Best Joe Rogan Podcasts About The Outdoors

Who doesn’t like the outdoors? After being at your job all day, don’t you crave getting outside and stretching your legs on a walk in the park or on a long hike? There is nothing quite like the fresh air and sun that you get when you go outside.

There are places we will never travel to and outdoor activities we will never have the chance to try. There are tons of outdoor experiences that many of us do not get to have, however. Lucky for us Joe Rogan has guests who do these incredible things and tell him the stories.

In this article, I will be listing the best Joe Rogan Experience episodes that have to do with the outdoors. I hope you enjoy it.

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Episode #939 – Chris Cage

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Chris Cage is the founder of Greenbelly Meals and the author of “How to Hike the Appalachian Trail.” Greenbelly is a company entirely dedicated to making meals for backpacking.

While appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast, Cage and Rogan go into what drives some people to pursue adventure and others not. They both say that what separates the two factions is drive. However, everybody probably has some degree of wanderlust.

Cage also points out that it is about how much of your wanderlust and curiosity do you nurture. They then move on to talking about Cage’s seven-month adventure hiking through the Appalachian trail and how it felt when it was over.

At the end of the Appalachian trail, there is just a plaque that marks the end, and it’s customary to get a picture with it. Once Cage got to the end, he cried and collapsed to the ground, overwhelmed by his sense of achievement.

If you are interested in the Appalachian trail or hiking in general, you cannot miss this episode.

Episode #1410 – Ash Dykes

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Ash Dykes is a Welsh extreme athlete and an adventurer. He is the owner of three world-first records. He had walked across Mongolia and Madagascar before the age of 25.

While on the Joe Rogan Experience Dykes details his time walking the entire length of the Yangtze River in China, the third-longest river in the World. The river is 4000 miles, and it took Dykes 352 days to walk it.

Both Rogan and Dykes draw the analogy to how our ancestors reportedly migrated long distances to wind up on distinct continents, etc. They say that Dykes’ ability to walk these lengths validates the idea that older humans probably did the same.

One of the beneficial parts of this walk for Dykes was that the latter half went through various Chinese cities. For this reason, he had his pick of foods to choose from, which he enjoyed. He ate a lot of junk food in the latter half of the trek.

If you are interested in the landscape of China or long-distance hikes, and survival tips, then you will enjoy this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Episode #1365 – Cameron Hanes

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Cameron Hanes is an ultramarathon runner and a hunter who specializes in bowhunting. He prefers to hunt in the wilderness of Alaska and the Western United States. He is a frequent Joe Rogan Experience guest, and the two have gone on hunts together.

While on the Joe Rogan Experience, Hanes details how he has been bear hunting recently. He says that people generally do not believe that bear is good but that it is actually delicious. He says it is a cross between pork and beef.

Hanes also went into his experience training with another Joe Rogan guest, David Goggins. He says that David Goggins is an incredible athlete because of his spirit, which allows him to carry on when others would quit.

While training with Goggins, Hanes ran 35 miles and then went back and lifted weights. While racing, Goggins apparently had shoe trouble around mile 22 but managed to rally to the point that he beat Hanes and his brother to their destination. Beating an ultramarathon runner!

If you are interested in endurance sports, you should check out this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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Episode #1518 – David Choe

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Dave Choe is an American artist, podcaster, and musician. He is known for various stunts around the Los Angeles area. He has provided illustrations for a variety of publications.

It might seem strange to put an artist in the category of best Joe Rogan episodes to deal with the outdoors. However, while on the Joe Rogan podcast Dave Choe goes into a story about how he hitchhiked around America.

Dave tells an interesting anecdote about what happens while you are hitchhiking. According to Dave, the first hour is full of small talk, and then when the driver realizes the passenger is going to leave, they start confessing their secrets.

Dave also tells a humorous story about how he got lost in the Congo looking for a Dinosaur. This is actually how Joe Rogan found out about Dave. Choe actually got lost to the point that he lost 15 pounds. Choe never ended up finding the dinosaur, however.

David Choe has some truly incredible stories, so if that sounds good to you, listen to this episode!

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Episode #1224 – Adam Greentree

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Adam Greentree is an Australian bowhunter and adventurer. He is well respected within the global hunting community.

While on the Joe Rogan podcast, Greentree says that he believes the outdoors make you a better person. He and Joe both agree that the memories and the experiences you have while hiking and hunting are extraordinary, and that makes them more meaningful.

Joe gives a good example from a trip that he took recently. On his trip, it was nonstop rain to the point where he could not even get dry in his tent. This made it so that when he went home to Los Angeles, he could appreciate a shower, a sunny day more than he had previously.

Both Rogan and Greentree also agree that the outdoors presents what they call the real world. Even the views are awe-inspiring to these two. It makes them feel as if they are closer to how things actually are and are removed from some more artificial parts of modern living.

If you love the outdoors or hunting, you will want to check out this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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Episode #1395 – Glenn Villeneuve

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Glenn Villeneuve is an American actor who is known primarily for “Life Below Zero.” He grew up in a remote location and chose to keep pursuing that life as he got older. He eventually moved to Alaska to live in the wilderness.

Glenn tells one fascinating story about how he was starving; he tracked wolves and took food away from them once they had killed a caribou. In one instance, it was a lone wolf, making it easier for him to get the caribou away from it.

Glenn says that one of the most important things to remember if you live in the wilderness is not to waste any part of the animal. He says that you can literally use every part of the animal. He has even eaten parts of the antlers!

One of Glenn’s scarier stories is twenty wolves that took after him across a frozen lake. He had to shoot three of them in order to scare them off. He quickly points out that this is highly unusual, and wolves are not aggressive to humans.

You can find pictures taken by Glenn of these wolves online; Glenn is quite a survivalist and has a lot of valuable information. If you want to hear someone with that knowledge interviewed, then check out this episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Episode #1240 – Forrest Galante

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Forrest Galante is an American outdoorsman, adventurer, and conservationist. He has appeared in various nature shows on a variety of channels.

Forrest Galante told Joe the story of when he had gone to the Amazon. According to him, the area where they went was so remote that the people there were surprised to see white people. They were fascinated by Galante’s skin and blue eyes.

The indigenous people Forrest came into contact with were so remote that they had no concept of the country Columbia. To them, they were just Amazonians. Forrest even got to hear their native language. Really fascinating stuff!

If you like hearing about indigenous cultures and societies that are completely different from your own, then Forrest Galante’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience is a must-listen.

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