Best Joe Rogan Podcasts With Doctors

Who isn’t interested in what a doctor has to say? We all care about our health. The opinions of healthcare professionals inform what vitamins we take in the morning and even what we eat. Lucky for us, Joe Rogan regularly has on doctors to explain their work and areas of research.

Hopefully, with the knowledge that these doctors provide, we can become healthier and happier. Here we will be highlighting the best Joe Rogan podcast episodes that feature a doctor.

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Episode #1108 – Peter Attia

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In this episode, Joe Rogan interviews Peter Attia, a Canadian physician with a degree from Queen’s University specializing in health practices that extend your longevity.

In this episode, Peter goes into the benefits of fasting. He claims that since he started his routine of 16-hour fasts, he had not experienced the post-lunch crashes he used to when he was eating three meals a day. Therefore one benefit is having more energy.

Attia also says that having one period of the day in which you are eating is less restrictive. By adhering to this schedule, you have time for other things, and if you are somewhere where the food does not seem appetizing, you know you can just wait.

If you are someone that experiences midday fogginess or a desire to nap and you want to cut it out, then I recommend listening to the episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Peter Attia.

Episode #1344 – Joseph LeDoux

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Joseph LeDoux is a neuroscientist born in America who researches survival circuits and their impacts on the brain. In this episode, LeDoux goes into the specifics of what actually drives the anxiety that disrupts so many people’s lives.

According to LeDoux, the amygdala is key to how we detect and respond to threats. However, he thinks that the brain’s fear center is actually the neocortex because that is where we consciously experience fear. He also says that this misunderstanding has affected the way we treat anxiety.

LeDoux says that this misinterpretation has led to the development of medications that do not actually treat anxiety very well, like Xanax. LeDoux says that drugs like Xanax and others in that family help with the timidity about doing something but not the anxiety while doing it.

LeDoux asserts that treating fear as it relates to the amygdala treats the body’s responses to fear but not the actual feeling itself. If you are dealing with anxiety and are looking for help, I would recommend this episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Episode #1109 – Matthew Walker

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Matthew Walker is a British neuroscientist who specializes in insomnia and the subject of sleep. Walker says that one of the most important things to focus on to help insomnia is sleep regularly. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day.

Walker also recommends that you avoid any lights for about an hour before you go to sleep. If you keep your room dark and cool by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, you will find it easier to fall asleep. These are the ideal conditions for your body to kick into sleep mode.

This cooling effect explains why people find that a hot bath helps them sleep, according to Walker. When you get out of a hot bath, your body starts to cool itself down, and it radiates the excess heat. Providing the effect that Walker says helps you sleep.

You will get a lot out of the Joe Rogan podcast episode with Matthew Walker if you struggle with sleep.

Episode #1638 – Dr. Shanna Swan

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Shanna H. Swan is a scientist with a Ph.D. who specializes in environmental and reproductive epidemiology. One of the topics she covers when being interviewed by Joe Rogan is how plastics in food affect our hormone levels.

This results in many adverse effects for the children of those of us who are consuming these foods. For example, Shanna Swan hypothesizes that the decrease in sperm count that we increasingly see nowadays can be attributed to these plastics. Concerning!

Dr. Swan also says that these plastics are causing a rise in infertility rates among women and a drop in testosterone among men. According to Swan, the growth of these chemicals affecting humans tracks with the growth of the petrochemical industry.

In 1950, along with the rise of plastics being involved in most of our manufacturing, we were able to trace this when these chemicals started to become more widespread—definitely a concerning development.

The episode of the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Dr. Shanna Swan includes a lot of valuable information about what to cut out of your lifestyle and diet to have healthy kids.

Episode #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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Rhonda Patrick is a biochemist who was born in America and does work on nutrition. She has appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast multiple times, but she touches on a few interesting topics in this episode.

According to Rhonda Patrick, people should stay away from Diet Coke or anything containing artificial sweeteners. She says that aspartame and artificial sweeteners can actually change your gut bacteria which is really problematic for your health.

However, stevia seems to be okay. Patrick says that there are studies that show stevia can actually improve insulin sensitivity. So, if you are in the market for drinks with artificial sweeteners, you should be looking for stevia and avoiding everything else.

If you have a history of drinking things containing artificial sweeteners other than stevia and are concerned, you can cut them out of your diet and start taking probiotics. You should also just commit to a generally healthy diet, according to Patrick.

If you are someone who is into nutrition and fitness, then you will really enjoy Rhonda Patrick’s appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast.

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