Best Joe Rogan Podcasts: Diet

Suppose you’re as passionate about diet, health, and well-being as us. In that case, you’ll be glad to learn about the abundance of guests that Joe Rogan has brought onto the JRE podcast to discuss different diets, food-related illnesses, and nutritional advice.

I’ve featured some of the best diet episodes of the JRE podcast with guests that you can easily find on Spotify or Youtube. All of the featured guests from these episodes have professional backgrounds within the nutrition/diet/food industry and share their expertise in an understandable and digestible way for us to understand.

Table of Contents

1. JRE 672

Dr. Rhonda Patrick joins Joe Rogan in this episode of the JRE podcast. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a ph.D in biomedical science and is an expert on nutritional health. She has a website where she produces and presents her content to encourage the wider public to pursue longevity and optimal health and challenge the status quo.


  • The dangers of drinking too much water and also discussion about how people die from drinking so much water
  • The link between regular sauna use and the decreased risk of dying from cardiovascular-related causes, cancers, and even dementia
  • Discussing Rhonda’s skepticism about hyperbaric chambers
  • Probiotic recommendations for excellent gut health
  • Don’t blindly follow your doctor’s advice, as they do not learn about nutrition

Joe Rogan has done many health and nutrition episodes with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, which we’ve also listed below.

2. JRE 773

Another episode with guest Dr. Rhonda Patrick discusses a plethora of topics related to diet and exercise. A great one to listen to if you’re interested in the science behind nutrition and not just the way it can provide results for your body.


  • The relationship between food and exercise
  • Diets that are low in fiber can lead to impaired gut health and even destroy people’s gut bacteria
  • There is no such thing as a healthy obese person
  • There are compounds in plants that cause hormetic responses within the body
  • Rhonda Patrick explains how there is refined sugar in almost everything you eat
  • What vitamins and minerals people are most deficient in

3. JRE 901

Dr. Rhonda Patrick sits and discusses health and nutrition with Joe Rogan and shares her science-backed recommendations for living a better and longer life based on her studies and other research.


  • What is the best type of fish to eat
  • Sulforaphane is a crucial nutrient in vegetables that can improve brain function and improve symptoms of mental diseases.
  • How to grow your own Sulforaphane
  • How improper nutrition can affect people with psychological disorders like depression due to inflammation
  • Most supplements don’t contain what they claim to
  • Healthy diet and exercise should be recommended first by doctors before prescribing medication for mental diseases
  • Bone broth and how Joe drinks it every morning
  • Time-restricted eating

4. JRE 1054

Another informative episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, the American biochemist who has spent years studying and researching aging, cancer, and nutrition.


  • A women’s lifestyle and diet when she’s pregnant can affect a child’s neurocognitive development
  • Breastmilk is there to set up the child’s immune system, and children who are not breastfed
    have an increased risk of developing allergies and autoimmune-related diseases
  • Refined sugar decreases testosterone, so people should try to cut it out from their diet
  • A keto diet can have an anti-aging effect on the body
  • Joe’s testosterone levels were raised after he followed a keto diet
  • Micronutrients you should implement into your diet
  • A pro-inflammatory diet can cause conditions such as Type 1 diabetes in offspring

5. JRE 1108

This episode of the JRE podcast is joined by Canadian physician Peter Attia who explores strategies to increase lifespan, well-being and improve cognitive and emotional health. Peter was the recipient of several prestigious awards and won resident of the year while training at John Hopkins Hospital.

His practice provides experience in nutritional interventions, sleep psychology, and pharmacology to increase lifespan. This is the only guest episode he’s done with the JRE podcast.


  • Peter only eats one 3,000-calorie meal a day.
  • The only things that increase lifespan are a particular drug and a calorie-restrictive diet.
  • The benefits of taking Rapamycin
  • Peter discusses the poor diet that he used to eat in the past – he used to be fat
  • Your body can’t tell the difference between a glass of orange juice and coca-cola
  • Time-restrictive eating will not increase longevity
  • Short-term adaptation to starvation is beneficial for the human race

6. JRE 842

Accompanying Joe Rogan in this episode is Chris Kresser, a health detective who specializes in investigative medicine. Chris is a blogger and has a podcast where he discusses his paleo diet and often refers to his New York Times bestselling book. This is not the first time Chris has been on the JRE podcast; he was in a controversial episode where he was put on blast by film producer and vegan activist James Wilks.


  • What you should include when following a proper paleo diet as Chris does
  • Consuming processed foods leads to inflammation in the body
  • Inflammation from food can lead to mental and physical illnesses
  • Gut bacteria can affect people’s food choices and can alter the way people feel about food from
  • The problems and issues with following a vegan diet
  • Why Chris introduced meat and other animal products back into his diet
  • Food can end up manipulating people
  • Saturated fats are required for hormone production

7. JRE 1478

The guest on this episode of the JRE podcast is American farmer, lecturer, and author Joel Salatin.

Joel raises his livestock on his farm in Virginia and sells it directly to restaurants and consumers, and is considered one of the world’s most famous farmers. He has previously described himself as a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer.


  • How the global pandemic that started in 2020 boosted his farming business
  • Can you feed the masses without factory farming? (watch here)
  • Organic farm food will save you on doctor’s bills in the future
  • Can you put the price on a healthy body and a healthy planet?

8. JRE 999

Joe Rogan is joined by the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and also the co-founder and CEO of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu. Joe is a big fan of the Quest Nutrition bars and starts off the 2-hour episode discussing the background and history of Quest with Tom. However, the episode does slowly move along to more diet-related topics. This is the only episode Tom has done with the JRE podcast, but he has featured on many other business and health-related podcasts.


  • Quest bars can push you out of ketosis
  • Counting carbs
  • Quest’s mission is more than selling its product but also encouraging consumers to eat better overall
  • What kind of diet Joe follows

9. JRE 1474

Of course, the penultimate recommendation for the best Joe Rogan diet podcast episodes is with the very popular guest Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Rhonda’s 9th appearance on the podcast, and she and Joe touch on previous topics they’ve discussed in past episodes together. However, there is still a lot of valuable and new information discussed within this episode.


  • Obese individuals are three times more likely to be deficient in vitamin D
  • Daily supplements of vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing respiratory problems
  • Vitamin C may reduce the mortality in sepsis patients
  • Taking vitamin C before the onset of symptoms is more effective than taking it when symptoms are present
  • A deficiency in zinc can cause dysfunction in immune cells

10. JRE 1551

JRE #1551 episode with Paul Saladino. Paul is the leading authority on the carnivore diet, a bestselling author, a podcast host for the Fundamental Health Podcast, and his own company, Heart & Soil.

Paul Saladino is passionate about how integral meat is within the human diet and how it can lead to untreatable conditions.

If you’re a vegan through and through, then this episode probably won’t be for you. However, Paul discusses other non-meat foods being consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet, so if you’re open to discussion and different opinions, this is an excellent episode to listen to.


  • Joe eats mostly meat
  • You won’t survive off eating leaves and plants in the jungle
  • People assume that plants are good for you, but in reality, they make defense chemicals that are toxic to humans
  • There are no nutrients in plants that you can’t get from bioavailable meats
  • Joe shared his opinion on factory farming
  • Eating only meat adheres to our ancestral history diet
  • Paul was raw vegan for seven months
  • Vegan diets have become an identity and not just a diet.

11. JRE 1120

JRE #1120 is one of several episodes with Ben Greenfield. Greenfield is a Coach, Author, Speaker, ex-Bodybuilder, and Ironman Triathlete. In 2013 he was recognized as the top 100 Most Influential People in Health.


  • How Ben eats black ants
  • Stem cells and concussions
  • Intermittent fasting
  • The importance of eating plants