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Best Podcasts for Doctors

The field of medicine continues to evolve and grow. Doctors need information on the latest medical research or public health policy. There’s also an important place for inspiring stories of doctors breaking boundaries and working in the most grueling situations.

Medical practitioners often find themselves trying to balance personal life and career, and managing finances is one area that one can always learn more on. This carefully curated list of the best podcasts for doctors gives you all of this and more for some enjoyable listening.

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Best Podcasts for Doctors

Docs Outside the Box

There’s something about hearing of people living boldly and doing amazing things that can inspire you to do the same. That’s some of what you can expect from the podcast Docs Outside the Box hosted by Dr. Nii Darko, which is among Apple Podcasts Top 100 in Careers. The podcast is all about doctors going beyond the status quo and living extraordinary lives.

The mission is clear—to inspire doctors everywhere to lead amazing lives, even outside of medicine. Some of the past episodes on the podcast have included Episode 152 on “3 Things Professionals can do to make Smarter Money Decisions with Chris Browning.” In this episode, Dr. Darko talks with the host of Popcorn Finance, a popular finance show.

Docs Outside the Box can give you a lot of insights about handling your finances and investments. You can also hear the perspectives of other practitioners concerning current affairs. Take, for example, Episode 157, where Dr. Darko discusses whether locum doctors are forced to self-quarantine for 14 days before working with infectious diseases specialist Dr. Alexea Gaffney.

Who exactly is the host of Docs Outside the Box? Dr. Darko is a board-certified general surgeon. He runs Equal Access Health, a locum tenens business. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and also humanitarian work yearly. You can learn more about him on his personal site. His podcast is on the list because we could all use a little more inspiration in our lives.

NEJM This Week

There’s no shortage of new research insights and perspectives in the field of medicine. Many of these could shape the health policy and medical practice of tomorrow. Keeping up with all the new information can be difficult to do with a demanding career and schedule, and that is where the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) podcast—the NEJM This Week—comes in. Here you can find audio summaries of the medical journal’s weekly issues.

While you might not have all the time to read through the print journal, perhaps you can squeeze in some time during your commute or exercise time to listen to the 30-minute updates. If any of the stories pique your interest, you can always dig around for the full story later.

Some of the stories covered in one of the latest episodes include the effects of vaping and e-cigarettes and some interesting perspectives on the prediction models and medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. This podcast is on the list because getting summaries of medical science and research can help you stay informed.

Everyday Emergencies

The international non-profit, Doctors Without Borders, runs the Everyday Emergencies podcast. If you want to hear about some of the fantastic work that doctors on the frontline in conflict areas are doing, then tune in to this podcast. There are many humanitarian emergencies the world over, and these require dedicated and skilled professionals to help resolve them.

Some of the latest episodes have focused on Yemen’s situation in the eyes of doctors currently providing services there. You can learn more about how people find refuge in caves as bomb shelters or high violence levels. This podcast is included because we all need to see past ourselves and appreciate how doctors make such a difference to society’s most vulnerable members, often putting themselves at high risk.

Besides Rounds

Besides Rounds is a medical podcast that Adam Rodman, MD, started to create an interesting, narrative-based medical podcast. In this podcast, you get to hear some very fascinating stories from the world of clinical medicine. The podcast has also evolved over the years and has now partnered with the American College of Physicians.

In one of the latest releases, Episode 53, the host has a discussion with guest Liam Conway-Pearson on the Antonine Plague. This podcast is educational, current, and relevant, and these are the reasons it is among one of the best podcasts for doctors.

The Freedom Formula for Physicians

In his long-running podcast, Dave Denniston discusses financial education and the ins and outs of how doctors can cut their debt and taxes. The Freedom Formula for Physicians is dedicated to both current and aspiring physicians. With many existing discussions of managing finances and great guests such as the White Coat Investor, Dr. Jim Dahle, this podcast is high on the list for doctors.

2 Docs Talk

In this 15-minute podcast hosted by Kendall Britt, MD, and Amy Rogers, MD, doctors can get their share of current affairs related to medicine and health policy. 2 Docs Talk is all about examining new developments and policies, with a particular focus on the impact these have on the relationship between doctors and patients.

Past episodes have included Episode 124 on treating opioid addiction and Episode 90 on cervical cancer screening. This podcast made the list because it’s quick, current, and a great take from two medical doctors.