Best Morbid: A True Crime Podcast Episodes – Top Six You Should Listen To Right Now

Conceived from a real passion for true crime, spooky stories, and gruesome details, Morbid is one of the most popular TC podcasts out there for a reason.

Hosted by Ash and Alaina, two partners in crime who might have an age difference but certainly share their love for all things horror, their shared knowledge and morbid fascination with serial killers evident in every episode.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts, with new episodes every week, there’s something new and gory to enjoy regularly, but here are a few fan favorites for you to sink your teeth into right now.

Episode 208: The Horrific Murder of Ashley Young

Air Date: 7th February 2021

Length: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Easily considered one of the world’s sweetest people according to her family and friends, Ashley Young is the last person you’d expect to be brutally murdered. But unfortunately, she put her faith in a man who didn’t deserve to know her and who ultimately used his privilege as the son of a former police officer to cover up the entire thing for a long time.

Though he ended up behind bars for over a hundred years, his very guilty parents – who helped him conceal his heinous offense despite its horrific nature – received only weeks in jail for their part in this horrendous crime.

Why? And should they be rightfully punished for their role in Ashley’s awful death? Find out in one of the most anticipated episodes of 2021.

Episode 184: The Unbelievable Life & Crime of Carl Panzram

Air Date: November 2020

Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes

In part one of a series on this tragic, twisted life, Carl Panzram is a criminal whose story must be fully unraveled to be comprehended. Don’t be fooled by the fact he was born in 1891 – this isn’t a boring dusty old tale.

Before his execution in 1930, following the murder of one of his correctional officers at Leavenworth, he confessed to over 21 murders and 1,000 acts of sexual abuse against young boys and men alike.

This first episode discusses his early life, abusive upbringing, several incarcerations, and the beginnings of his foray into sick crime. Of course, massive trigger warnings for assault on this one, so listen wisely.

Episode 19: Hinterkaifeck

Air Date: September 2018

Length: 1 hour, 16 minutes

This episode is another case of “oldie but goodie,” as the Hinterkaifeck murders took place in 1922, but this is no boring history lesson: the family at the center of this real-life horror story tick every box.

The girls have a lot to talk about, from a farm riddled with ghosts to incest and a genuine murder mystery when it comes to this century-old spine-tingler.

The entire family, as well as their maid, were found dead, but that’s not even the creepiest part: whoever did it stayed with the corpses and lived with them on the farm for three days. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – you’ll have to tune in to learn all the gruesome details of one of Germany’s most hideous and confusing unsolved crimes.

Episode 214: The Tragic Case of Molly Bish

Air Date: 7th March 2021

Length: 1 hour, 6 minutes

In June of 2000, sixteen-year-old Molly Anne Bish disappeared after her mother dropped her off at the lake to attend her shift as a lifeguard in Warren, Massachusetts.

At the time, the search for her was the most extensive and expensive ever undertaken for a missing person in Massachusetts, with all of the major US TV shows featuring her story.

There was no trace of her until three years later when police discovered a body in the woods five miles from her home. With several potential suspects and other murders in possible connection with Molly’s, Ash and Alaina have plenty to unpack in this episode.

Episode 178: The Chicago Ripper Crew

Air Date: October 2020

Length: 1 hour, 9 minutes

As Alaina explains, the story of the Chicago Ripper Crew is disgusting and infuriating in equal measure, so a heavy content warning for violence against women (of all kinds) is in this one.

For a year, four men took to the streets of Chicago in a firetruck red van and used it to pick up women – any size, any shape, any race, any age – to commit some genuinely obscene and unthinkable crimes. If you think they were duly punished for the atrocities they committed… think again.

Oh, and fun (kind of) fact: the leader of the Ripper Crew so happened to work at PDM Contractors, the company owned by equally disgusting criminal John Wayne Gacy. Coincidence? Listen to this episode, and you’ll find out! This story is so gripping; even Criminal Minds used it as inspiration for one of their episodes.

Episode 114 & 116: The Amazing Survival Tale of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus Parts 1 and 2

Air Date: January 2020, Feb 2020

Length: 1 hour 2 mins; 1 hour 30 minutes

Very rarely do true crime podcasts finish with a happy ending. Still, without giving anything away that the title doesn’t, you could be surprised by how the story of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus pans out.

Held captive for a decade, these girls may well have broken free, but they were imprisoned for over a decade in the home of Ariel Castro, who held them there and tortured them in the middle of Cleveland, Ohio. One of them even gave birth to a child she raised throughout her capture – which isn’t even the most horrific part.

Of course, there’s no point in enjoying the first part of this incredible story without then listening to the second, so you need to set aside enough time to get through both of these episodes.