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Best Casefile Episodes

Casefile, the immensely popular Australian true-crime podcast, started broadcasting in January 2016. Since that day, it has become a staple of the true-crime genre in the world of podcasts.

Best Casefile Episodes


The series is dedicated to exploring true-crime cases in Australia and elsewhere.

The show is known for treating the crimes it explores with grace, befitting some of the horrific crimes it explores. 

Have you heard of the series but don’t currently know where to start with it?

Don’t worry, because I have done the hard part for you and combed through all of the episodes to find you the show’s very best!

Read on below!

Casefile made our list of The Best True Crime Podcasts.

Case 188: Robert Wone

Robert Wone, a 32-year-old lawyer, decided to crash at his friend’s apartment on the way home from a long day at the office, deciding he was too tired to travel the entire way back home.

However, strange events that night ensured that he would never return quite the same.

This episode is fantastic and serves as basically a perfect introduction for the tone and style of the rest of the series.

It is a masterpiece of the form and worth the 1-hour run-time. 

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Case 172 – Michael Gregsten & Valerie Storie

This hostage tale, which occurred in 1961, is deeply chilling.

Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie had only just climbed into their car at Dorsey Reach when a man forced his way into the backseat and held a gun to their heads.

The mysterious man forced the couple to drive them around the English countryside for multiple hours before he eventually shot and killed them both and left their bodies on the side of the road.

But what was the motive for the man? Why kill two seemingly innocent people who were enjoying their time together in their vehicle?

This episode looks into the case to investigate what could have led to Michael and Valerie’s unfortunate fates. 

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Case 131 – Mr. Stinky

You may not think that this episode would be a true horror story with a title like that, but it is one very deeply unsettling episode of the series.

The case revolves around a string of sexual assault cases that occurred within the homes of multiple women in Donvale in the 1970s. 

Multiple of the man’s victims described him as having a very foul odor, which led him to be brandished with the new nickname of ‘Mr. Stinky’.

As the show investigates the man and his victims, several horrific truths are revealed that truly flip the case on its head.

This is the episode for you if you want to see how far the show will go to explore a case. 

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Case 91 – Carly Ryan

As a 14-year-old at the time, Carly Ryan was addicted to the internet and its various social media platforms, especially Myspace, which had grown massively to become the biggest website in the world at the time. 

Carly made plenty of friends online, but perhaps none quite compared to 18-year-old Brian Kane, who operated online under the handle of ‘KuruptKoala.’

Carly became besotted with Brian, but as it turns out, Brian had very different motives than she initially expected. 

This horrifying story is a perfect time capsule of the early internet age when anonymous handles were prominent, and the risk of being coerced by seemingly perfect people was very significant.

This is the episode to listen to if you want an internet-age horror story and a document of Myspace’s peak years. 

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Case 192 – The Sodder Children

Christmas Eve 1945. The end of the Second World War.

As most residents of the small town of Fayetteville in West Virginia celebrated the end of the horrific war that had consumed many years of their lives, the children George and Jennie Sodder could only watch in horror as their home caught fire. 

But what caused the fire? And why this night of all nights? Was there some supernatural force at work here? Or did something else entirely cause the tragedy?

This episode explores the events leading up to the fire of the Sodder home and tries to uncover the truth behind the terrible event.

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Case 181 – The Vampire Of Nuremberg

The term ‘Grave Robber’ will send absolute shivers across anyone’s body.

This episode of Casefile explores the case of one particular grave robber in 1970s Germany who robbed graves, exhumed the bodies, and ate parts of them! 

In this chilling tale, we follow the investigation into some of the victims who unknowingly became one man’s meal.

This episode is one of the more gruesome and horrifying of the series and is the kind of case you may not have otherwise experienced before! 

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Case 199 – Truro

Seven young women were each last seen waiting along the side of the main road awaiting a bus. Each of these women would never be seen again, and it is easy to assume that they were all abducted.

Sadly, not much is known about where these women ended up or what awaited them, but regardless the crime sent shockwaves through 1970s Adelaide.

The crime deeply unsettled all of the residents of a tiny town and has left a significant scar on the town itself. 

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Casefile made our list of The Best True Crime Podcasts.