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Listen And Learn From The Top 10 Learning Podcasts

Half the population of the world juggles between studies and a part-time job. So, what to do when you have a full-on syllabus to complete and yet have no leave from work? How good it could be if you can use your hands and eyes in one thing and involve ears in something else!

Keeping this thought of yours in mind, some learning podcasts have come to your rescue. Read this article to know which learning podcasts are a must-have in your playlists.

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Top 10 Learning Podcast Reviews

1. The Mission Daily:

Listen to it here

The main motive of this podcast is to teach you one new topic daily. There are several hosts or narrators on this podcast, each teaching a new topic. The hosts’ narrative is so amazing that you will be able to grasp the subject within seconds. People like Stuart Lombard, who is the CEO of Ecobee, host this podcast show.

Best Episode: Its best episode is when the host, Karsten Temme, talks about how to live life inflow. He said that synchronicity is a meaningful event that leads to experiences that we encounter in our lives.

He explains that though many events in our lives are difficult to handle if we assume that all the experiences we encounter only lead to our desired outcomes, we will embrace reality.

2. The Ted Talks Daily:

Listen to it here

Who does not know about the show called TED talks? Yes, the ones in which you watch and listen to the most successful people of the world talking about their journey and lessons they learned in their way. But again, watching is not always something handy, so podcasts are here for your rescue.

A new episode of this podcast is telecasted every weekday. Motivate yourself and learn from these brilliant leaders from across the world. When technology is at its peak today, why not utilize it? You will not get to know about their experiences in any coursebook. Do give this podcast a try, and trust me; it will never disappoint you. It is not only available in English but also in many regional languages.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast was aired on June 4th, 2019, hosted by Kate Bowler. Kate has explained the toughest moments of life in this episode and also told how life keeps going.

Kate has been looking to answer this question ever since she learned she had stage 4 cancer. She also said that if anything happens in life, it happens for some reason. This episode elaborates on how she believes that there are beauty and love even in the darkness.

3. Stuff You Should Know:

Listen to it here

This show is an award-winning show hosted by two friends – Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant. They try to educate their listener in every possible way. Generally, you will find only serious educational podcasts, but this one is something different. The hosts try to impart education along with some humor.

It is one of the top 10 podcasts on iTunes. Also, it is counted among the most popular podcasts in the world. It has more than a million downloads every month. They cover a wide range of topics in their episodes.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast was when the host talked about Gig Economics. In this episode, the host shed light on every aspect of the Gig Economy.

4. Encyclopedia Womannica:

Listen to it here

In today’s world, feminism is a hot topic everywhere. It is crucial to know what it actually is. To know more about feminism and how to be self-independent, you must listen to this podcast. I will not recommend it only to girls, for I have discussed feminism here and everyone out there struggling to be successful.

In this podcast, each episode is hosted by a different woman who is successful in her field of work. We all know there is an extra effort a girl has to make to be independent.

If you think your life is hard or you do not have anything left to do in life anymore, give it a second thought and listen to this podcast. It will teach, motivate, and force you to finally rise against the negatives in your life and move towards the positives.

Best Episode: Its eighteenth episode is the best episode of the podcast. It talks about the Encyclopedia Botany, where the host explains how to apply compost in the garden. He also talks about how manure should be applied while cleaning the garden, its importance, and its results.

5. The Climate Cast:

Listen to it here

With this podcast, you will get to learn a lot about the latest climatic and geographical news. The host of this show is the MPR’s Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner. He often invites some of the other knowledgeable and impressive guests who make the show even more interesting.

While these topics are usually boring in classrooms, they are brought to you in an exciting manner in Huttner’s episode.

Best Episode: The host, herein in an episode, discussed the importance of social media for climate change, and within just a few hours of its release, it became one of the best episodes of this podcast.

It discussed how social media could give an accurate picture of climate change to scientists. The episode was very informative, and it unfolded newer dimensions regarding the topic.

6. The Ear Hustle:

Listen to it here

This is not particularly an educational podcast but a learning podcast in general. You actually get to know about the reality of certain topics that are not published in any book. This podcast addresses the daily struggles of the prisoners inside California’s San Quentin State.

If you have a different image of prisoners in your mind, this podcast might change the way you think. There are problems like how to do parenting while being incarcerated, sharing the cell with fellow prisoners, getting a job, earning a living when out, etc., which are answered in this podcast.

Life is a challenge, whether inside a prison or outside. This show is authored by the people living in prisons. This podcast show definitely has the ability to change your ideologies.

Best Episode: In one of its famous shows, the podcast talked about showing love to others. The host stated that showing sympathy and love for other living beings is an important human impulse.

7. 99% Invisible:

Listen to it here

This is among the most popular podcast shows globally, and hence it is on this list. Students pursuing graduation or post-graduation in architecture need to learn something extra that is not given in their prescribed books.

Moreover, they do not have time to read articles or blogs, so in this case, they can just put on their earphones and are all set to listen to this extra knowledge anytime and anywhere.

Roman Mars hosts this show. It explores topics that are out of the blue. Each episode is so intriguing that you will not dare to detach your earphones anytime soon.

Best Episode: The most famous episode of the podcast is where the host talks about skating in a park. The episode discusses that, though, in some countries, skate parks are separately made. In most countries, there is no such facility. It talked about its pros and cons and the scope of skating as well.

8. The Tim Ferriss Show:

Listen to it here

Tim Ferriss is a famous author of many top seller books like the 4-hour workweek, the 4-hour body, and the 4-hour chef. The Tim Ferriss show is an excellent and time-saving show.

He and his several smart guests will blow up your mind because they have the ability to teach you new things and tell you how to do your daily chores in a shorter time. Basically, this podcast teaches life hacks.

Best Episode: The episode where the host, Jamie Foxx, talked about success habits, workout routines, and also the untold Hollywood movies is considered the best episode of this podcast so far.

9. A Taste of the Past:

Listen to it here

When love for food and history mingle, it generates the taste of something magical. Linda Pelaccio hosts this show. Basically, this podcast is about the history and food culture of various places. The host, Linda, interviews many authors, chefs, and food experts, and these interviews are aired as podcast episodes.

The topics are interesting and intriguing. It can be like the famous foods of a city, or on a time period like the cooking in medieval Egypt, or about different cultural and historical recipes of chicken. This podcast show is best for students pursuing courses in hotel management.

Best Episode: There was an episode in which the host of this particular episode, Michael Krondl, discussed some unheard topics from history. It is a must listen to the episode. Michael gathered much information that the majority of us are totally unaware of.

10. A History of the World in 100 Objects:

Listen to it here

This podcast series was initially a mind-blowing, fantastic book, an excellent book worth reading by everyone. The host of this show is Neal MacGregor, who was the former director of the British Museum. He is also the author of the same book.

This book made him the bestselling author. Most of the episodes of this podcast are based on 14th-century lessons. Well, they are more of a story.

Best Episode: The best episode, in our view, was the one in which the host, Neal, discussed Clovis Spear Point. It is an object that dates years back from North America. These spearheads give detailed information about the existence of human life and its spread across the whole of North America and its vicinity.