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5 Best Podcasts for Philosophy Available in the Market

Philosophical podcasts are an invaluable way to enhance wisdom, health, and wealth. These podcasts act as study materials and help to improve the standard of living and broaden different frontiers. Also, they help to divert your mind in a positive direction and improve your viewpoint of observing the things around you.

Fortunately, the field of philosophical podcasts is blessed with some of the best podcasts that are incredibly good, and you can easily choose one from the list to listen to them. In this article, we have listed some of the best philosophical podcasts which will surely change your lookout towards things happening around you.

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Top 5 Philosophy Podcasts Reviews

1. The Mission Daily:

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This podcast helps people to lead a healthy and wiser life. The world is changing rapidly, and all we can do is sit and watch the advancements that technology brings in. Researchers are estimating that several people will be left jobless as computers and robots will replace their jobs.

It seems that humanity will have to face a lot of challenges in the coming years. There must be steps with which we can easily evolve and overcome ourselves. We should learn as fast as we are capable of and ensure that others don’t leave us behind.

This podcast will help you go through this phase very easily. Each episode of this podcast provides an in depth analysis of the steps which every individual must undertake to combat the newly found challenges. By listening to The Mission daily, you will soon see some positive changes in your attitude towards life.

Best Episode – ‘Build something that people will want’ is the best episode that was recently aired. This episode features the CEO of the Front, who discusses how a person can be more productive. He gives some tips which will certainly help you to be happier at work and he also preaches about how to get the right balance between personal and business identity.

2. Philosophy: The Classics:

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This show is hosted by Nigel Warburton and is regarded as one of the most trustworthy sources in the philosophy community. The podcast is quite backdated and was released for the first time in 2007.

This podcast has episodes based on different chapters of a book which is named Philosophy: The Classics. There are several phases covered in the book and each of them has been narrated beautifully in the episodes.

They contain a detailed history of philosophy. It also has 27 key works by various philosophers which certainly help you to strike a balance between your personal and professional life. Also, it is a great way to start your quest for knowledge.

Undoubtedly, it is a brilliant contribution to the list of podcasts. This classic podcast has the story of the whole book from start to end. Hence, it is recommended that you should start listening to this one from the very beginning.

Best Episode – What reality is actually? Why can music be so profound? Will we remain​unhappy like this forever, or happiness is coming our way? A lot of such questions are answered in one of the best episodes of this podcast. The episode is “The world as Will and Idea.”

These questions are beautifully addressed in the podcast. It talks about how life is full of horrible things, and no one can deny it. Things like death, alcoholism, sickness, etc. are all evil and thinking about them takes a negative toll on your both physical as well as mental health.

Death is something that is waiting for all of us, but if you talk about these things to anyone or even yourself for quite a stretch, then you are basically letting negativity sweep into your life. There are some places in the world where negativity can mess up the entire life of a person. Listen to the podcast to know more in detail.

3. The Partially Examined Life:

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This podcast is hosted by people who are the closest friends in real life. One fine day, they planned to start writing podcasts to earn a living. Later they decided to dedicate their podcast for the cause of the people and thought what better way to help people than making podcasts on philosophy.

Every episode is very light and has the perfect balance between insight and flippancy. You will not have to read anything while the podcast is playing, and all you need to do is enjoy it. The podcast is in the form of reading the text, and therefore, it is easily understood. Enjoy the discussion done.

Sometimes there are ideas that surprise even the brightest of minds. This podcast believes that best conversations are only possible practically when people think outside the box. They need to figure something out of their comfort zones.

No denying that life is full of miserable things, but if you keep on talking about them regularly, your social life will take a toll on you. The host is a humorist who enjoys almost every moment and has a habit of turning some of the disastrous moments into moments of comedy that people laugh out loud.

Listen to him in some of the episodes of this podcast. This podcast has a 5-star rating on iTunes and is loved by almost everyone who has listened to it. It is undeniably one of the best philosophy podcasts out there.

All the episodes are extremely fun to listen to and by adding a fun element to the episode they try to keep the conversation light-weighted and at the same time try to impart important information. You can learn several things from this single podcast which will impart you with a lifelong lesson.

Best Episode – The best episode of this podcast is the one which is based on the 2020 Academy Awards. In this episode, Mark, Erica, and Brian ​argue about the picture nominees and put forth their own opinions on why their favorite person for who they are vouching for, deserves to win.

All of them are in favor of different nominees, and they all are all hoping that their choice wins. The podcast explains why an Oscar winner movie is preferred over the one which people actually like.

4. In Our Time:

Listen to it here

The history of ideas is discussed in this podcast which is hosted by Melvyn Bragg, and he discusses these ideas with the guests who share their own respective outlook on the situation in hand. The bonds of people from different places are shared and discussed.

This podcast was first aired in 2010 and since then it has released numerous episodes to date. Self-proclaimed history of ideas is discussed with which you get to know more about different life subjects. You can easily tune in to this podcast at any time of the day.

Whether you are getting bored during your morning commute to the office or during a rainy Sunday afternoon, you can always plug in your earphones and enjoy this philosophical podcast. This podcast talks about all real deals.

Best Episode – Coffee is the best episode of this podcast where Melvyn, along with the​ guests, discuss the impact of coffee socially, how it spread through the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century, and the establishments of coffee houses.

Soon it became the colonial product and was traded exclusively to several other countries. Listen to the podcast and know more.

5. Anatomy of Next:

Listen to it here

For all those people who aspire to think big or are already big thinkers and the ones who are into the technological world should listen to this podcast. People who are looking forward to building a better future for humankind should also listen to this podcast as all the episodes of this podcast are highly focused on the topic which it is based on.

It is presented to the public by the founder’s fund. Some of the most renowned ventures that actively took part include Airbnb, SpaceX, and Stemcentrx. The episode topic ranges from several fields and provides everything from paradox to the technological world.

If it is said that Aliens are real and they do exist, then where are they? What is the proof of their existence? There is a world beyond our own world. Get into it with the help of this podcast.

Best Episode – A panel of defense was hosted by the founder’s fund, and there was a​conversation between the U.S government and the technology industry. The nature of threats faced by society is efficiently changed by technology, but what is the defense industry doing.

They are just approaching the issues with the same mindset that was there in the 20th century. Listen to it to learn more.