring actress and model. Adea vanishes in February 2018, and to look into her disappearance, and the podcast has Neil Strauss come forward to investigate the crime.

The podcast contains a mix of thrill and Hollywood glamour and keeps the listeners hooked at all times.

Best Episode: The best episode of this series podcast is A Different Kind of Star, which revolves around the disappearance of Adea from outside her apartment in Hollywood.

This episode serves as an introduction to the crime and its semi-accidental journalist and investigator, Neil.

7. Bear Brook:

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This true-crime podcast is about solving the murder of four people whose remains were recovered in the New Hampshire Park. The identification of the bodies and investigation of the crime throws light on the possibility of an unknown serial killer behind the crime.

The crime spans over 20 years and keeps the listeners at an edge. This podcast is ideal for listeners who are interested in forensic techniques and genetic genealogy.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Bear Brook is Eunsoon Jun, where police question an individual with multiple identities to look into the disappearance of an estranged cousin.

8. The Generation Why Podcast:

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The Generation Why podcast is an excellent podcast with over 300 episodes. Here, listeners be a part of audio storytelling that focuses on murder, kidnapping, theft, and other conspiracies.

Hosts Aaron and Justin cover these stories in an exciting and thrilling manner. A listener can get to listen to a variety of crime plots here and never get bored.

Best Episode: Jon Benet Ramsey Case is the best episode of the podcast Generation Why. In this episode, the focus is on the infamous 1996 crime where a family of six after returning from a Christmas Party where the youngest child aged six is put to bed but never wakes up.

9. Undisclosed:

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Host Rabia Chaudhry brings a true-crime podcast that focuses on corruption by police, reward money, and prosecutorial misconduct. The podcast uses methods of taping interviews and phone calls to make the podcast more interesting.

It focuses on the lives of individuals who are innocently caught in the web of corruption, cruel administration, and unfair system.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Undisclosed is State v. Greg lance- Fully Involved. In this episode, we hear about the murder of a Ukrainian scientist and his wife in the night hours of August 1998 in Tennessee.

The investigators of the case, even with little evidence, manage to find a prime suspect in the murder. This episode has dramatic background music to make the storytelling more thrilling for a listener.

10. In the Dark:

Listen to it here

The podcast In The Dark looks into the investigation of the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. The podcast is hosted by Madeleine Baran, who uses his journalistic skills to bring out the details of the crime in a sincere and transparent manner.

This podcast uncovers the mishandling of law enforcement agencies in solving crimes concerning child abductions and questions their accountability and effectiveness.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast In The Dark is Down, where a listener can experience multiple emotions as the episode progresses. The episode plot has several twists and contains the right amount of suspense and violence.