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Best Podcast for Real Estate Investing

Buying your very first investment properties is ultimately exciting but can also be a bit nerve-racking. This is understandable considering that real estate investing is considered one of the major purchases that we will ever make.

If you wanted to increase your self-confidence and education, listening to real estate podcasts is a great option to take. These are also excellent ways of getting instantly connected with a resourceful and vast community of like-minded individuals sharing the same goals.

Every real estate investor is aware of the significance of education, and one of the most recommended ways for investors, especially the new ones to continue their education, is through listening to interesting and informative real estate podcasts.

We believe that attempting to increase your investor IQ to start your real estate business, you might feel like there is a lot to learn and to cover and worst, you may not have sufficient time to deal with everything.

It is for this reason that real estate investing podcasts are the ideal vehicle to boost your entrepreneurial and investor know-how while doing things like doing your daily workout routine, sitting through the heavy traffic, and more.

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What are the Best Podcasts for Real Estate Investing?

We have been in situations that we need to make a decision. In real estate investing, people have probably learned about the podcast, and their crucial role in teaching individuals to become effective and successful real estate investors.

There are numerous podcasts out there, but the following are proven to be the best podcasts for real estate investing that we should listen to:

1. Bigger Pockets:

This podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and Josh Dorkin featuring interviews with real estate investors of many different backgrounds, experiences, and niches. Every episode of this podcast also features entrepreneurs and real estate investors typically chatting about investment advice, successes, failures, and their overall experience.

Bigger Pockets podcasts offer strategies that were proven and tested for real individuals and welcomes them to a community of like-minded and approachable individuals who consistently wanted to establish their financial education.

2. The Investor’s Podcast:

As one of the most downloaded podcasts for stock investing, the Investor’s Podcast is indeed a must for investors who are seriously into money-related news. The hosts of this podcast review traits and hobbies of the world’s best financial specialists and investors, uncovering how you can build up these practices all by yourself.

The episodes routinely share interesting and helpful insights on various investing techniques in real estate. The different topics make this extraordinary for investors of all types or levels who also intend to diversify their assets while extending their knowledge on financial sectors in general.

3. Keeping It Real:

Keeping It Real focuses mainly on practicing real estate agents as well as the tricks and tips they use for ultimate success. There are varieties of formats for the episodes ranging from traditional interviews up to instant market insights providing value to all types of listeners.

Though this podcast was made to feature brokers in Chicago, high quality information is useful regardless of which real estate market you are operating in at present. Keep in mind; it is vital to establish connections with experts across the real estate business.

Acquainting yourself with the responsibilities and roles of various occupations will undoubtedly give you a leg up when setting connections in the real estate industry.

4. Smart Passive Income:

When you are a novice real estate investor, putting all your investing eggs in a single basket and hope that all your income in the future will be coming from real estate is easy. However, Smart Passive Income podcast, hosted by Pat Flynn, a well-known entrepreneur rock star, stated clearly that passive income could actually come in different sizes and shapes.

Boasting over 11 million downloads; this straightforward and interesting guide is the ideal roadmap to set up resources, assets, and systems for you to appreciate and enjoy passive income – without the need to spend about 40 hours every week on it.

We believe that the best part of this best podcast for real estate investing is that Flynn shares his very own result on passive income, both the good and the bad. If you wanted to experience from the best in the passive income industry, this podcast is certainly a must-listen.

5. Think Realty:

This is another best podcast for real estate investing committed to coaching and educating real estate investors at all experience and skill levels. Think Reality podcast offers day by day insights and wisdom from its host AbhiGolhar and his financial specialist visitors. With the knowledge of everything about real estate financing and investing,  you will certainly learn some new and useful knowledge.

As a mentor for Think Realty and a highly respected investment advisor, Golhar gives real-world experiences and skill together with the emphasis on daily managerial and operational functions creating leverage in the field, making this podcast fun to listen to.

Why Podcast is the Excellent Ways to Learn How to Be Successful Investor

Getting information by means of podcasts is undeniably one of the excellent ways to learn ways on how to be a good and smart real estate investor. Through the best podcast for real estate, you can gain a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Listening to the best podcast somehow appear like having your mentor to guide you in real estate investing
  • Through podcasts, we can obtain valuable information regarding real estate investing right from ultimately successful and experienced industry professionals
  • Podcasts for real estate usually come with interviews with experts or popular investors advising on real estate investing
  • Podcasts provide us with the latest information on industry trends
  • We will be able to hear failures and success stories and how successful investors made it along the way
  • Gain knowledge on how to start with real estate property investments
  • Learn proven and trusted investment tricks and tips

The best part about these podcasts for real estate investing is that they are very convenient. You can easily listen to them and instantly get started in building your knowledge base.