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Best Podcast For Family Medicine

Health and fitness are some of the essential factors of wellness; hence the topic is diverse as one has a lot to learn to stay fit and active. If you don’t have enough time to watch healthcare-related shows every day on TV or social media, don’t worry.

We have brought the top ten best family medicine podcasts for you and your family. You can listen to these podcasts every day and follow the tips from the experts.

Table of Contents

A list of the 10 Best Podcast for Family Medicine

1. American Family Physician:

Listen to it here

The show comes as biweekly, where the Phoenix Family Medicine Residential representatives are ready to welcome you. And also, you will get to hear about residents and faculties of the Arizona University of Medicine, where this family discusses and talks about major clinical points on each problem of American Family Physician or AFP.

Clinical reviews are published by American Family Physicians regularly to provide advance diagnosis and treatment to the physicians. So, be ready to get well soon.

Best Episode- Episode 105. It covers the various medical-related issues in a single episode.

Telecasts twice a month (on every 1st and 15th of the month).

2. Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution:

Listen to it here

Dr. Hotze wishes everyone the best of wellness. Eager to know what he talks about? He believes that before treatment and buying medicine from pharmaceuticals, it is essential to know the cause and reason for any disease you come across.

Therefore, Dr. Hotze and his expert colleagues from across the globe in this podcast talk about modern medicines. And most importantly, he assists and guides the listeners to find out the root cause of their symptoms in a natural way.

Best Episode- Spring Allergy Relief is one of the best episodes of this podcast. Spring season is anonymous to allergy for some of us. This episode sheds light on how we can fight against allergies and boost our immune system.

Telecasts on weekdays at 1 p.m. on KPRC AM 950 and iHeartRadio

3. The Wellness Mama:

Listen to it here

Presenting to you, Katie Wells, the host of this podcast; this weekly series is for all those mamas who want to maintain good health and fitness. The topic on which Katie talks about real food, natural living, holistic health, motherhood, DIY facts, parenting, stress relief, fitness,  good sleep toxins, and other reliable health tips.

Katie is a medical health care expert who gives you actionable solutions for any type of health-related issues for you and your family. With Katie Wells, podcasts show stay happy, healthy, and fit all the time.

Best Episode- Episode 305 A Day in the Life: Wellness Mama Health Routines is one of the best episodes and should be listened to by all Mamas out there. The episodes tell you about diet, supplements, workout, and health tools.

Telecasts on every Monday and Thursday.

4. Chompers:

Listen to it here

Oh! Kids, it’s brush time! Says Chompers doctors. Is your child problematic while brushing his or her teeth? Or can’t you convince your child to brush their teeth twice a day? Well, Chompers, with their podcast show, has come to show your kids a good brushing time.

Your kids will enjoy listening to this podcast as they will get to hear jokes, stories, riddles, fun facts, silly songs, and much more. These activities will encourage and motivate your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day. The expert dentists of Chompers recommend kids age three to seven to use a soft and flexible toothbrush.

Best Episode- Listen to “Morning and Night Jokes”. It is undoubtedly the best way to encourage the child for tooth-brushing by telling jokes.

Telecasts twice daily.

5. JACC Podcast:

Listen to it here

Valentin Fuster, renowned editor-in-chief of the Journal of American College of Cardiology, wants to show you a good time in healthcare findings. In this podcast, Valentin Fuster talks about the essential facts on transitional Cardiology and its science emerging in clinics.

Also, he keeps regularly updating to the clinicians worldwide about the importance of cardiovascular disease and other heart-related issues.

Best Episode- The 12 minutes episode of “Sleep Irregularity and Risk of Cardiovascular Events: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis is the best episode telecasted. As sleeping irregularity is a widespread problem among people these days, this episode is very vital.

Telecasts weekly

6. Modern Medicine Matters:

Listen to it here

Dr. David Boyd of Goodyear, Arizona, is the host of Modern Medicine Matter. In this podcast, Dr. Boyd’s approach is how to stay fit and active. Also, in this podcast, Dr. Boyd explains to you in detail how the failing medical industry deceives ordinary people regarding what you can achieve entirely on your health, finance, mind, and body.

So, with Dr. David Boyd, make sure to check the authenticity of the medical industry you will seek.

Best Episode- Episode 180: the power of the mind is the best recent episode of this podcast. Here listen and learn about how you can put yourself in the right mindset that allows you to build amazing things.

Telecasts weekly

7. The Direct Primary Care Podcast Show:

Listen to it here

Get more tips for primary care from the host of Direct primary care, Dr. Landon Roussel. In this podcast, Dr. Landon Roussel will introduce you with his new, innovative, and find healthcare tips and modules.

He also invites primary care health experts and physicians in this podcast to discuss all fundamental healthcare issues, and together they give solutions and useful tips on how good health can be accomplished by just following easy and simple activities.

Best Episode- Episode 76: Medical Marijuana: Medical Aspects with Dr. Victor Chou. Since we all heard about the legality of marijuana in recent years, therefore before demanding to make marijuana legal, the medical aspects should be learned.

Telecasts weekly

8. Creating a Family:

Listen to it here

Are you unable to become a mother? Indeed, motherhood is the best gift a woman can ever experience in her entire life. But not all women are fortunate. Hence, women who want to become mothers got to listen to this ‘Creating a family; talk about adoption, infertility, and foster care’ podcast.

The biweekly show interviews leading experts on foster care, infertility, and adoption. The entire adoption episodes cover topics like open adoption, how to adopt baby, international adoption, trans-racial adoption, attachment parenting, and special needs adoptions, etc.

In the infertility part, experts cover topics like the latest advances in infertility medications, emotional issues, in-vitro fertilization, sperm or egg donation, surrogacy, artificial insemination, how to choose a fertility clinic, etc.

And lastly, in foster care topics, they discuss how to become a foster parent, parenting children who have experienced trauma, foster subsidies, etc.

Best Episode- Understanding and Preventing Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is one of the best episodes of this podcast. Pregnancy loss is one of the common problems, but the aftermath is severely stressful for the woman.

Telecasts weekly

9. Healthy Births, Happy Babies:

Listen to it here

This weekly podcast brings new and healthy tips for expectant mothers. The experts from the field of natural childbirth, parenting, and pediatric care, Dr. Michel Odent, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, Dr. Sarah Buckley, Dr. Bob Sears, and Penny Simkin sit to have hot talks about pregnant women in this podcast.

They aim to make all the expectant mothers feel safe by encouraging and supporting them. They give useful tips on how to make this pregnancy, parenthood, and the birth journey comfortable and safe.

Best Episode- Episode 130: Your Baby’s First Year Milestones with Dr. Michael Hall is the best. You must listen to it as the first year of any baby is crucial.

Telecasts weekly

10. The Curbsiders Internal Medicine:

Listen to it here

Want to enhance your practice and learn something new every day? Well, The Curbsiders internal medicine podcast has brought a new way of learning and understanding the importance of healthcare. Some of the board-certified expert internists host the podcast.

The entire show is based on a conversation between the hosts and expert interviewers who all together share healthcare-related ideas, wrong pins, clinical pearls, and practice changing knowledge.

Doctors Paul Williams, Matthew Watto, Stuart Brigham, and friends who are associated with a national network of clinician educators, students, and residents deliver a little knowledge about nutritious and healthy food tips for your brain hole.

Isn’t that Yummylicious?! The podcast has no boring lectures at all; all you get to here is about a healthy dose of humor and high valued quality content. This podcast is excellent for Primary Care, internal medicine, hospital medicine, and family medicine.

Best Episode- Episode 194 Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder with Dr. Marlene Martin MD is one of the best episodes of this podcast. In this episode, the host sheds light on the ways in which the consumption of alcohol can be brought under control.

Telecasts every Monday.