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Best Podcast for Mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness can boost our mental wellbeing, motivate us to make sound choices as well as help in reducing cravings. However, mindfulness is not as easy as setting up a couple of minutes a day to meditate.

Real mindfulness is an attitude we can use to our daily living, from how we eat to how we work. If you are curious about mindfulness and not sure how to get started, you can listen or subscribe to one of the best podcasts for mindfulness. So, put your headphones on and check these podcasts.

Table of Contents

1. The Mindful Podcast

Never heard about mindfulness? Well, it is a simple type of meditation that assists us in becoming present in what’s going on. This helps us become aware of where were we are, what is happening, and without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

This podcast assists us in obtaining this level of mindfulness. The Mindful Podcast has short episodes, only five to ten-minute practices from various topics like feeling grateful or refining a bad habit. Also, some episodes are broadcasted live, from professionals in mindfulness.

2. Untangle

Podcasts are a remarkable way of trying out other types of meditation, like, for example, Untangle podcasts. This podcast concentrates on real people who utilized meditation in changing and improving their lives, and professionals who wish to help others learn as well as practice meditation.

One current episode is an interview with a professional therapist as well as mindfulness guru Leora Fulvio, wherein she talks about the significance of knowing our connections with food and provides insights into watchful eating versus mindless eating.

3. TED Radio Hour

Who doesn’t love a good TED Talk? Well, perhaps every one of us. TED Radio Hour is a remarkable way of bringing the best discussions together. The center of Every discussion on one subject, whether that is money, medicine, beauty, or space with chats and talk snippets from the useful TED conferences which take place all over the world.

4. Soul Music

This is a charming mindfulness podcast wherein each episode looks at one song and its significance to various people from all corners of the globe. Soul Music also looks at the emotional and powerful impact music could have on us. It comes out relatively sporadically.

However, it is incredibly soothing and calming to listen. Waterloo Sunset episode is worth listening to. Soul Music’s recent episode covers popular songs of Toto, including Africa, which is pleasant and agreeable to listen too.

5. The Tapping Solution

Are you familiar with the phrase “Tapping”? If not, well, it is a holistic healing approach based on modern psychology and Chinese acupressure. It includes fingertips tapping on specific body endpoints to soothe and calm the nervous system as well as brings back body equilibrium.

Nick Ortner brings it into the mainstream in his “The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living.” And many other books on the same topic, also there’s The Tapping Solution podcast that wants to liven up your day and assist in having a good life.

Try using Tapping for total wellbeing and how it can be utilized to set off negative energy in our body.

6. The Couragemakers

Created by Meg Kissack, she began The Couragemakers to talk to ladies concerning the exciting assignments and tasks they are on and to motivate others to become brave and pick their story.

Current episodes take account of a chat with Christina Thatcher, popular poetry and academic writer and utilizing creativity to heal ourselves with Lily Calfee, nutritionist, and a baker as well.

7. Sleep and Relax ASMR

Also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, this podcast is about ambient sounds like whispering, which a lot of people find soothing as well as relaxing.

Sleep and Relax ASMR is a weekly podcast intended to assist us in unwinding as well as fall asleep fast, drawing on ASMR triggers like whispers, softly and quietly speaking, and calming background noise like tuning into forest winds. This is ideal for people with insomnia.

8. Longform

Do you find writing to be thrilling and fun to do? If so, a Longform podcast is ideal for you. Every episode is a diverse meeting and dialogue with a professional writer; it doesn’t matter if it is a host of a podcast, an author or a journalist.

Every episode also concentrates on the fantastic stories they created, how they discovered them, as well as how they inspired people to write. This is also a good podcast to listen to during a long trip.

One remarkable episode to listen to is a dialogue with Ben Taub, New Yorker writer, who has been covering the Syrian War. Some find it distressing; however, it is exciting to hear Ben undertake it all. The hosts of this podcast also have pleasant voices.

9. An Hour or So with Sue Perkins

Are you searching for an intimate discussion with comedians as well as celebrities? You may head to Desert Island Discs. However, that is always the dread someone may take in a song you are not able to stand that would damage the Zen feeling.

This podcast sees the comedian discussion with amazing guests, including Armando Iannucci and Stewart Lee, to engage in an old fashioned discussion as she portrays it. In general, An Hour or So with Sue Perkins is informative and relaxing alike.

10. Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford

This podcast for mindfulness intended to boost the capability of the listeners to be joyful, calm as well as focused on meditation and mindfulness. It gives easy listening for the audience, with remarkable sound and superior visitors like Michael Pullman, Pat Flynn as well as Nate Hoekstra.

The host provides the right style of conversation, which allows his listeners to feel and think as if there are in one room with him and talking to them straight. This may be the best mindfulness podcast for you.

It takes account of techniques, interviews, as well as tips and tricks. It aims to assist people in knowing how to be centered as well as how to live in the present.

Mindfulness Mode podcast is ideal for parents, teachers, business people, executives as well as students. With the latest episodes airing two times a week, Wednesday and Sunday, this for sure provides something for all.