Best Joe Rogan Podcast: Bill Burr

Bill Burr is arguably one of America’s most original comedians. He’s always outspoken and says what you shouldn’t say. However, Bill always finds a way to keep things hilarious, although we think part of that is down to his Bostonian drawl.

Joe and Bill have a long history together, both coming up as comedians at the Comedy Store. You can tell that these two have a lot of affection for each other. Bill’s appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast chart back to the early days when Joe was broadcasting out of his house.

So what are the best Joe Rogan/Bill Burr podcasts? What episode would be the one that you should recommend to a friend who has never listened to Bill Burr? Where can you find Bill going off about mobile phones, women, and the more challenging aspects of modern life? How can you convert someone who might not be a fan of Bill?

Well, if you are a fan of the flame-haired firebrand, then we would suggest that you read on. We have a list of some of the finest Bill Burr appearances on JRE, ranging from hilarious, morbid to pretty profound. We’ll give you a list of some of Mr. Burr’s most memorable moments.

Table of Contents

Episode #26

This is one of the first Joe Rogan podcasts, and if you watch the video, you can see that the setup is pretty basic. It starts with a rather crude conversation about Fleshlights, which Bill doesn’t take to that well, comparing sex toys to serial killers. You can also tell that it’s old because Bill burr still has all of his hair!

The boys get into government manipulation, with Bill going on a hilarious and sadly true rant about companies using sweatshop labor so that the CEOs will be able to buy themselves another yacht.

Bill and Joe ruminate on how corrupt certain governments are, talking about how banks take your money and the CIA sell drugs to maintain control over poor sections of the population. This was when Bill Burr admitted later that he was entirely into conspiracy theories and was carving anti-IRS slogans into his pumpkins at Halloween.

Episode #91

With a slightly more developed setup, this is Bill Burr at his more comfortable. He and Joe automatically get into fighting, and Bill starts ripping Joe about losing his black belt if he challenges him in a fight. Bill makes a crack that he ‘never fought outside his family after school’ in case an opponent came back with a baseball bat or a gun.

The guys then cover legendary comedians like Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks and how Sam Kinison was more than just sound and fury. Bill gives his comedy Mount Rushmore as Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, George Carlin, and Bill Hicks. Bill says that he wants to avoid using the word ‘we’ in comedy, as it seems preachy.

This episode was removed due to racially insensitive language. Joe Rogan chose to remove some episodes from the Spotify platform after discussing the situation with Spotify execs you can read about it here. You can listen to Joe Rogan’s apology here. If you wonder if an episode is missing you can check here, this website compares the Spotify API with the list of Joe Rogan episodes released. 

Episode #228

Another podcast, another new Joe Rogan podcast studio setup. Bill and Joe talk about getting drunk when they were teenagers and Joe throwing up in the back of a taxi. Bill talks about going back to your home and believing that your yard was 9 miles long when you were younger.

The boys also talk about growing up in Boston and how difficult it could be. Later on, Bill talks about being disabled and how he would steer his wheelchair down a stairwell with his tongue. They then marvel at Stephen Hawking and what he has achieved.

This is Bill at his most laid back, although he does complain that people think he is in a bad mood because of his East Coast accent. He also makes fun of Joe being intense when he was younger.

Episode #343

Now we move onto the classic period of the Joe Rogan show with the brick wall. Joe and Bill talk about presidential debates and how sports have influenced politics on television. Towards the end of the episode, Bill talks about getting laid using a gyroscope and how he might be the dumbest person in America.

Like day follows night, the boys start discussing growing up in Boston and the culture of fighting that they grew up with. They then talk about fighting when they were younger and have extreme altercations with the police. Bill seems to be very averse to conflict and gives a detailed account of his appendix bursting.

Episode #583

Bill and Joe open up this episode, talking about their failing eyesight as they grow older. They also discuss the issues that come with staring at the screen, with Bill railing against HD and how you can see people’s pores too in-depth.

The boys talk about women fighting and how Bill Burr wants to do a bit on stage about Ronda Rousey, but he cannot do the pratfall. As the conversation takes a dark turn, they discuss inventions that have been made to give the person a lot more pain as they are dying. Bill then goes on a riff about how monkeys like to eat meat every so often.

Bill then goes on a riff against hacky water cooler comedy and how he hates office humor. This is a classic Bill Burr perspective, nailing an aspect of small-town working-class life and how frustrating it can be.

Episode #727

In this episode, we see a softer side to Bill, having a glimpse into his new baking hobby. Joe is astounded that he has baked a delicious pie, and they go in-depth into bakery techniques, with Joe dubbing him ‘Bill Baker.’

Bill then talks about the origins of his love of stand-up. A fascinating episode in terms of seeing his early love of the art form. He then talks about drunk driving and how he received his first DUI. He then discusses getting his pilot’s license, and he has found a newfound love of flying helicopters.

They discuss fighting at a young age and how it can change your whole self-esteem. Bill discusses the habit of ‘dogging,’ when people used to take out chains and go fighting in Boston. It was an environment that Bill Burr didn’t want to get involved in.

Episode #1348

Episode 1348 is filmed on the eve of Bill Burr’s latest special, Paper Tiger. They kick off by discussing how Bill Burr wanted his special to look, with longer shots and less quick edits. Joe talks about how he takes so many supplements to keep himself healthy, with Bill quipping that he will outlive everyone.

Joe and Bill then, as they inevitably do, get into talking about stand-up, talking about the early days of their comedy career and how Bill was advised to work clean. They talk about their love of stand-up, and it is great to see them bonding about doing the art form they love.

Bill then talks about how he loves young stand-ups and all the things he can learn from them. They then talk about presidential assassinations and how the guy who shot Ronald Regan is being released from prison.

Episode #1491

This episode is a world away from the early days, discussing Bill Burr’s new family and having to get an SUV to carry all his family around. Joe and Bill talk about their families and how hard it is to be a father in the modern era. You can tell that both Bill and Joe are very relaxed, smoking cigars for the duration of the podcast.

Bill then goes off about signing ‘jerk-offs’ in the comedy industry and how difficult it was to release a comedy album back in the day. This episode is our personal favorite, as he gets into the nitty-gritty of comedy and his tumultuous career in the comedy industry.

The boys then watch horrific videos of animals fighting, including a praying mantis fighting a murder hornet. Finally, the boys round up, talking about some of their favorite boxers. Bill then discusses how he has ruined his shoulders from years of poor exercising and trying to rectify that with rehab.

Episode #1575

In one of the more recent episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast, Bill and Joe start talking about crazy daytime TV. They then wax lyrical about Burt Reynolds, how he did all his own stunts and ended up ruining his body. This is a great episode to see the boys indulging in their love of old films.

#1575 is probably our favorite episode of Bill Burr on the JRE, as he looks pretty enthusiastic, talking about his passions and watching clips from old films. We would certainly suggest this one as a starting point for anyone unfamiliar with this amazing comedic mind.