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Best In The Dark Episodes

True crime podcasts are absolutely some of the most popular within the medium. However, this also means that they can be a dime-a-dozen.

There are so many true crime podcasts competing for your attention, but none seem to quite compare to the glory of In The Dark.

Best In The Dark Episodes

This series has become well known for its investigative style, which sets it well apart from the competition.

In The Dark delves deep into each case it investigates so that you come out of the other end of each episode feeling like you’ve been involved in the investigation yourself!

If this description has whet your appetite for the series, you need to check out the following episodes.

They represent the show at its best and are well worth a listen. Read on below to get started.

Table of Contents

Season 1, Episode 1 – The Crime

Due to its nature as a serialized podcast, there is no better place to start than with the first episode.

This episode introduced you to the case of Jacob Wetterling, a case that is explored throughout the entirety of the show’s first season.

Jacob’s story is genuinely horrifying, and this introductory episode shows why.

Jacob was very young when he went missing more than 27 years ago, and ever since, no trace has been found of him.

This episode explores the early days of Jacob’s case. It also explores the modern perception of the case and that many believe the issue was grossly mishandled by law enforcement.

This sets up a dual narrative for the series as listeners learn more about the case itself and how the case has been mishandled with each subsequent episode.

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Season 1, Episode 6 – Stranger Danger

Jacob Wetterling’s disappearance proved so impactful within his hometown and across the nation that it also led to the widespread use of “Stranger danger” to warn children about the threat of kidnappers.

This episode explores how Jacob’s case sent a shockwave through the American law-enforcement system. Until his case came about, very little attention was paid to abducted children cases.

Law enforcement created the “Stranger danger” concept to help curb the alarming rise in child abductions during the ’80s.

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Season 1, Episode 9 – The Truth

Most fans of the series regard the conclusive episode of season 1 as one of the absolute best.

It is an emotional rollercoaster of an episode as many of the hanging investigative threads meet their natural conclusion.

You’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed by how impactful this episode is and how striking some of the revelations prove to be.

It makes for an excellent conclusion to the season.

The episode is focused on the court case that saw the prime suspect, Danny Heinrich, confessing to his many crimes.

His confessions are very striking and conclusive. They also leave you with a few lingering questions that will have you thinking about the series long after the season has finished.

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Season 1, Episode 2 – The Circle

This episode kicks right into action with the early days of investigating Jacob’s disappearance.

It becomes clear that the police were unwilling to give the case their full attention and had a very lax attitude towards it.

This attitude explains why, in the modern era, there is a general sense that the police completely mishandled the case!

This episode is a time capsule of a time in which the police treated missing children cases with a half-baked attitude, which makes it very horrifying.

How could the police rest on their laurels while children had gone missing?

The modern investigation into the initial investigation makes this episode very potent and, thus, one of the best.

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Season 2, Episode 1 – July 16, 1996

Following on from the success of its first season, In The Dark decided to embark on a second season, delving into a new case.

The season explores the case of Curtis Flowers, who quickly became a prime suspect in the case of four furniture store customers who found themselves shot to death.

Curtis is believed by many now to be innocent and that he was wrongfully charged with the crimes.

This belief is evidenced by the fact that, more than 25 years later, Curtis still awaits his sentence on death row!

Episode 1 of season 2 explores the case itself, Curtis’ potential involvement, and the modern rethinking of the case.

Once again, the show delves into a dual narrative, and it is just as powerful as the first season!

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Season 2, Episode 9 – Why Curtis?

This episode is considered one of the second season’s best, thanks to the fact that it directly shifts the focus of the investigation into Curtis.

At this point in the investigation, it becomes undeniable that Curtis had no involvement with the crime, so the question now turns to why the police chose Curtis as their scapegoat.

This episode’s change in focus ensures that you remain on your toes and reminds you that the investigation is liable to change at the drop of a hat!

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Season 2, Episode 4 – The Confessions

Though it is clear that Curtis has no involvement with the murders of the furniture-store patrons, this episode presents a challenge to the investigators. They have to prove his innocence despite Curtis’s many confessions while he was incarcerated in the early days of the case.

Why would Curtis make such confessions when he was innocent, and how can it possibly be proven that Curtis is innocent now?

This episode is full of tension and will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how it would ever be possible to prove Curtis’ innocence!

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