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10 Best Podcasts for Marketing

Marketing is a skilled and high-demanding job for many companies. It takes a lot of work and technique to be a good marketer. A good marketer needs to constantly evolve and change as per the ongoing trend and public demand.

He has to be sure of a customer’s needs and expectations and has to align the same accordingly. People interested in marketing prefer to hone their skills in this arena by listening to the marketing oriented podcasts.

Podcasts are an interesting way to improve and enhance one’s marketing technique.

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10 Best Podcast for Marketing Reviews

1. Marketing Over Coffee:

Listen to it here

Marketing over Coffee podcast is hosted by John J. Wall, who is the Vice President of the Marketing Department at EventHero and Christopher Penn, who is the co-founder at Podcamp. They provide listeners with excellent marketing tactics every week.

Every week, the hosts invite guests who advise listeners on how to go about their marketing career with useful strategies that are important for in-growth and outgrowth in this field.

The best part about this podcast is that it is more conversational and not bland news like show. This casual and interesting podcast gives you tips on how to do social marketing, affiliate marketing, search marketing, and design marketing, among others.

Best Episode: Seth Godin- This is Marketing is the best episode of the podcast Marketing Over Coffee. In this episode, Seth discusses how marketers use their skills to bring changes. Seth tells listeners that building customer trust is an imperative goal in marketing and should be every marketer’s priority. He also talks about how having a popular status can prove to be beneficial for a marketing career.

2. Marketing School:

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The Marketing School podcast hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Sui gives an insight into the world of digital marketing. Here, whether you are an established marketer running a business or a learner working in the arena of marketing, this podcast is ideal for you to get the best marketing lessons. The podcasts generally run for five to ten minutes and focus on giving actionable marketing tips on a daily basis to its listeners.

Here, you can learn about content marketing, online marketing techniques, SEO, social media marketing, design marketing, and email marketing. The podcast is a great way to benefit in your marketing career and to become an up-scale marketer.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is The One Thing You Have To Do Before You Start Doing SEO where hosts Neil and Eric interview famous and successful personalities in the marketing industry. The SEO experts guide listeners on how to do SEO to establish a thriving career. They tell the importance of identifying competitors in the SEO industry.

3. This Old Marketing:

Listen to it here

Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) podcast named This Old Marketing is a famous show concerning the content marketing industry. The hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose discuss all the latest marketing trends in this podcast and give tips on how to attract customers by doing smart marketing.

The show gives tips on how to maintain customer satisfaction to ensure customer loyalty. Every episode of this podcast talks about recent market trends and all relevant content marketing concerns in the industry.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast Is Google’s Ad-Blocking Plan Good or Evil? where hosts Robert and Joe debate whether Google’s ad-blocking plan is beneficial or an absurd idea. It argues on the question that the ad-blocking feature may only be a mechanism by Google to retain a monopoly in the industry.

4. Perpetual Traffic:

Listen to it here

The Perpetual Traffic Podcast airs every week. The production of this Podcast is by a Digital Marketer and the hosts of the show are Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman. In this podcast, the features of paid trafficking are focused upon to provide ways to procure leads and conduct business sales.

The show gives useful marketing tips and guides in creating ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even guides in creating ads on Google.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is The #1 Reason Why You Can’t Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns. In this episode of the podcast, the hosts tell why a marketer should not be disheartened with financial losses and failures when he falls short in gaining a customer base online. They introduce the concept of seasonality and guide listeners on how seasons affect marketing performance.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show:

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The Tim Ferriss Show is a leading podcast in the business industry. In this podcast, host Tim Ferris invites guests from various industries like sports, art, business, investment, etc. and helps in using their entrepreneurship and life lessons in building successful and skilled marketers for today’s generation.

The podcast is an inspiration for all those who wish to build a successful marketing career for themselves.

Best Episode: The best episode of The Tim Ferris Show is Favourite Books, Supplements, Simple Technologies, and More. Here, Tim discusses his most favorite marketing books and also gives listeners an insight into how to create a marketing network from scratch in the industry.

6. Copyblogger FM:

Listen to it here

Host Sonia Simone’s CopyBlogger FM is a weekly podcast that reviews all content marketing, email marketing, mindset, copywriting, and copywriting headlines of the week.

Here, she discusses all the news on the above mentioned areas with a vision to interest listeners into the field of marketing and improves their skills to become a top-level marketer.

Best Episode: The Double-Edged Sword That Can Make (Or Break) Your Content is the best episode in the podcast. The episode talks about the need for analytical tools and strategies to attract more audience. The podcast mentions smart methods that can be used in content marketing by companies for better marketing.

7. Mixergy – Startup Stories:

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Hosted by Andrew Wardner, Mixergy is a podcast where you will hear interviews of top-level entrepreneurs, start-up founders, investors, and marketing professionals. In this podcast, Andrew interviews flourishing personalities and helps listeners to get an idea of the industry expectations.

It allows them to know of the nature of the work, the techniques used, skills required, and the struggle involved in a marketing career. The aim is to motivate listeners with the personal experience of others and is beneficial for those who are specifically interested in digital marketing as a career.

Best Episode: The best episode of Mixergy Podcast is How Julian Shapiro’s Bell Curve Does Marketing For Some Of The Best Tech Companies in San Francisco where Andrew interviews Julian Shapiro.

Julian in this episode reveals several reverse engineering tricks that were useful in helping his marketing firm flourish in a competitive technological industry. The episode gets the listeners an idea of growth strategies to follow that are ideal for varying companies.

8. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast:

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The duct tape marketing podcast is hosted by author and veteran marketing consultant John Jantsch. It is a great choice for listeners who wish to take marketing tips from someone wise and well experienced.

In this podcast, John conducts interviews with several experts, leaders, and authors from the marketing industry and gives an insight into all needful techniques, tactics, and tips essential in marketing.

Best Episode: The best episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is The Science of Pre-Suasion. The episode mentions tactical approaches that can influence the customer’s mind in the marketing industry.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of a marketer to analyze a customer’s state of mind and terms marketing to be an art of persuasion and influence.

9. Yours in Marketing:

Listen to it here

This Directive podcast hosted by Blake Email focuses on sales marketing. The podcast aims to instill leadership qualities in the marketers and provides them with tips to improve their personality.

To achieve this leadership goal, interviews of popular B2B leaders and marketers in the industry are conducted to help listeners dive deep into their world and realize the scope of being a good marketer and leader in this field.

Best Episode: The best episode of Yours in Marketing podcast is Video Strategy with Ethan Beute where BombBomb.com’s Marketing Vice President uses video making as an effective strategy to humanize and interact with customers on a personal level.

The idea of video strategy is seen to be more convenient and effective when it comes to creating good marketing connections in the industry.

10. Paper Planes Marketing Podcast:

Listen to it here

The Paper Planes Marketing Podcast is a popular platform where high performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, and business experts come together with host Simon Dell to discuss best advice and tips in making a successful business career in the industry. The podcast has more than eighty episodes and stars guests like San Buckley, Jules Lund, and Glen Richards.

Best Episode: The best episode of Paper Planes Podcast is Marketing To The Over the 50s where Simon interviews Jon Warner. They discuss the art of marketing and focus on a particular set of customers and also give their insight on aligning marketing strategies accordingly.

The episode also discusses the generation gaps in marketing perspectives that exist in today’s world and how they are helping in the growth and learning of millennial marketers.