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Best Podcast Books – Grow Your Show

Are you interested in podcasting and want to know more about it? Would it not be helpful to leave your laptop for a bit? Rather than looking at your laptop, why not boost your ability with a book?

Therefore, let us look at the best podcast books available. Some of us learn a lot from listening while others from watching videos and from reading blogs and texts. Books don’t have ads or notifications vying to get your attention.

They are portable, wireless as well as no need for re-charging. The best thing above all is that if you want to stop reading for a few seconds, you bookmarked it. We have our own best podcast books. You and I are diverse types of podcasters, and we make various shows, too.

So, the sheer number and disparity in the superiority of podcast books can be great and overwhelming.

Table of Contents

Best Podcast Books

Below is the list of best podcast books according to my research.

1. Podcasting for Dummies

Today, there are many old podcasting books out there that do not consider marketing techniques or the latest technology, which works. Podcasting for Dummies is one of the best books for podcasting.

Here, you will know how to establish a show, what tools to use, and how to boost the quality of your voice. Chuck Tomasi and Tee Morris wrote this book. Consider this book as your textbook resource, which you can reference later on.

2. Podcasting for Beginners

If you are searching for easy to follow podcasting guide, then Podcasting for Beginners is a perfect choice. You will learn how to put up, grow as well as monetize podcasts. This book was written based on the experience of the writer.

He was twenty-four years old when he started his podcast and no idea about video editing and an introverted speaker. He was meek. This guide was created for you as it is the podcast book he wanted he had available during his time.

The resources, techniques as well as strategies that you will learn in Podcasting for Beginners will undoubtedly supercharge your podcast.

3. Out on the Wire: Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio

It is vital to get to know more about podcasting to establish and put up a good show. On the other hand, if that is all you can do, rest assured that you’re not going too far with your podcast.

A critical reason that listeners listen to a podcast can be streamlined in one word: storytelling. As a podcaster, you need to know the technique of weaving a tale in an event.

This is what piques interest to the listeners. This podcast book will share some fantastic storytelling secrets behind common radio shows and podcasts.

4. Podcast Launch

John Lee Dumas wrote this podcast book and a host of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, which has been downloaded millions of times and is accountable for gaining millions in sponsorship profits.

This book tackles various kinds of topics including podcasting and how it works, how to make and produce a podcast, editing techniques as well as how to grow up the show.

Here, you will find a lot of introductory subjects needed to master to launch a successful show. It leads into a digital course that goes in-depth into tips, lessons as well as advice in podcasting.

5. Profitable Podcasting

This podcast book goes into the whole thing needed in starting a show. The writer begins by explaining that podcasting is a hugely influential type of content marketing. He also clarified that it is not crowded, like blogging. Content marketing is the idea of utilizing content to develop a connection with the clients.

By publicizing content, you are assisting them in a small but useful way, and a small number will be clients. Profitable Podcasting will help you in how to quickly start a successful show as well as many forms of publishing a show online.

6. Introduction to Podcast Technology

Does technology hold you back from putting up a show? Then Introduction to Podcast Technology is a perfect choice. This podcast book is a useful guide for knowing the hardware that functions well.

I am talking about accessories, software, media hosts, microphones, and many others. As many people set up shows, the bar is being raised for audio quality. Sure, you can’t escape with the horrifying-sounding show.

Introduction to Podcast Technology will give you vital tools needed to record, produce as well as launch a show. This book is a friendly guide to other companions available that concentrate on advertising or marketing.

7. Podcastnomics

An outdated podcast book, however, it offers precise and accurate points in starting a podcast. This book can be served as a guide in starting an entertainment or education podcast that earns profit for the business.

This provides tips on putting up a show and how to use it in spreading the message, at the same draw listeners and earn huge profit. This book was made by Rob Walch, who is also known for producing other books about audiopreneurs.

8. Podcast by Mike Eiman

If you are looking for a book about putting a successful show, then Podcast by Mike Eiman is the best choice. Monetizing a podcast is a vital step; however, this can’t be obtained if your podcast is not properly in place.

In this book, you will know some tips on how to make your show interesting and giving value to listeners. It has a list of easy to follow guide on how to getting started with a stronger, better as well as marketable content.

9. Podcasting Good to Great: By Jared Easley

A podcast book intended to amateur podcasters, Podcasting Good to Great, will show the basics steps in putting up a podcast. You will know how to write, edit as well as record a podcast and make it extra special.

In the competitive field of the podcast, you can set apart from the rest when you produce amazing content as well as collaborate with others efficiently.

This podcast book is filled with useful tips on networking, collaborating with others, and many other techniques.

10. Podcast Solutions

Made by Michael W. Geoghegan and Dan Klass, this book is a comprehensive podcasting guide that tackles various subjects. Here, you will know how to put up a show and history of podcasting as well as renowned podcasts and effective ways of taking pleasure in the wonders of the world of podcasting.

It has a light and fun tone, and you will be guided in the world of podcasting by experts. This is ideal for a newbie.