Best Joe Rogan Podcasts About Nutrition

A lot of people care about the food that they are putting into their bodies. What is the nutritional value? How is it going to improve how you feel? A lot goes into planning your diet. It is hard to figure out what nutrition information is actually correct.

Lucky for us Joe Rogan has had a variety of experts on his podcast to talk about nutrition. These experts include nutritionists, fitness instructors, doctors, athletes. All people we can learn from!

I hope you enjoy this article where we will be listing the best Joe Rogan Podcast episodes that have to do with nutrition.

Episode #1176 – Dr. Layne Norton

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Layne Norton is a bodybuilder, commentator on nutrition trends, physique coach, and powerlifter. He received his Ph.D. in nutritional sciences from the University of Illinois in 2010.

One of Norton’s key points while on the Joe Rogan Podcast is that nutrition is quickly replacing religion for some people. By this, he means that people get committed to their diet as if it is an ideology and quickly believe all sorts of crazy things about what it can help.

Norton singles out vegans and ketogenic diet advocates as being the most common offenders. That being said, he makes a point to state that he has nothing against vegans or those who go on keto. He just doesn’t like when they make unscientific claims.

He says he has heard that people claim that calories do not actually matter and that it is all about cutting out carbohydrate intake. However, the research shows that although you burn a lot of fat with high-fat diets, it still boils down to overall caloric balance.

If you are interested in nutrition and like a particular emphasis on physique coaching, then Dr. Layne Norton on the Joe Rogan Podcast would be a valuable listen.

Episode #1393 – James Wilkes and Chris Kresser

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James Wilkes is a former mixed martial artist, activist for veganism, and film producer. Chris Kresser practices integrative and functional health. While on the show together, they had an interesting debate over the nutritional value of a vegan diet.

While on the Joe Rogan Podcast, James Wilkes made a strong case for getting enough protein on a vegan diet. Wilkes boils the argument down to whether you can get enough protein quantity and protein quality with a vegan diet.

Wilkes states that one cup of cooked lentils or a peanut butter sandwich has as much protein as three ounces of beef or three large eggs. That really is incredible! Wilkes also states that protein quality means amino acid profile and digestibility.

Wilkes does a thorough job deconstructing common arguments against veganism and challenges Kresser, who is a critic of the diet. He even does some fast math during the episode to prove what he is saying about the protein content of a peanut butter sandwich.

Wilkes proves that if you are interested in going vegan, you will not have to worry about the protein content. If you are interested in listening to a spirited debate about veganism, then this podcast is a can’t miss!

Episode #1267 – Gary Taubes and Stephan Guyenet

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Gary Taubes is an American journalist who writes about science and nutrition. He is an outspoken advocate of the carbohydrate diet. Stephan Guyenet is a researcher who specializes in the neuroscience of obesity. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Washington.

While on the episode together, Taubes and Guyenet get into an interesting discussion as to whether or not sugar indeed causes obesity. It is commonly held that countries with higher sugar intake tend to be more obese, but Guyenet disputes this.

Guyenet cites the fact that sugar intake in America is trending downward while obesity is rising. Taubes contends, however, that we see a lag in when obesity actually kicks in. He compares it to when cigarettes peaked, and thirty years later, lung cancer rates trended up.

Guyenet also claims that there is actually a maternal transmission of the propensity to obesity from excess sugar intake. So the effects could actually be seen in the following generations. Really interesting but also really concerning stuff.

If you worry about you or your loved ones’ sugar intake, then check out this episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Other Episodes With Gary Taubes

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Episode #1175 – Chris Kresser and Dr. Joel Kahn

Chris Kresser practices integrative and functional health. Joel Kahn is a professor of medicine and a cardiologist. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine.

This is another episode of the Joe Rogan podcast featuring two guests with differing viewpoints so that they can talk it out. In this episode, Kresser and Kahn have a debate over whether saturated fats cause heart disease.

Dr. Joel Kahn makes it abundantly clear that the overwhelming evidence is that saturated fats from foods like red meat and pizza are major contributors to health problems. Kahn is quick to point out that this is widely agreed upon by almost every major medical body in the World.

Kresser, however, contends that there was never good enough evidence to support this medical opinion. He says that modern research has gone back and evaluated old studies and concluded that they were not supported by science.

It is certainly a hot topic and is one that is important to all our lives. If you are interested in nutrition and specifically how saturated fats affect your health, check out this episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Episode #1551 – Paul Saladino

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Paul Saladino is an authority on a diet trend known as the carnivore diet. He attended medical school at the University of Arizona.

Being an advocate of the carnivore diet, Paul Saladino spoke to the adverse effects of having too many plants in your diet while being interviewed by Joe Rogan. According to Saladino, certain plants affect your thyroid negatively if you eat too many of them.

A key part of Saladino’s argument is that he believes that there is nothing in plants that you cannot get from the environment. He points to studies showing that cold water swimmers received the same nutritional benefit as someone who had a plant-based diet.

Saladino also is not arguing for the carnivore diet in this specific instance. He is actually saying that there have been studies that show that when comparing a group that ate only a little plant and another that ate a lot, there was little difference between the two.

If you have had your interest peaked by the carnivore diet in the past, then take this opportunity to listen to an interview with one of its biggest advocates.

Episode #1110 – Zach Bitter

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Zach Bitter is an American ultramarathon runner who holds records for the 12-hour run and 100-mile run. He appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast to talk about ultramarathons and eventually got on to the topic of diet.

While on the podcast, Zach and Joe talked about what the ideal diet is. They both concluded that the diet ultimately depends on the person’s body and what it is that they do. They did get more specific talking about high carbohydrate diets versus keto diets.

Zach Bitter is someone that follows a high-carbohydrate diet. For a while, he ingested 50 grams of carbohydrates and eventually dropped that back. However, it took him a while to find the appropriate amount of carbohydrate intake for his performance needs.

In the end, Zach Bitter settled on only using the high carbohydrate diet for occasions when he knew that he was really going to be pushing his body hard and going fast. During his recovery periods, however, he switches to a ketogenic diet.

If you are interested in the intersection between nutrition and performance in sports, you will get a lot out of Joe Rogan’s interview with Zach Bitter.

Other Episodes with Zach Bitter

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MMA Show #90 – Rashad Evans

Listen to MMA #90

Rashad Evans is an American mixed martial artist. He is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. While he was on the Joe Rogan Podcast MMA Show, he discussed his shift in diet.

At some point, Evans made the switch from a conventional meat-based diet to a vegan diet, and he immediately saw the athletic benefit. He put on weight, but he also says that he has a newfound reservoir of energy that he did not possess earlier.

Joe is quick to point out that Evans is doing the vegan diet the right way in that he is also taking a lot of supplements for nutrients he would otherwise miss. Evans says that after making the switch to a vegan diet, he was able to work less but harder.

Evans says that although he misses the taste of red meat, he loves the increased endurance he has now with his vegan-based diet. If you are interested in going vegan, check out Rashad Evans on Joe Rogan’s podcast.