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Best And That’s Why We Drink Episodes

As the show itself puts it: “The world is a scary place. And that’s why we drink!”

This fantastic and extremely popular podcast delves into numerous creepy paranormal and true crime stories in a way that draws out the horror to create a chilling but hilarious podcast, thanks to the talents of the two hosts, Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz.

Best And That's Why We Drink Episodes

And it would not be very true to its name if Christine and Em didn’t also have a trusty carton of wine close to hand!

This show is perfect if you’re a fan of horror and comedy podcasts and want something that can effortlessly blend such otherwise disparate genres.

You should listen to the following episodes to get started, as they are the best!

Table of Contents

Episode 1 – Francis Ford “Cupola” And The Off-Brand Kool-Aid

I cannot get away without mentioning the first episode of the series, which still stands out as one of the best the show has ever produced.

The episode provides the perfect introduction to the two hosts so that you can learn their unique comedic styles and grasp who they are, to help you enjoy the series even more.

The first episode sees the two exploring the story of the infamous Winchester Mystery House that once belonged to Sarah Winchester, the widow of the firearms legend William Wirt Winchester.

However, this is not just any house, as many strongly believe the house to be haunted and to harbor a massive number of creepy ghouls and ghosts.

As well as that, Christine also tells the story of the most famous mass suicide that history has ever seen, which quickly sends chills not only through Em but likely through you too!

After listening to this fantastic pilot episode, I can guarantee that you will want to go right into listening to the next!

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Episode 245 – Napkin Hating Ghosts And An Immortal Pregnancy Portal

I know. That’s undoubtedly one crazy episode title! And you best believe that the episode’s contents are even more weird and crazy than that!

There’s nothing quite as classically creepy and unsettling as a ghost story.

Humanity has been telling them for generations, and they continue to this day, as evidenced by the immense stories explored by Christine and Em in this episode.

They talk about the case of the Ringcroft Poltergeist, based in Scotland and known for sending napkins, wigs, and chairs flying!

Truly classic ghost material, but the way that this story is told makes it all very fresh and intriguing.

As well as this, Christine covers the story of Moses Sithole, also known as the South African Strangler, a scary case that’s also profoundly saddening.

I recommend trying this episode out, especially if you are a fan of crazy and freaky stories!

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Episode 149 – An Unidentified Naked Object And The Girl Who Cried Jude Law

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the world’s most famous urban legends that many people continue searching for clues about to this day.

But not many know that he also has a Canadian cousin in the form of Ogopogo.

Ogopogo has become an influential urban legend within Canada, and in this episode, both Em and Christine explore some of the most popular stories involving him.

Whether you’ve heard of the legend or not, this episode has a lot to offer.

As well as Ogopogo, Em, and Christine also talk about the story of two scrapbookers who inadvertently found themselves transformed into vicious murderers.

How such seemingly-innocent people could turn to murder makes this an excellent episode that you will get an incredible amount out of.

Christine also talks about her wild obsession with actor Jude Law as she attempts to convince Em that the two have met before. Listening to Christine desperately make her case out of embarrassment is incredibly funny.

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Episode 252 – B-List Ghosts And French Diamond Thief Girlboss Energy

This episode sees Em examining the case of the Glenn Tavern Inn, which found itself playing host to a fake ghost that proved remarkably convincing and frightened multiple people that paid a visit.

How the effect that created that ghost was pulled off is impressive in and of itself, and it even has Em and Christine gobsmacked.

After Em finishes that story, frequent collaborator Eva takes to the mic to explore the story of the Comtesse de La Motte, whose massive diamond necklace heist completely shook France and even led to the hugely important French Revolution.

The two also try putting on some French accents of their own, which leads to some hilarious results that have them in stitches, and likely will have you in laughter-induced tears yourself!

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Episode 216 – The Opposite Of A Meet Cute And A Half Sister In Space

This episode sees the girls discussing stories that take us to space! One of them is the story of the abduction of Laura Clarke.

How the story connects to space is incredible, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you.

However, the story is equal parts mysterious, strange, and heartwarming, making it perfect for the show.

Christine also explores the story of the Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell, whose crimes are twisted and sordid.

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Episode 172 – The Paranormal Cinematic Universe And A Cosmopolitan Globetrotter

The first documented ghost hunter, Harry Price, is the subject of this video. The two explore their admiration for his work and the impact it has had on the paranormal community and those who love paranormal stories.

Christine also tells us the story of the murder of Jayna Murray, which is more commonly known as the Lululemon Murder. This case is unfortunate and heartbreaking, and incredibly twisted.

This makes it ideally suited for the show; after all, that’s why we drink!

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