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Best Podcast for Flipping Houses – Great for Real Estate Beginners

To figure out how one becomes a successful real estate investor, podcasts can be a real boon. While many may rush to state numbers and preferred methods, we can say that one sure-fire way to become a successful real estate investor is to invest in oneself. In order to be successful in real estate investing, one has to become a student of the industry.

Being a student of the industry means that we should be able to constantly learn and move forward. While there are a ton of books and blogs about how to become a better investor, one of the best ways of learning on the go is to listen to podcasts.

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Below is a List of the Best Podcasts for Flipping Houses.

1. Real Estate Disruptors:

Listen to it here

Steve interviews top investors that are wholesaling 10+ houses per month along with traditional real estate agents that are selling hundreds of houses per year. By listening to these episodes, one can learn the secrets to how they are making millions per year.

Learn how they started, what sets them apart, what advice they would give somebody starting new, and what their business looks like today.

Podcast Highlights: One can learn selling, Flipping, Wholesaling, everything about real estate investing with the top performers around the world.

The best thing about this podcast is that Steve puts on a phenomenal show every week. Great info, great guests, no fluff, no nonsense very informational and educational podcast!

2. Flipping Junkie Podcast:

Listen to it here

Flipping Junkie is a podcast for people addicted to flipping houses and real estate investing. Danny and Melissa Johnson started flipping houses over 15 years ago and have chronicled their journey to help house flippers both new and experienced.

This is a podcast with weekly episodes featuring interviews with people just getting started as well as big-name investors like Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets and Justin Williams from House Flipping HQ.

Podcast Highlights: The podcast covers a range of topics like what is working today to find great deals for flipping, how to properly analyze deals for flipping, renting and owner financing, determining repair costs, finding contractors and managing rehab crews, what improvements to make and how to quickly sell your houses for big profits and so much more.

Moreover, it doesn’t leave out the serious mistakes that one needs to avoid when getting started and grow their own real estate investing business. Danny Johnson helps to get the inside scoop on how to get started and how to stay successful to create true financial freedom for oneself and family!

3. Exactly How – Real Estate Investing:

Listen to it here

If all you want to do is invest in real estate or learn how to invest in real estate, the Connected Investors Exactly How podcast and YouTube show are where one can hear the underground, closely guarded wealth-building secrets of successful real estate investors around the globe.

The episodes cover topics on how to improve one’s mental, physical, and financial health. Each episode comes with a detailed action plan so one can implement the real estate lessons of each call.

Podcast Highlights: Exactly How is the perfect podcast for anyone interested in flipping houses, investing in real estate or building a business. During each episode, Ross Hamilton and an expert guest break down each step to a proven wealth-building technique. Each episode comes with show notes helping you implement the lessons from each show.

4. The Real Estate Lab:

Listen to it here

Real Estate Lab walks us through the real estate investing world with different real estate strategies to up one’s real estate investing game. One can discover how to create passive income to replace his current W2 job or keep it if he has a job that he loves.

Vee has participated in over $15M in real estate transactions in different capacities (wholesaler, flipper, property manager, deals closer, deals underwriter, etc.) since 2009. He invested in 220+ units passively.

Podcast Highlights: Real Estate Lab will be a place for everyone to learn about the current real estate trend, real estate investing strategies, apartment syndication, self-directed IRA investing, buy private note/mortgages, flipping houses, buying tax lien certificates, marketing to find deals, 1031 exchange, raising capital, passive investing, turnkey properties, buy and operate mobile home parks, creative financing strategies, creative deals structuring, tax strategies, etc.

All from the freedom of one’s owner schedule. Fans of Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Gary Keller, Jeff K. Johnson, etc. must go for this podcast!

5. Flippin Off Podcast:

Listen to it here

Flippin Off is a journey through flipping houses, real estate investment and helping people: creating and collaborating on real estate deals, fresh approaches to old challenges, new ways to think about real estate opportunities.

Podcast Highlights: Based on real-world examples shared by actual real estate investors from the New Wealth Advisors Club, each show is centered on a common theme – such as creative financing, short sales, fix and flips, wholesale, probate, bankruptcy, lease options, mentoring or coaching. Flippin Off is hosted by Dave Boswell and Melina Boswell, founders of NWAC.

6. The Real Estate InvestHER Show:

Listen to it here

Ever noticed that women are overwhelmed and struggling to keep it all together? This podcast provides straight talk along with inspiration for existing and aspiring women real estate investors to live both balanced and financially free lives.

Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli chat with some amazing women real estate investors, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for growing a rental portfolio, flipping houses and the mindset that allows them to run a successful investing business while taking care of their families and most importantly taking care of themselves.

Podcast Highlights: Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli believe that through this podcast they are advancing one step forward in building a community of like-minded women real estate investors who want to live fulfilled and purposeful lives as they grow their wealth through real estate investing.

This weekly podcast show details the journey of some of the most amazing women real estate investors around the world. Investher Community’s Facebook group has more than 2k+ members, who are getting the support they always desired and deserved.

7. The REtipster Podcast:

Listen to it here

Seth Williams hosts this excellent podcast with a low-key, laid-back, friendly demeanor that takes the pressure out of real estate investing. Beyond being a genuinely good person, Seth is incredibly knowledgeable about a wide range of real estate investing niches.

Podcast Highlights: From beginner level (e.g. how to get started flipping houses) to advanced tips and techniques like real estate investing website optimization, Seth has us covered. Still, there’s one area of expertise where Seth particularly shines: land investing.

Seth is arguably the country’s leading authority on land investing, which requires far less capital than traditional real estate investing. Seth broadcasts his real estate podcast every two weeks.

8. Afford Anything:

Listen to it here

Most people run on an endless financial treadmill. As soon as they earn more money, they immediately spend more money. It’s a hamster wheel that host Paula Pant wants to help us avoid.

Podcast Highlights: Paula focuses heavily on lifestyle design: planning out your perfect life, so we can realize it. After all, what’s the point of making money? Is it to replace our Subaru with a BMW? Or is it to give us the flexibility to create the life of your dreams?

Not to say that Paula doesn’t cover the nuts and bolts of investing in her real estate podcast, there’s plenty of tactical talk about topics like finding deals on investment properties and how to buy a foreclosed home on Paula’s Afford Anything podcast.

9. Apartment Building Investing:

Listen to it here

If you have ever dreamed of owning an apartment building, Michael Blank is your man. Michael specializes in larger multifamily investing, and in his podcast, he walks us through exactly what it takes to buy apartment buildings.

One area Michael invests plenty of time on is raising money – after all, financing an apartment building isn’t quite as simple as borrowing an investor bridge loan!

Podcast Highlights: If one is interested in cash flow and rental income and wants to skip residential rentals and go straight to apartment buildings, he must check out Michael Blank’s real estate podcast.

Michael Blank’s focus is apartment building investing by raising money from private individuals. He’s been investing in residential and multifamily real estate since 2005 and began syndicating deals in 2010.

10. The Real Dealz Podcast:

Listen to it here

Tucker Merrihew, a successful Real Estate entrepreneur, shares his experience and knowledge and teaches listeners about real estate investing and house flipping in this weekly podcast. Hear about successes, failures, lessons learned, what works and how Tucker operates a successful Real Estate Investment Company.

Podcast Highlights: This podcast will include a wealth of how-to information as well as cover actual real estate deals and how to get started in real estate investing, wholesaling, new construction, rehabbing, flipping, multifamily, and development.

Learn what Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump’s books don’t teach us about successful real estate investing!