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Listen to the Best Podcasts for Leadership – Boost Your Leadership Skills

Everyone wants to be a leader, but not everyone has the skills needed to be one. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are several podcasts available that will bestow upon you the expertise of leadership. We have listed here some of the best podcasts on leadership which will undoubtedly help you to boost your leadership skills.

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Let’s Have a Look at Some of These Top Podcasts for Leadership

1. Leadership and Loyalty:

Listen to it here

The first podcast on our list is Leadership and Loyalty. It is hosted by Dov Baron. Baron meets and consults a number of leaders and consultants who preach important concepts of leadership. The hosts talk about how emotional intelligence and honesty play a role in enhancing a person’s leadership skills.

Baron talks about his personal experiences and how he has emerged as a good leader over time. If you wish to imbibe some of his good leadership skills, then you ought to listen to this podcast.

Best Episode: The best episode is the one in which he interviewed Shane Feldman. Shane is the man behind Count me in. He has been featured on top platforms and has led the world’s largest millennium movement.

He is a visionary filled with a positive attitude. This episode is a must watch one. You will definitely learn some really good skills in leadership.

2. What Great Bosses Know:

Listen to it here

It is yet another famous podcast regarding leadership skills. The host of this podcast is Jiff Geisler. She is a veteran and imparts some quality lessons on leadership and management skills. She has been a leader of the Poynter Institute for several years.

Her podcast has several episodes, and each episode is based on one question. The question is always related to the challenges that the leaders and the managers face in their respective workplaces on a regular basis. All in all, she emphasizes these three important areas: communication, leadership, and trust.

Best Episode: The best episode was on how you can lead even if you’re not in charge of a particular task. It was fun to listen to the episode and was also informative.

It tells you as to how you can be in the leading position even if you are not told to do so. The host beautifully explained each and every point in detail.

3. The $100 MBA Show:

Listen to it here

This is the third best podcast for leadership in our list. The host for this show is Omar Zenhom. He has around 14 years of experience in leadership and business development. He also attended Wharton in order to bring some impactful change in the business education sector.

The episodes of this podcast have a duration of around ten minutes. Each episode talks to the point without talking about any promotions or backstories. It focuses only on the important topics of business that play a key role.

Best Episode: The episode “Are you a good enough leader” is considered the best episode of this podcast to date. The host talks about the important traits you must possess if you want to become a leader. It discusses a few characteristics that define a great leader.

4. The Accelerate Podcast:

Listen to it here

This is a podcast made primarily for sales leaders. If you feel that you are not able to attract your customers or you are not able to make a good hold in the market, then this podcast is for you. The host of this podcast is Andy Paul, who is called the King of Sales and is also a best-selling author.

This is a very interesting podcast in which you can improve your leadership and product selling skills. Andy Paul has described many ways in which you can do your business and make a stronghold in the market.

Many topics have been discussed in it which is very important from the point of view of business such as Sales and Marketing alignment, Neuroscience of Decision Making, etc. This podcast is telecasted 6 days a week and has a wide fan base.

Best Episode: The best episode was apparently episode no. 696. The title of this episode was- ‘How to win customers from your competition’. It discussed some very crucial points that determine whether a customer will stay with you or will switch to another product.

5. HR Leaders:

Listen to it here

This podcast features episode which has an interactive conversation with the successful HRs of big companies. The show’s host Cris Rainey chats with the successful HRs who share their experiences and talk about their entire journey.

They also talk about the mistakes that they made and also the lessons learned from it. They also talk about the ways in which they can improve their hold in the business field.

This is a very good podcast through which you can understand what changes you should make in your business so that your business can maintain and grow simultaneously.

Best Episode: Episode No 15 is the best episode of this podcast so far. It features Jerome Ternynck, who is the Founder and the CEO of Smart Recruiters. He talks about the hardships he faced to reach here and the important lessons he learned.

6. Alexa Entrepreneurs On Fire:

Listen to it here

If you want to become a successful businessman then this podcast is for you. Its host, John Lee Dumas, brings an inspirational story to every episode that will inspire you to become one fine businessman.

John Lee Dumas sits with the businessmen and interviews them. The businessmen discuss the failure and success of their life. They talk about how they reached the point at which they are now and what paths they had to take to get here. It is a very interactive podcast and you will get to learn a lot from it.

Best Episode: The episode “3 ways to avoid being an unhealthy entrepreneur with Eric Martinez” is probably the best episode so far. Eric and Chris are known as the “dynamic duo”.

In this episode, they have discussed ways that you might use to avoid being an unhealthy entrepreneur. If you are keen on becoming a great entrepreneur, then you must watch this episode once.

7. The LEADx with Kevin Kruse:

Listen to it here

This podcast airs 5 episodes a week. It is hosted by New York Times best seller and the famous author, Kevin Kruse. In this show, the host gives the listeners ideas to have a better life and consequently challenges the listeners to become a better version of them.

If you actually want some life changing tips from the world’s renowned leaders then this is the show you should get tuned to.

Best Episode: The episode on ‘how to eliminate workplace drama once and for all’ is surely the best episode. It got a record number of views.

Workplace drama is a great issue in big enterprises and this episode talks about the same. You must watch this episode if you too want to have an upper hand in the workplace drama around you.

8. Dose of Leadership:

Listen to it here

This is the platform where leaders can get a chance to connect with the listeners and make great impacts to change society’s lifestyle. This podcast features guests like the NFL coaches, entrepreneurs, CEOs, authors, and rich investors.

If you are someone who wants all kinds of leadership advice on a single platform then this is the accurate place for you.

Best Episode: the episode “Being a leader, not just an achiever” is regarded as the best episode of this podcast. It has tried to tell the listeners that there is a great difference between being a leader and being an achiever.

The episode focuses on how both these terms are good and necessary but they both carry different meanings and you must not get confused between the two.

9. The Tim Ferriss Show:

Listen to it here

The bestselling author of ‘all time’, Tim Ferris has now come up with his very own podcast show. If you are already done with the books and need more content to satisfy your urge of learning then the author’s own podcasts can do the needful.

He invites several guests on his show who are equally smarter and interesting than him. His life hack tips are sure to get you stupefied.

Best Episode: Episode #384 is considered the best episode to date. The title was “The art of getting things done”. It talks about the qualities that you must possess in order to get your work done by others. It is an important part of being a leader and you must listen to it once.

10. Engaging Leader:

Listen to it here

This podcast or audio program is the communication between the host Jesse Lahey and his guests. Their communication consists of leadership principles and ways to apply them in real life. If you want some really good intellectual podcast shows then this is the show you should jump to.

The host Mr. Jesse is a motivational speaker, author, consultant, and influencer for over 20 years now. He is experienced in the field of leadership and workforce communication.

Best Episode: Its episode #191, that is, “Hacks for emotional transparency that cultivates accountability” is considered the best episode of this show so far.

In business, we have to be emotionally strong and should not be carried away with emotions because it can be dangerous for the organization as a whole. The entire show revolves around this storyline only. It is worth a watch.