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The Best Podcast for Game of Thrones? Our List

Game of Thrones is the series that has been entertaining the viewers for eight seasons. Many fans have been looking for the podcasts for this HBO epic series. This series has gained huge popularity among all age group audiences and is the dominating topic in every office and home party.

The show has been conceptualized from the famous book known as A Song of Fire and Ice, which is authored by George R.R. Martin. It is a medieval fictional story that revolves around knights, dragons, witches, kings, zombies, and Lords.

If you want to listen to the earlier episodes of Game of Thrones, it is available in the recap podcasts. The podcast has found to be an invaluable asset for the series lovers. The fans have released many podcasts.

Here is the list of Game of Thrones podcast that keeps you glued to the seat listening to the exciting episodes

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Top 10 Best Podcast for Game of Thrones

1. Binge Mode: Game of Thrones:

Listen to it here

The hosts of the podcast are Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. There are 168 episodes, each of which lasts an hour. It is an awesome podcast and has been hosted on the pop culture-centric website called The Ringer.

Both the hosts are huge fans of Game of Thrones. They are the right people to host the show. Mal has an obsession with wolves, whereas Jason makes some quirky noises. It is a fantastic podcast that has deep diving in every episode.

They produced too much content in less time. The hosts have articulated every episode that is filled with complex theories easily. Every episode is unpacked with rigor.

Best Episode: Episode 10 of the podcast is the best. It is the finale of season 1 that has life and death and comes with the title as Fire and Blood. Mallory Rubin and Jason discuss the reincarnation before getting into the history of the King of the North title and award the magical mother with the champion pursuit.

2. Game of Owns:

Listen to it here

It is another well-worn Game of Thrones podcast. The hosts of the podcast produced a quality podcast and offered a detailed analysis of what is written in the book.

They also discuss what is being shown on the TV show. When the show is not aired on the television, they keep the listeners engaged with the current news on the upcoming seasons or news on Game of Thrones. They give a lot of spoiler warnings.

They analyze every chapter and make the readers understand the hidden meaning.

Best Episode: Episode 341- “The Winds of Winter” is epic and the best episode of this podcast.

3. Not a Podcast:

Listen to it here

It is another famous podcast that has been started by the ardent fans of Game of Thrones. The Nota podcast host is Jeff and is called by the other name, i.e., BryndenBFish. This person is well known for GOT and ASOIAF.

Jeff joined as a co-host with Emmett, who is known as PoorQuentyn. The duo would tell a lot of stories about Game of thrones. The podcast will discuss the plot, characters, and shadowing in each chapter.

If you would like to learn about the history, motivations, and characters of Game of Thrones, this podcast is for you. It also tells the viewers what causes them to act that way clearly and engages the viewers.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast is the special episode where it discusses how much TWOW/ADOS has Game of Thrones spoiled. The episode has a special guest Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair.

4. Radio Westeros:

Listen to it here

It is another best podcast for Game of Thrones that takes you deep into the fantasy world. Each topic and person is thoroughly analyzed in the podcast. When you listen to the podcast, it gives you a great thrill.

If you are interested in learning about the origin of Petyr Baelish and why he will be acting in a slimy manner, you must add this podcast into the Game of Thrones podcast list. There is a huge fan following for this podcast on Twitter and Reddit.

Best Episode: The best episode in the podcast is the Ashaya and Aziz episode, where they go into the deep mysteries related to Summerhall. The episode shows what actually caused wrong, dragon eggs, and destruction is covered neatly in the episode and is found to be the best of all.

5. A Cast of Kings:

Listen to it here

It is one of its kind podcasts that would show about the universe rather than explaining the context in the book. If you want to know beyond the show, you must listen to this podcast without giving a miss.

It is also the best podcast for the newcomer to this TV show. Individual episodes are thoroughly analyzed on merit and explain the theory of it.

Best Episode: The best episode of all in this podcast is the “Wars to Come.” In this episode, both Joanne and David discuss in detail about the Game of Thrones, The wars to come. It was an interesting episode for all.

6. Storm of Spoilers:

Listen to it here

There are a lot of speculations and spoilers that have come with the start of the season. Storm of Spoiler is another spectacular yet engaging podcast for Game of Thrones lovers. The hosts of the podcast have acquired complete knowledge about the season from the book.

They speculate the upcoming characters or plot lines. However, it is not just dedicated to Game of Thrones; it also talks about other shows.

Best Episode: The best episode in this podcast is the offseason tour. It speaks about the Game of Thrones final season trailer and Captain Marvel.

7. Game of Thrones (Tower of Babble):

Listen to it here

Many readers would read the book before watching the season. Once they start to watch the season, they believe that the book was far better than the TV show. The Game of Thrones podcast focuses mainly on the book reader and shows the watcher that discusses the thoughts on this show.

The views of the watcher and the book reader would be presented in the podcast, which makes it quite interesting. There would be a difference in the opinion for every character and event after they have experience in two different mediums.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast is Episode 1, “Winterfell.” The story has a lot of telling after eight years of many twists, turns, plots, betrayals, and engaging storytelling. The first episode has exceeded the expectations of the viewers at an impressive pace.

Daenerys’ army will come to Winterfell, wherein the Army of the Dead takes over the North region. Northern Lords question the leadership of Jon. Jaime comes to the face of the ghost that’s haunting since the past.

8. Boars, Gore, and Swords:

Listen to it here

This is the third greatest podcast for Game of Thrones. The hosts of the podcast are Ivan and Red. They have good chemistry hosting the podcast, which makes the podcast interesting and engaging. They also add a tinge of the comic genre to the episodes to make it fun-filled.

Best Episode: The best episode in the podcast is the 600 days of winter. This sheds light on the 1st episode in season 8. Both Ivan Hernandez and Red Scott have discussed the showdown that is between the living and the dead.

It covers everything from Jon giving a skip to the point to Sansa taking it seriously while Arya is making a dagger gun. It is a big episode that ties you to the seat.

9. A Podcast of Ice and Fire:

Listen to it here

This is the big podcast that has been running for a long time. It has been discussing Game of Thrones. This podcast was started in 2008 as the host could not wait longer until the release of the next book.

It is the best podcast for the show watchers and book readers. It has everything comedy, entertaining hosts Mimi, Amin, Kyle, and Ashley.

Best Episode: The best episode in the podcast is episode 243 – The long night. It is the third episode in the eighth season of HBO Series – Game of Thrones.

10. Game of Thrones The Podcast:

Listen to it here

This is another podcast that especially talks about the TV show: Game of Thrones. It produces the podcast when the season is running. It provides an exceptional analysis of each episode by adding little fun.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast is “The Dragon and the Wolf.” In the episode, John and Dragon will go to King Landing to showcase their skills to Ms. Lannister. The Hound comes in touch with his brother. Jamie, who is bold and handsome, heads to North, and Littlefinger overextends the reach.