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Top 10 Best Podcasts for Sleep Which Will Put You to Sleep in No Time

Having a hard time sleeping at night? Insomnia is no joke! Only the people suffering from it know how difficult it is to go to sleep. If none of those methods worked for you, it is about time you try out some natural method of going to sleep. What can be better than listening to podcasts which cast on you the same magic which lullabies do on children?

Listening to sleep podcasts might actually act as a savior. In this article, we have listed the best podcasts for sleep. Add them to your playlist and have a sound sleep tonight!

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Top 10 Best Podcasts for Sleep Reviews

1. Get Sleepy:

Listen to it here

The first and one of the best podcasts on our list is Get Sleepy. Comprising outstanding writers, sound experts, and voice artists, this podcast is surely the best and that is why we have kept it on the top of our list. These amazing professionals come together and create mesmerizing audio for people who are not able to sleep properly.

They release a new episode every week which will surely put you to a sound sleep. With this podcast in your playlist, you no longer need to count sheep in order to sleep. The narrators are both males and females and the way they modulate their voice is soothing to the ears.

Best Episode: Its most famous episode is “The Secret Garden”. It can be regarded as a great bedtime story. The voice behind is so soothing that you will find yourself drowsing in no time.

2. You Must Remember This:

Listen to it here

 It is hosted by Karina Longworth who narrates the latest stories of Hollywood. From Hollywood history to celebrity scandals or famous feuds to fake news, she discusses just everything. There is hardly any celebrity left about whom Karina has not spoken yet.

Eminent celebrities like Adam Goldberg, Wil Wheaton, and John Mullaney have been featured in her story. It is a pleasure to listen to these bedtime stories in Karina’s melodious voice. You will fall asleep listening to these bed time stories.

Best Episode: The episode #146, that is, Disney’s most controversial film, is regarded as the best episode till date. In this episode, Longworth has talked about Song of the South. Those who have not heard of this song may get details and particulars about it in this episode.

3. Miette’s Bedtime Stories:

Listen to it here

This is a very interesting podcast. Its host is Miett whose voice is extremely melodious. It is often said that when she narrates a story the listeners get completely immersed in the story. If you do not sleep or have trouble sleeping, then you must listen to this podcast.

In each podcast, she narrates different stories of different authors. However, she seems to have a soft spot for James Joyce as most of the episodes are based on his stories.

Best Episode: The best episode so far that this podcast has given to the listeners is “The Boat”. It is surely the best episode till date. It is full of thrills and ups and downs and at the same time. It is so soothing to the ears that you will quickly fall asleep listening to this.

4. Story Not Story:

Listen to it here

The host of this podcast is a husband wife duo. They have together recorded this podcast named Story Not Story. Their voices are very soothing and they come up with silly stories that are sure to make you fall asleep very quickly. They narrate the stories in such a manner that the listeners automatically feel drowsy.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is the “Tumblin Toby and the Cake Brigade”. The narration is extremely peaceful and is done in a calm and soothing manner which will get you immersed in the plot in no time.

5. In Our Time:

Listen to it here

This is a podcast that will teach you a lot. If you are traveling and the journey is very long, then you must definitely listen to this podcast. It’s basically an educational podcast that will impart a vast knowledge to you.

Host Melvyn Bragg has beautifully compiled many educational topics and had delivered them to us through his audio shows. You will surely forget your insomnia and will have a good night’s sleep after listening to this podcast.

Best Episode: The episode “The Black Death” is ranked as #1 episode so far and there is a reason for this. It talks about the influence that Black Death had on the sides and structures of Medieval Europe. It tells about a ship that came to the port of Messina.

It was similar to other ships. What was unusual was that it had rats and the rats had the plague. The whole episode revolves around this plot only. It is a must listen episode.

6. The New Yorker Fiction:

Listen to it here

The host of this podcast is Deborah Treisman. She is the editor of New Yorker’s fiction. She has a lovely and sweet voice and listening to podcasts in her voice is absolutely lovely. She reads extracts from famous fictions and also calls guests to have a lovely and interactive discussion on these extracts.

You should listen to her podcasts once because, after that, you will keep on listening to her podcasts daily.

Best Episode: The best episode was probably the one in which David Sedaris joined the host, Deborah Treisman, to discuss the topic “Leopard”. This extract has been taken from the article Wells Tower. This article was published in 2008 in a magazine.

7. Tracks To Relax:

Listen to it here

Another podcast that will help you to have a good night’s sleep. The podcast “Tracks to relax” is a compilation of audios that help in guiding a person to sleep. In other words, it is a sort of guided sleep meditation.

It is designed in such a way that you will surely start feeling sleepy while listening to this podcast. The voice of the narrator is super soothing and super relaxing. Also, the content provided is very beautiful and peaceful.

These guided sleep meditations are a must to listen to podcasts of all the time. If you are an insomniac person, then you must listen to this collection. We bet that you will start to feel sleepy after listening to these audios.

Best Episode: The best episode was the “comfort and relaxing sleep meditation “. If you are having problems falling asleep, then you must listen to this podcast once. By listening to this podcast, you’ll surely fall asleep real quickly.

It is too soothing to the ears and smears peaceful and calm signals to the brain which in turn reduces the stress levels and lets you sleep peacefully.

8. Boring Books for Bedtimes:

Listen to it here

This podcast is designed especially to make you fall asleep. As the title says, boring books for bedtimes. Yes, this is quite a boring podcast but not an irrelevant one. The host narrates, in an utter calm manner, extracts from the famous writers.

The host has a voice that is too peaceful and soothing and it naturally shuts your mind and sends you sleep signals. It is undoubtedly one of the best podcasts if you are willing to have a nice sleep. The host brings extracts from the writings of eminent personalities such as Aristotle, Emerson, Galileo, etc.

Best Episode: Its best episode is apparently the one in which Ralph Waldo Emerson talked about “nature”. His descriptions will put your mind to rest. It is an interactive podcast and you must listen to this once.

9. Sleep With Me:

Listen to it here

The host of this show is “dearest scooter”. The shows are aired twice a week. This show has been nominated for Night Vale Presents. This podcast show has a tagline ‘the podcast that put you to sleep. The show started on October 19, 2013.

The show joined the Feral audios podcast network around February 2017. The genres that it focuses on are health and comedy. This show is created by Drew Ackerman. The language of this show is in English. Each show is approximately one hour.

They bring up episodes every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Ackerman has maintained a separate playlist for the older podcasts and has removed the introduction part so that the readers can directly indulge in the main story.

Best Episode: The best episode so far is the “Cold War on Christmas”. In this episode, the host has talked about the attacks in Paris and Beirut during Christmas. You must watch this episode once.

10. Welcome to Night Vale:

Listen to it here

This podcast show is presented as a radio show. The stories of this podcast revolve around a fictional town Night Vale and the strange incidents that occur in it. The series started in 2012.

The hosts of this show are Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor. Each show is about 20 to 30 minutes long. The episodes are aired in English. There have been 8 seasons of this show by now.

Best Episode: The episode “Dana” is considered as the best episode so far. It is a mythological episode which talks about the fate of Dana who was banished to the desert. The entire episode revolves around the story of Dana.