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Best Podcasts for Meditation – Learn the Art of Meditation

Meditation is a technique that allows an individual to focus on a specific object, activity, or thought. Not only is it beneficial to enhance physical and mental health but it can also be perceived as an art of attention and awareness that provides one with calm and stability.

Beginners often get overwhelmed about how to do meditation and which technique, to begin with. To help you out, we have listed some of the best podcasts for meditation which will give you a solid foundation and will teach you everything related to it.

Individuals interested in meditation can listen to these podcasts to improve their knowledge and experience in meditation.

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Best Podcasts You Can Listen for Meditation

1. Pathway to Happiness:

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Pathway to Happiness podcast, hosted by Gary Van Warmerdam, is an excellent option for individuals seeking happiness and positivity in their life by meditation. This podcast is a considerable measure to build self-awareness and drive away negativity and all pessimistic ideas.

The podcast airs once or twice in a month and helps to brings changes into the core beliefs of listeners. It helps even to enhance emotions and develop meaningful relationships.

Best Episode: Can You Change Your Life? It is the best episode of the podcast Pathway to Happiness. In this episode, Gary answers questions about whether people can change their life and quite all external disturbances that bother them.

He mentions ways in which one can move past all fears, judgments, and listen to the real voice coming within from their soul.

2. Untangle:

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Untangle is a podcast where hosts Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten join together and share stories of individuals who have chosen the path of meditation. They discuss the benefits meditation brings into one’s life.

In this podcast, people from various backgrounds like business personalities, cancer survivors, psychologists, and parents are invited as guests. They tell listeners the advantages of incorporating meditation into their lives.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Sharon-Salzberg- Real Love Is Much More Than You Think It Is where Salzberg comes forward and redefines present conceptions on love and explains the need to build real, meaningful connections with ourselves.

Sharon mentions that developing a deep connection with oneself is the key to having real loving relationships with others.

3. Meditation Minis Podcast:

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In this podcast, Chel Hamilton provides listeners with an insight into how meditation helps to bring peace, calm, and focus into the lives of those who practice it. This podcast is of short duration and includes meditation tips that are convenient for individuals who are busy and do not have a lot of time to spare to this activity.

The Meditation Minis podcast helps to drive away anxiousness, negativity and enhance confidence within 10-15 minutes only.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast, A Meditation For Love, where the podcast will help you to connect with your soul and help you understand your strength and capacity to love. It will help you to know where love resides in your own body.

4. Sounds True: Insights at the Edge:

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The Sounds True: Insights At The Edge podcast host Tai Simon interviews several people who are seen as role models in the world of meditation. The podcast airs every Tuesday with interviews of teachers, business leaders, psychologists, and writers who discuss their meditation experiences.

This podcast aims to build a connection between the hosts, guests, and listeners. In every episode, a listener can find authenticity that helps them in inner healing powers.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Sheryl Paul: The Wisdom Of Anxiety. In this episode of the podcast, Tami interviews counselor Sheryl who discusses her thoughts on how to deal with anxiety and heal from anxiousness and negativity. She brings to light her struggles in uncertain moments and guides on how to get over them.

5. On Being with Krista Tippett:

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On Being With Krista Tippett is a podcast that explores answers to complexities of life. It addresses questions that are necessary to answer to understand the true deeper meaning beyond superficial externalities.

Here, you shall have all millennial problems of the generation addressed to provide wisdom, knowledge and, moral understanding to listeners.

Best Episode: The best episode of On Being With Krista Tippett’s podcast is John O’Donohue- The Inner Landscape Of Beauty. In this episode of the podcast, Jo discussed beauty to be the human calling, where he provides wisdom to several confusions and longings that exists in the human mind in today’s world.

6. Tara Brach:

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The host of this podcast is a famous mindfulness meditation teacher Tara Brach. She discusses the power of spiritual healing and emotional awakening.

She uses her knowledge of Eastern practices and Western Psychology to enlighten listeners about spirituality and Buddhist practices in meditation. The podcast airs weekly on every Thursday and Friday.

Best Episode: Healing Addiction- De-Conditioning The Hungry Ghosts is the best episode in the podcast. The episode talks about the need for incorporating mindfulness and self-compassion in one’s lifestyle.

Tara mentions the problem of self-obsession, self loathe, which keeps one away from true happiness, peace, and stability in life.

7. The Daily Meditation Podcast With Mary Meckley:

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Hosted by Mary Meckley, The Daily Meditation Podcast is a podcast where the listeners learn how to start with basic meditation techniques and terms. By listening to this podcast, any beginner can get familiar with various meditation mudras and breathing exercises.

Each episode of this podcast is of 15 minutes and they help greatly in fighting stress and managing problems like insomnia and depression. Listening to this podcast on a daily basis will certainly help you bring peace and happiness in every task that you perform.

Best Episode: The best episode of The Daily Meditation Podcast is Mindfulness. In this episode, a listener gets the opportunity to learn the various forms of meditation. The original content of this episode is curated by Meckley.

8. Ram Dass Here And Now:

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The podcast host Ram Dass is a famous author, teacher, and American spiritual leader. In his podcast, Ram uses his 40-year experience on Hinduism and spirituality to deliver podcasts to listeners and enhance their knowledge and understanding of meditation.

Ram is a student of Hindu Guru Neem Karoli Baba and uses his teachings in providing the best podcasts for meditation.

Best Episode: The best episode of Ram Dass Here And How is Reality of Who We Are. The episode narrates how one can easily understand their value in a person’s life by looking into their eyes.

The host emphasizes that only once the people have truly understood their present identity, they can let go of their former old self and embrace their true nature.

9. 10% Happier with Dan Harris:

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New York bestselling author Dan Harris hosts this podcast. Here, he discusses his mindfulness to teach meditation to listeners with the help of several professionals. This podcast is essential for people who wish to build their consciousness and want to begin meditation practice.

The podcast is ideal for beginners who wish to become self-aware and airs every Wednesday. The podcast also airs guest stars like Bellamy Young and Sharon Salzberg.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast 10% Happier With Dan Harris is Brené Brown, Vulnerability: The Key To Courage, where Brown discusses the power of vulnerability and various other feelings like empathy and shame.

She emphasizes that, in reality, one cannot be vulnerable without possessing the courage to overcome the tough phase.

10. Audio Dharma:

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The Audio Dharma podcast is great for people who wish to follow meditation using the ideology and principles of Buddhism. In this podcast, Gil Fronsdal joins other guest speakers and talks about meditation at the Insight Meditation Centre.

The podcast of his talk airs every week and focuses on Buddha’s teachings to guide listeners on how to meditate and end the cycle of self loathe and suffering.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Audio Dharma is Caring For Yourself And Caring For Others where the value of staying grounded and being attached to meaningful relationships is emphasized greatly.

In this particular episode, the listeners are provided with unique wisdom and shown the value of giving love unconditionally not only to others but also to your own self and valuing human existence in all forms.