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Best Last Podcast On The Left Episodes

Horror and murder podcasts have found the perfect recipe for success. We all love to be scared by a good story, and a good podcast can be perfect for sending chills throughout your body.

But imagine if there was a podcast that could combine the immensely popular horror podcast genre with the equally successful comedy genre. Well, luckily, that already exists!

Best Last Podcast On The Left Episodes

The Last Podcast On The Left is the best example of a combination comedy and horror podcast done right.

If you want your socks to be scared off while you laugh, then you should check out my list of the best episodes of The Last Podcast On The Left below!

Episode 451 – Black Eyed Kids

This podcast episode explores a relatively new horror legend known as the ‘Black Eyed Kids.’

These creepy kids with jet black eyes and pale skin are said to be seen hitchhiking on country roads in the middle of nowhere, and stories of their sightings have been passed on from person to person until they became urban legends of their own.

This hilarious but creepy episode of the show attempts to explore the history of black-eyed kids to investigate where the phenomenon could have originated.

To do this, the team read some unsettling stories that will set your hairs on end. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of laughs throughout!

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Episode 406 – Giant Humanoids

Giants have long played a massive part in human culture. They are prevalent in our oldest fairy tales and folk stories, and it is simple to see why.

The idea of an enormous creature with our physiology stalking the earth is deeply unsettling.

Giants have long been threatening images, thanks to their immense strength and imposing statures.

This episode seeks to understand just where the idea of a giant first originated and why the concept still prevails in our culture to this very day.

To explore this, the team uses famous stories that use giants and some biblical depictions of them.

This fantastic episode will help you better understand one of fiction’s most popular monsters.

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Episode 400 – JFK / Lee Harvey Oswald Part 1 – Lone Nut

This 400th-episode celebration marks the first part of a multi-part analysis of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Though the former president was assassinated many years ago now, there is still a massive degree of speculation about what led up to the events.

As a result of this, countless theories and urban legends seek to explain how JFK found himself dead on that fateful day.

To sort out the fact from the fiction, the team explores some of the most prominent theories and legends surrounding JFK’s assassination to understand why his death continues to be so controversial to this day.

This slightly longer episode is simultaneously illuminating and mind-blowing, and very funny!

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Episode 358 – The Electric Chair

This episode exists as part of a series that took an intensive look at the history of some of the world’s most gruesome execution methods.

This time, the show tackles the controversial and ever-frightening electric chair. The electric chair image remains prevalent in our culture to this day as an image of the ultimate punishment.

This particularly frightening and gruesome episode explores what it would be like to be in the electric chair and some of the horrible ways electric chair executions have gone wrong.

This episode will get your palms sweating, but at least the hosts are here to give you plenty of laughs along the way!

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Episode 334 – Flat Earth

For some inexplicable reason, one of the most prominent conspiracy theories spreading around the world is the idea that the earth is flat!

This episode is hilarious. The team listens to the strange and twisted reasoning behind flat earth theories and why the belief in flat earth has prevailed for so many years.

The episode also explores why the theory has become so popular, despite the immense evidence to the contrary.

Thus, the episode proves to be very illuminating and fascinating and will help you understand the cultural moment of the 2010s better.

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Episode 239 – Billy Meier – Alien Collaborator

Billy Meier claims to this very day that not only was he abducted by aliens, but that he is also one of the best connections to the world of aliens.

Billy believes himself to be a conduit and a bridge to the world of aliens.

This episode has our hosts attempting to analyze whether there is any truth to his claims and just why he started to believe them in the first place.

This episode is quite interesting and thought-provoking as it examines the possibility that Billy Meier may indeed be telling the truth about being a contactee.

But, don’t worry, our hosts still take any opportunity to inject some much-needed humor into the proceedings, which makes it very easy to listen to.

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Episode 186 – Fairies

Fairies are perhaps the most iconic creatures of folklore and fantasy fiction. I mean, they are literally the namesake for ‘fairytales’!

This episode of The Last Podcast On The Left analyzes the legendary legacy of fairies and the many appearances they have made throughout popular fiction.

Episode 186 looks at how these mythical beings have been portrayed over centuries and how their popularity continues to grow today.

If you want an entertaining and educational episode, then this is the episode for you! It has so many great laughs and some genuinely insightful looks into some of the world’s most popular tales.

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