Best Joe Rogan Podcast: Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo is one of the favorite and most popular guests on the Joe Rogan Experience. People tune in by the millions to listen to his opinions on business, MMA fighting, and his wild conspiracy theories on how the Earth is flat instead of round.

Sure, you might not always agree with him, but hey, that’s fine. One of the main reasons people tune in to listen to this guy might not be his attitude towards the moon landings. Still, you might be interested to hear his thoughts on music or his very insightful opinions on striking and the history of jiu-jitsu.

They also tune in for the camaraderie between Joe and Eddie. You can tell that these guys have been friends for years. Joe will not be afraid to pull Eddie up on some of his wilder theories. We’ll be looking at some of these episodes and laughing about when Joe takes Eddie to task about his flat-Earther tendencies.

So what are the best episodes that you should listen to? How can you see Eddie at his best, giving you the history and evolution of fighting? Which episode shows him going off on flat-Earth theories after a couple of joints? Where can you see Joe and Eddie butting heads or getting into it about fighting techniques and grappling?

If you want the best of Eddie Bravo, then you should keep reading. We have a comprehensive list of some of the best Joe Rogan episodes featuring our favorite fighter. A lot of these episodes are from the MMA Fight Companion JRE, so you can expect clips from famous fights.

Table of Contents

Episode #40 – MMA Talk

This first episode is an early one, and it’s where Eddie and Joe pour-over clips of fighting to study technique and talk about some of the best fighters in the world. Eddie gives a history of how Brazil has affected the grappling you see in modern fighting.

These boys look at various contemporary MMA matches, seeing who the best strikers and grapplers are on the current MMA scene. They start with some banter of some top-level fighters back in the day when people didn’t know how to stop a fight.

They also discuss an explosion of martial arts after 1993 and the rapid development of MMA fighting.

MMA Show #6 – Eddie Bravo

This is one of the first episodes of the MMA fight companion show. Joe and Eddie talk about parkour bikers and how that is more dangerous than MMA.

They get into a slightly gruesome conversation about clips they’ve seen online of dangerous stunts that have gone wrong. This then sidelines into a discussion about banning war, to which Eddie hilariously replies, “How are we supposed to eat?”

Other topics discussed are combat jiu-jitsu and how it can improve the game of some MMA fighters. They also talk about MMA camps that help fighters develop strength and conditioning to striking and how a homeless man in France rose through the ranks to become a legitimate MMA fighter.

Fight Companion – November 10th, 2018

This episode features former fighter and comedian Brendan Schaub. The boys first start discussing getting kicked out of The Beatles, and Eddie puts forward one of his crazy theories about Beatlemania being staged by the government, to which Joe replies: “Eddie, stop with the conspiracy theories!”

The conversation then moves on to depression and how medication might be one of the answers for some people with trauma. To this, Eddie suggests that someone should make up an anti-conspiracy theory pill that he can take to get rid of some of his more outlandish theories.

The boys then get into fighting and talk about Logan Paul, the Youtuber going into MMA fighting. They talk about the Woodley fight and whether or not these celebrity-fighting matches are suitable for MMA in general.

Fight Companion – January 26th, 2019

This next episode is with Eddie, Brendan, Joe, and the comedian Bryan Callen. The boys talk about certain fighters talking shit when they lose fights and what skills you need to be good at wrestling. They then carry on chatting while watching the fights on January 26th.

We recommend you skip to 13 mins in to watch Eddie getting confused about the difference between wearing leather in the gay and the heavy metal community. This spirals into a hilarious conversation about who was crazier: Liberace or Freddie Mercury.

Eddie then branches into another theory about how there are many gay singers, which prompts a lot of scorn from Joe and Brendan.

Episode #1098 – Eddie Bravo

This episode is not focused on fighting (although inevitably, they end up chatting about MMA). The boys start by chatting about stand-up and editing material, with Eddie claiming that he cannot stand the sound of his voice blasting in his headphones.

Soon, Joe gets stuck into shooters and the link between gun crime and anti-psychotic medication. This gives Eddie a platform to go off against Big Pharma and how pills and child abuse contribute to suicidal thoughts. Eddie then flirts with the idea that vaccines have many side effects and that we should be wary about what we take.

This episode is probably Eddie at his most focussed and contemplative, offering an interesting perspective on drug companies and the culture of American school shootings.

The podcast rounds up talking about trans fats and ingredients of food and how companies lie to us about what they put in food.

Episode #1255 – Alex Jones Returns!

This 4-hour long podcast is infamous for marking Alex Jones’s return to Joe Rogan and Youtube after his channel got banned.

Eddie Bravo has a ringside seat to listen to Jones sound off on his anti-globalist and anti-Communist theories. Alex Jones also talks about harvesting babies for their organs.

Eddie looks a little high as the podcast goes on, and we would recommend that you fast-forward to 2 hours 30 mins to watch Eddie telling Alex that he does not believe in aliens but “he loves Alex for who he is,” which amuses Joe.

Eddie talks about how he used to believe in aliens, which prompts a story from Alex Jones about the link between aliens and Nazis.

This is probably Eddie at his most outlandish, talking about how he doesn’t believe the Earth is round, prompting Alex to suggest they make a documentary where they send Eddie on a boat around the world to prove that it isn’t flat.

Fight Companion – September 7th, 2019

This starts with some conspiracy theories up top, especially in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, to which Eddie seems jokingly nonchalant. Eddie, Joe, and Brandan Schaub are watching the fights, “sort of commenting but also not commenting” in the words of Joe.

Eddie goes into the advantages of fighting on home turf and how it can help improve your focus. As the show progresses, Brendan and Joe talk about comedy specials and the logic of waiting before releasing a new stand-up special.

Eddie then talks about his son, a savage baseball player, and how ‘practice is his favorite sport.’ The show has Eddie at his most passionate and relaxed, sipping whisky as he talks about cardio training and how certain fighters have different training methods.

Fight Companion – February 22nd, 2020

In this episode, Brendan, Joe, and Eddie talk about some of the best fighters of the day and Tyson Fury putting on weight before a big fight. They then go into how philosophical Mike Tyson is and how he combats low self-esteem.

The conversation prompts Eddie to ask whether Tyson was hypnotized by his trainer. This probably feeds into Eddie’s opinions about subtle influences responsible for all our successes.

Eddie then goes into how he gave an MMA fighter some shoddy advice because he didn’t know that his trainers wanted a different approach for an upcoming fight.

Fight Companion – March 14th, 2020

This fight companion is broadcast during the beginning of the pandemic, with Joe, Eddie, and Brendan talking about how they are prepared for the next month, stockpiling food and fresh creek water.

Prepping prompted a discussion about Coronavirus in the early stages and what the experts recommend people do to combat the spread of the virus.

Eddie talks about making up things for book reports because he was getting Cs in his English classes. This prompts the other guests to theorize that he might have dyslexia and for Bryan Callen to pretend that he speaks fluent Portuguese.