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Best Very Scary People Episodes

Very Scary People chronicles a truly sordid and frightening case based in the wildly infamous town of Amityville, New York.

In 1974, a gruesome mass murder occurred, which saw the entire DeFeo family murdered, with each victim’s body laid face down in their beds.

Best Very Scary People Episodes

Only one person survived the murders: the eldest son, Ron DeFeo Junior.

Throughout six episodes, this show explores the horrible circumstances of the murders and just what occurred on that fateful and terrible night in 1974.

Each episode of the series is worth a listen, but what makes each one so good? Let’s take a look together.

Table of Contents

Episode 1 – Small Town Murder

The first episode of the series is solely dedicated to exploring the events of that night, analyzing each moment as it happened in exhausting detail.

The episode intends to come to some kind of conclusion as to who would bother to murder a family in their sleep. Why would such a murder be committed, and why in such a methodical manner?

Some of the interesting conclusions drawn by the show are sure to get your mind racing and will even have you shocked at multiple points throughout the episode.

The show also discusses what likely went through the mind of Ron DeFeo Junior when he discovered the bodies of his dead family members.

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Episode 2 – Meet The DeFeos

Now that the first episode has given us some insight into what went down over the course of the murders, this episode is focused on delving into the victims to discover what their daily lives usually entailed.

The episode begins by exploring the seeming domestic bliss of the DeFeo home before it very quickly becomes apparent that not everything was so simple and perfect behind the scenes.

Some of the revelations in this episode will shock you!

This episode also looks at the funeral for the DeFeo family, which local residents of Amityville attended.

This helps to give further insight as we learn how the local public perceived the family. This suggests that something dark was lurking behind the surface of this seemingly happy household.

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Episode 3 – Mob Ties

You might not expect it, which makes it all so powerful, but one of the biggest twists revealed in this episode is that the DeFeos had ties to organized crime!

But why? Why would the family be tied up with the mob? How did they end up in such a situation?

This episode also explores how the mob ties were revealed and the impact those ties had on the investigation.

This episode further ups the already incredible ante from the previous two episodes, which helps to make it one of the best episodes the series has to offer.

This episode is worth listening to, especially if you’re interested in true crime stories or want to hear about an extraordinary story.

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Episode 4 – The Confession

The case into the murders of the DeFeo family gets even wilder in this episode as it is very quickly discovered that the new prime suspect in the matter is, in fact, the only surviving family member, the eldest son Ron DeFeo Junior.

This shocking revelation marks a significant turning point in the series, as the show goes all-in on investigating just who Ron was and what could have led him to viciously murder his very own family.

This episode follows the intense interrogation, as Ron was barraged with questions to break through to the truth.

With every few revelations and answers, another series of stranger questions soon followed.

In this episode, the rabbit hole of this case truly gets deeper and deeper until we are faced with a crazy and disturbing conclusion to the episode.

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Episode 5 – The People Vs. Ronald DeFeo Jr.

Now that Ron is declared the prime suspect in the case, it is not long before he is set before a New York grand jury that would then decide his fate.

However, the court proceedings would not be easy, as Ron soon proved to be a very tricky individual. His story continued to grow and evolve as the proceedings moved forward.

This episode is fascinating, as it gives us a glimpse into the mind of someone who committed such a horrific act.

Ron’s story begins to show incredible inconsistencies that only make the mystery all the more mind-boggling.

This episode will have you fully glued to your seat from beginning to end, thanks to the fantastic developments in the case and how the story of the court proceedings is told.

It is a masterpiece of crime podcast storytelling.

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Episode 6 – Everyone Loves A Good Ghost Story

In the final episode, we finally get some answers to some of the series’ most burning questions.

After the incredibly long court proceedings, Ron DeFeo Junior is sentenced to six counts of murder and is summarily charged with an extremely long sentence.

However, the story of Ron does not end with his imprisonment, as he very soon earned himself a reputation amongst his fellow prisoners.

This episode not only looks at the final days of the case but also at the aftermath and what Ron’s new life in prison turned out to be like.

The episode also explores the indelible impact that the case had not only on the local community in Amityville but also on the pop culture landscape, thanks to the multiple film adaptations of the case that have become cult classics over the years.

This episode makes a fantastic bookend to the series that brings everything full circle.

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