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Best Podcasts for Long Drives

Planning to take a road trip? Long drives are tiring and exhausting, and there are just so many coupe games such as eye-spy to get you through.

A podcast has a long been solution for amusement and diversion during a long journey or trip, becoming increasingly common only these past years. There are many subjects and topics to select from comedy, novels, crime stories, entrepreneurship, and business marketing.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you like to zone out with earphones or keep the comfort and the stillness on the highway; we got you covered. Below is a list of the best podcasts for long drives, extremely suggested for your handiness and convenience.

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Best Podcasts for Long Drives

1. Sincerely, X

This is a Luminary private TED podcast that throws you into the unseen and secreted stories in our surroundings. Hosted by Sarah Kay and aired weekly, she guides her listeners in remarkable stories that are not just controversial but also painful and too risky to be shared boldly.

From the former prisoner who used the pain of her prison experience to help and assist other convicted women who have been declined and rejected by his partner. All the stories told on this podcast are very powerful, raw, unique, and deeply personal in a manner that can be obtained anonymously.

Sincerely, X is now on its second season, so combine the latest chapters with the show’s ten chapters first season run, and you will have lots of miles worth of listening.

2. Radiolab

Radiolab is one of the best podcasts to listen to when planning to take a long road trip. Equal parts politics, philosophy, science, humanity, and history, Radiolab is extremely wide in range and abundance in heart. Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad host the show.

They use analytical journalism and a warm tale style to bring listeners the scoop on subjects that include driverless autos, plant intelligence, a nuclear chain of command of the US, medical triage, and sports history.

The passion of the hosts to each subject they discuss is infectious as well as palpable. Due to the absolute hugeness and enormity of the topics, listeners can start anywhere they want, even if it just takes a few episodes before you find yourself scrolling back to the start for comprehensive listening. So, for those who want a driving soundtrack that will surely start a conversation, we highly recommend Radiolab.

3. Ear Hustle

If you want a podcast that tells about some exciting hidden stories, we recommend Ear Hustle from Raiotopia. Hosted by two famous personalities, Earlonne Woods, an ex-prisoner turned producer, and Nigel Poor, a professional visual artist, Ear Hustle looks at the realities of prison life and affords prisoners in San Quentin the chance to share their experiences and stories.

Now celebrating its third season, the show has explored the whole thing from death row, lockdowns, and prison parenting, all while keeping carefully and attentively focused on the people who frequently fail to appreciate those locked up and confined.

This podcast isn’t a rubbernecker’s happiness, but instead a haunting, emotional, enlightening, and inspiring insight into the world often taken for granted by people untouched by it.

4. It’s Been a Minute

Maybe no media outlet has learned totally into producing amazing podcasts than NPR. It’s Been a Minute is a weekly show that invites guests to discuss anything under the sun, including pop culture, media, news, as well as how we respond to it.

Hosted by Sam Sanders, he assembled a panel of contributors, and he never fails to connect to the listeners. The combined on-air chemistry makes listening fun and delightful.

5. Adventures in America

A strange couple plans heists to pay for medical care while trying to endure the wilds of NYC and a secret group of Tetchy Terrorist Vampire Zombies from the universe. Even if it is set in the not-far dystopian future, the podcast has a weekly serial feel which draws families together on the radio in the opening half of the twentieth century.

Adventures in America were produced by Night Vale Present, the friendly and gorgeous people who brought us Welcome to Night Vale, meaning we will be guided into a profoundly realized humanity that feels uncannily, but not totally.

6. The Adventure Zone

This podcast was established in 2014, and it follows Travis, Justin, Griffin, and their dad on a sixty-nine chapter-long Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which makes this podcast strangely engaging.

7. Mother, May I Sleep with Podcast

Incredible plots, original movies, celebrities who started to become unnoticeable in the widescreen, and many others are what we will get if we listen to this podcast. Hosted by Molly McAleer and Hello Giggles, the MMSP podcast narrows down each lifetime firm and reviews the actors, plot, dialogue, a scene, as the whole thing in between.

8. The NoSleep Podcast

This podcast will surely cure your tediousness while on a long trip. It features creepy and terrifying stories on a deserted road in the mid of the night. This is the ideal elixir of spookiness for you if terror stories are an assured ticket to restlessness.

Hosted by David Cummings and the voice acting professionals that turn every story into an audio-drama, along with atmospheric sound effects and eerie background music, the stories will undoubtedly draw your attention.

The horror stories have some newbie and skilled horror writers, while scariness is a constant theme, with a range of topics from telepathic events to monsters of stories of shadow figures and stalkers.

9. Anthem: Homunculus

This is an exceptional musical podcast made by Cameron Mitchell, a famous and valued author. This tells the tale of Ceann, an unsuccessful artist who now finds himself crowdfunding for his life as he tries to raise money for his brain surgery.

As the series opens up, we will get ourselves soaked in a continuous parody musical Mindfreak, which will spit us out on the other part with a new sight of podcast theatre.

10. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

A weekly podcast from WBEZ Chicago and NPR, two of the most popular masters, is an interactive and strident show which combines the latest news with trivia. This is recorded and staged in front of live spectators. It also features a rotating panel of listeners and critics who undertake the role of competitors or challengers.

There are many types of trivia challenges, including Not My Job, wherein guests are quizzed about professional expertise, Bluff, the Listener, wherein competitors will listen to stories to pick the untrue one, and Lightning Round, which is the final one.