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Best Podcasts for Learning French

For many of us, podcasts have become an intrinsic part of daily life. For many language learners, podcasts offer an amazing opportunity to study and learn. But the major point though is to know which podcast to listen to. In order to make things easier, there are the best podcasts readily available to help you learn a particular language.

Learning French has become widespread and popular these days. But we have seen a lot of individuals who are struggling with learning the French language. There are many ways to learn French and improve your French. If you’re stuck in a hectic schedule and looking to learn and practice the French language, listening to podcasts is an excellent option.

Podcasts are readily available, and we can listen to these anytime, even while doing some other things like commuting to school or work, driving, or even while cleaning the house. There are plenty of podcasts for learning French, which can help any language learner learn French and master this language in no time.

Some podcasts are intended for beginners while others are made to provide basics, especially before traveling to any French-speaking country. Other podcasts are meant for intermediate and advanced learners not just to learn the French language but also to learn and improve grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other relevant components of the French language.

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Quick Primer-How Podcasts Work

If you are just wanting to learn French but am new to podcasts, the following are important things you need to know:

  • Podcasts can be subscribed at no cost on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • If you are using iPad or iPhone, proceed to Podcast app. if using Mac, make use of iTunes directory
  • On Android device or PC, you can consider Stitcher app for an easy and quick start
  • Subscribing to podcasts means that you will always have access to the most recent episodes fully ready and waiting to be published.

French is an incredible language to learn through the podcast. There’s a big selection of the best podcasts to learning French, and there is a podcast to suit the beginners and advanced speakers.

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Best Podcasts for Learning French Beginner Level

1. Learn French with Alexa

This podcast is perfect for beginners. Alexa Polidoro created this podcast giving a primary emphasis on grammar. This even has classroom-style allowing you to learn the French language more effectively and efficiently. The audio is clear and crisp; therefore, you can hear the proper pronunciation.

Also, Alexa is known for having a relaxed voice. This does an excellent job of breaking down sentences to manageable portions of phrases. If you wanted to begin right with the proper grammar, you better check this podcast.

2. FrenchPod101.com

This podcast is exclusively from Innovative Language. This covers different levels starting from the basic to the most advanced French. With the interesting and enticing titles of every episode, you won’t ever get bored.

Moreover, dialogues are appropriately presented, and a native speaker host Celine and a fluent speaker Sam covers grammatical and cultural aspects concisely and clearly. You can sign up on the site for premium content to be able to access lesson notes, PDF, repetition flashcards, and community forums for a particular subscription fee.

3. Learn French by Podcast

This is a bilingual French and English podcast. Those hosts presented this; one who is an English speaker and the other one speaks in French. The English speaker takes the responsibility of explaining what the French speaker says.

Unlike other typical podcasts, the audio of Learn French by Podcast is clear, so it is easy to follow, and the format is excellent for both intermediate and beginner French language learners. This progresses eventually from standard conversations up to intermediate and advanced dialogues regarding varieties of daily topics.

Best Podcasts for Learning French Intermediate or Advanced Levels

1. News in Slow French

This podcast is an intermediate level covering expressions, grammar, and world news. This tends to slow down all dialogues making it easy to process what you’ve heard. Every podcast episode is breaking down points on vocabulary and grammar.

On their website, there were transcripts for every episode along with several quizzes and resources on French pronunciation, expressions, and grammar.

2. One Thing in a French Day

This describes the day to day life of the author in France. Every episode of this podcast covers events in the author’s life, like shopping, going to the bakery, going to the gym, meeting friends, and more. Laetitia speaks French very crispy and clearly at regular speed, and her words can be easily understood as well.

She publishes articles three times a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I highly recommend this podcast to be advanced and intermediate French learners.

3. Le Journal En Francais Facile

This is also one of the best podcasts for learning French. This podcast exclusively by Radio France International or RFI was specially designed for advanced and intermediate French learners. This is a genuine broadcast from a French radio station. However, you need to slowly read so that you can be comfortable in listening to French.

This podcast’s episodes individually have highly imperative news for the day in just about ten minutes. This is an advantage for those who don’t really have much time in the day. This also comes with an online script offered for free.

4. Podcast Francais Authentique

The Francais Authentique podcast for learning French is ideal for advanced and intermediate French language learners. Its complete immersion coupled with very interesting topics and also explains colloquial and idiomatic expressions.

This is actually the companion podcast to the famous French learning site Francais Authentique exclusively by Tekfak. Even if a beginner or an advanced learner, there are the best podcasts for learning French made available to suit your level of learning and your overall needs.

Learning the French language isn’t something that you can accomplish and master overnight. The good thing is that there are podcasts that you can incorporate in your day to day French language practice. Listening to podcasts will surely yield positive results. You will never realize it until you find yourself gaining mastery.