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The Best Podcast for Sales

Looking for ways to get acquainted with essential sales techniques? Search no more! Listen to the top sales podcasts from all around the world and train yourself in the sales field in an effortless and exciting way.

To enhance your knowledge related to sales, we have formulated a list of the ten best-reviewed podcasts on sales. It will not help you to gain knowledge and learn about sales, but the personal experiences shared in these podcasts by the top traders will help you understand the practical meaning behind it.

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Review of the Best Podcast for Sales

1. Make It Happen Mondays:

Listen to it here

Make It Happen Monday is hosted by John Barrows, who is the CEO, and founder of the Jbarrows Sales Training. The podcast goes live every Monday, and the host interviews a new guest in each episode. All the episodes focus on various aspects of sales like B2B sales, branding, etc.

It also provides basic career advice that will certainly help you to improve your sales skills. Barrows talks about his own experiences and struggles to deliver an impactful episode to the listeners.

Best Episode: “Secrets of the Top 1% of Sales Reps” is the best episode of this podcast. Scott Ingram is the guest for this episode, who is a top sales professional. In this episode, he talks about how sales can be categorized into four types. He also talks about his personal relationships, how he made a career in sales, and also gives an insight into sales processing.

2. The Advanced Selling Podcast:

Listen to it here

Famous sales trainer Bryan Neale and author Bill Caskey host The Advanced Selling Podcast that primarily focuses on giving useful tactful techniques and tactful tips that one can implement in their sales approach.

The main focus of the podcast is to interview the best sales professionals in the new generation. These professionals talk about their inputs regarding customers, their objections, expectations, and other relevant topics.

Best Episode: “The Expert Sales Techniques” episode is the best one in this podcast. Here, the hosts discuss the ways in which you can build your expertise in an area outside of sales processing. The episode even gives an insight into different actions undertaken by them to implement the idea. The podcast, in general, helps the listeners to align their sales plans accordingly.

3. B2B Growth Show:

Listen to it here

The B2B Growth show is hosted by the Founder of Sweet Fish Media, James Carbary, and Jonathan Green, who is the Head of Business Development Jonathan Green. The podcast airs daily and the host discusses the various ways of building the growth of B2B Sales executives.

With this podcast, you can quickly learn about the strategies of business development, tools useful in saving time, tricks to build B2B partnerships strategically, steps to be followed to build negotiating skills and learn how to align the marketing plans efficiently.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “Avoid These Two Prospecting Mistakes”, where the host discusses the importance of effective prospecting. The show features Dave Brock, who is the author of the book Sales Manager Survival Guide and is CEO At Partners in Excellence. He tells listeners of what all mistakes not to commit or avoid when they are prospecting.

4. Women in Tech Podcast:

Listen to it here

“Women In Tech Podcast” is hosted by someone who is famously known as “The girl who gets It done”. Yes, we are talking about Espree Devora. “Women in Tech is an excellent podcast” that provides listeners with tips on how to flourish in their sales career, promote an inclusive and diverse work environment.

This podcast aims to promote women empowerment, inclusivity, and diversity in the area of sales. Espree Devora tells how to make your career in sales more exciting and authentic by involving innovative ideas and principles which will empower the sales business.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “Diversity and Inclusion as a Competitive Advantage”. The guest for this episode is Dalana, the Vice President of People’s Experience, and Head of Inclusion and Diversity who discusses the need for diversity and inclusivity in your sales business as an essential growth tool.

5. Sales Success Stories:

Listen to it here

Sales Success Stories is a podcast that interviews top-level sales professionals. The host, Scott Ingram who is Relationship One’s Account Director reveals about the best sales executions of the professionals and gives an insight into their sales principles, professional and personal routine, and gives important life tips.

This podcast is an excellent option to boost your sales knowledge as Ingram has actively been a part of building the Sales Community Service that gathers people who share an interest in the area.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “HubSpot’s Top Account Executive”, where Scot interviews Nora Edmonds, who is the sales representative at HubSpot. In this episode, Scott and Nora talk about the value of taking an approach towards the customers at first and understanding the value of the products.

6. Get in the Door Podcast: Sales Prospecting Strategies and Tactics:

Listen to it here

Kloyda hosts this podcast and gives listeners essential tips on how to build and connect with new accounts. He does this by using his own sales experiences and analyzing them to give important inputs in his podcast.

He believes that a customer is the most valuable factor in sales and should always be given importance. He emphasizes on always believing and following the sales goals diligently.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “A $250,00 Sale in Fifteen Minutes” which gives listeners tips on how to work when there are objections and how to handle them. He says that it plays an essential role in closing big deals in a sales business.

7. The Jordan Harbinger Show:

Listen to it here

Harbinger, host of The Jordan Harbinger Show and an expert in social interaction, believes that a sales representative cannot build a real connection without any proper prospects. He uses his podcast to tell the listeners how important it is to have excellent social skills and be charismatic to grow in a sales career.

Best Episode: The best episode of the Harbinger podcast is “Why Success and Happiness Aren’t Mutually Exclusive” where Shawn Anchor discusses the connection between success and happiness. He mentions how a sales representative’s performance can improve when he makes an effort to help others to boost their performance and operational skills.

8. The Official Saastr Podcast:

Listen to it here

SaaStr podcast features interviews of the most famous investors. They talk about how to achieve success in SaaS’s world. The podcast will teach you how to make money and go from $0 to $100m ARR with the right skill set.

It also provides listeners with a learning experience on how to hire sales professionals and how to scale their profits. This podcast gives good knowledge on investing, sales, and essential entrepreneurship tips that can help one’s career in the field.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “Why It Is Harder To Go Enterprise Down Than SMB Up” where the executive of SaaS gives listeners an insight into how to make efficient sales and build a successful market engine in the industry. The podcast also mentions why it is harder for one to go SMB up than an enterprise down.

9. The Sales Hacker Podcast:

Listen to it here

Sales Hacker Podcast hosted by Sam Jacobs is a fantastic option if you wish to build a sales design that has practical ideas concerning B2B sales. The podcast airs weekly where founders, investors, and sales department VPS gather to discuss strategies that help in achieving a representative’s sales goals.

A shorter version of this podcast airs every Friday where discussions concerning sales techniques, basic sale processes, and user processes in the field take place.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is “The Secrets to Being a Successful Account Executive,”, where John Barrows features with the host and discusses the important tips that help one in becoming a successful representative in sales. John is also the host of the famous podcast “Make It Happen Mondays.”

10. Sales Gravy:

Listen to it here

The author of “People Buy You”, Jeb Blount hosts this podcast. It is the best for getting practical, inspirational, and brave pieces of advice for making a successful career as a sales representative.

This podcast is specially designed for sales representatives who wish to overcome their fear of not getting a callback or about facing rejections. Blount even advises on how to double your call back rate. The podcast is usually short and impactful in every approach and tips it gives.

Best Episode: The best episode of Jeb’s podcast is “3 Steps New Sales Managers Should Take Now”, which discusses the transition from being an individual sales representative to a contributor of a sales team and the future challenges that the sales world has to offer.